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  1. Good evening gentlemen. Maybe some of you will recall our Italian microbrand RdB Watches (RdB). i here below show you our last piece, the Flottante. Hope to have chosen the correct section for the thread, otherwise please move it to the correct place. thanks in advance and season’s greetings! FORTIS IMMAGINATIO GENERAT CASUM. After a year and a half of development, we are truly proud to submit the result of a very tortuous path, which has led us to change our beliefs several times and to reformulate in a totally different way what once seemed certainties. It was an evocative journey, never having "wasted time" in renderings and drawings has perhaps fueled an aura of mystery that today finally melts, showing a result that even at our eyes takes time to be metabolized and fully understood. We are curious to know what effect it has instead on those who perhaps observe it without knowing its genesis (visible here in the main Italian watch forum: https://orologi.forumfree.it/?t=75949117 We are also aware of the fact that someone can turn up their noses in front of a tool watch light years away from traditional watchmaking (but also from watchmaking in general). We are convinced that our "stay foolish" is noticeable in this 100% made in Brianza product. The visionary Brianza of Lake Como to which the Floating project from the beginning wishes to pay homage. We dare to hope that he will be able to light the hearts of those who walk on a ledge with a smile on their face every day, instead of continually seeking reassuring confirmations in life: the Flottante is dedicated to all of them. Below, the specifications of this first "zero spec". FLOTTANTE ref. FLO-000 "FORTIS IMMAGINATIO" CASE Made in 10 parts, each obtained from the whole piece of material: External case (titanium 6AL-4V, hand polished and burnished by forging) Internal case (6AL-4V titanium, blasted finish) Bezel (6AL-4V titanium, blasted finish) Bidirectional dodecagonal bezel made in two mirror parts, with raised indexes (Ergal 7075, cold plated) Back with engravings (Ergal 7075, cold plated) Right bend, penetrating the external case (Ergal 7075, cold plated) Left lower bend penetrating the external case (Ergal 7075, cold plated) Upper left wing penetrating the external case (Ergal 7075, cold plated) Hexagonal winding crown (titanium 6AL-4V, blasted finish) DIMENSIONS Diameter: 44 mm Height: 16.8 mm Lug to Lug: 51 mm Weight: 60 g (valued) band size: 22 mm CALIBER Automatic, Swiss made ETA NOS Modified in house to be housed in the watch body 28800 vibrations / h, 21 jewels GLASS Mineral glass made by machine tool, 3 mm thick with artisan print on the underside of 12 indexes filled with white luminescent material. WATCH FACE Absent, "Fortis Immaginatio" aesthetic composed of handcrafted movement holder (6AL-4V titanium, hand polished and burnished by forging) with partial frontal exhibition on internal case, caliber and floating complication. HANDS Sports type yellow / black, large size. WATER RESISTANCE ' Tested over 30 bars (300 meters). FLOATING Floating complication, inserted in the case STRAP Handmade product based on cork covered with blue nautical rubber with yellow perimeter seams, ultralight, handmade in Italy specifically for the model BUCKLE Handcrafted product in titanium alloy, blasted finish, made in Italy specifically for the model Thanks for your impressions and best wishes for a Happy Christmas and for a visionary 2020.
  2. Something from the raw side and Merry Christmas to you all with some bronze ones
  3. One can dislike the shape...the concept... But here we have a pure hater
  4. Hi guys. this prototype case below belongs to a diver 300m model called Flottante: The Ergal caseback hides a complication that allows the watch body (the nut is in titanium gr 5) to float on water. more info to come.
  5. Hello Sirs. See below a very special piece that shows the actual level reached with our custom made timepieces. It is a 41mm case (M27) crafted in Titanium 6AI-4V (grade 5). da6219e4-f4ba-432f-be8f-8aa0941d798b.jpg1201x800 The body is mirror polished and the lugs are hand brushed. 4e2beca1-9e55-414c-9f30-cb1e4cb772e6.jpg533x800 The Ergal rehaut is anodized in black, The yellow dial is a custom built spec. 7da58c01-b92b-49e9-95a9-01fa5e15ce1c.jpg1201x800 The strap and titanium buckle are both proudly Made in Italy. fb56890b-1d44-488b-92a1-74cb89e4cb12.jpg1201x800 A bright example of what we call tailor made mechanics.
  6. And this is a render of our unique diver watch, coming next year. Based on a gr.5 titanium M27 the Flottante will have a unheard patente complication in the case. if thrown in water, it will not sink like an anchor.....it will float on water! despite being a piece of solid steel! WR will be 300m Rotating bezel. Limited launch edition preorder is open. 15 pieces only, all unique specimens, dedicated to our Como lake. a big challenge is starting!
  7. Good evening! And have a good summer time! we're now focusing on built to order unique specimens, like this below: hybrid bronze and stainless case custom hands custom dial top quality Italian handmade strapo
  8. Hi there, a couple of recently assembled Watches: M27 in gr.5 titanium case! As usual 9 different pieces, all in titanium with the exception of the ergal ring under the dial, so to anodize it (in yellow here). The crown is made of aisi316L Steel. Comes with an homemade leather strap. the result is a very light watch (65 gr with strap) with a very stunning look. a wrist shot here: Hope you'll enjoy. G
  9. Thanks a lot Buster, you had big patience during our 6 months of bad luck... the result really satisfy us, the Ergal will surely be our top of the range Watches due to its lightness and great customization potential. Just a couple of additions to your much appreciated review: - compared to the steel M27, those red lugs are differently shaped. This because we wanted to give the M27 the exact proportions of the M24. Now the watch case looks more harmonic.....that's because your "old" M27 had M24 lugs on it (as it was in our original project) - I don't know what you mean with PVD....that reminds me about a coating process.....here instead we had anodic oxidation on the Ergal, which at the end is nothing but aluminium. So actually the case parts are painted, not coated. Hi, All the body parts are crafted in Ergal EN EW 7075: The only exception is the crown, made in aisi 316L stainless. Then, we left the inner case (visible from back) and back ring in rough material finish to leave the engravings visible. the other parts have been anodized in black and red.
  10. Hi guys, some news for you. first of all, I would like to show you a pic we really love, that puts together the Italian and British passion for pure mechanics. We use to say that " ErrediBi is to wathcmaking as Lotus is to automotive"... Below some pics of a M24 with "Genesi" dial: this dial was mounted on the first round of test pressing M24s back in 2003. We have a bunch of those dials left, an it can be mounted as an option as well as those "Gladio" hands. The result is very clean and reflects the original M24 concept at 100%. The back is now fully customizable:
  11. Hi! now the case back is fully customizable, as you can see on this titanium M27:
  12. Update after months in which we were persecuted by the blackest bad luck from the constructive point of view, with some photos of pieces ready for assembly, to complete the M24 / M27 range. Given our motto ("Iron Will"), after all we could not give up .... In addition to the 316 stainless steel versions, the CuSn12 bronze, commonly used in industrial applications for sintered bushings, is added: [/ IMG] The type of surface finish is chosen by the customer. Titanium grade 5, the most used alloy in general mechanical applications: [/ IMG] [/ IMG] Also here surface finish is buyer's choice. Finally, Ergal EN AW 7075, an aluminum alloy mainly used for mechanical components in aeronautics and motorcycles: [/ IMG] This material allows a degree of extreme customization, I would dare to say unique in the watch scene: through anodic oxidation the surfaces can be treated by donating any color on the RAL chart, or reproduce patterns of almost any type of surface finish (sandblasting, shot blasting, brushing etc. ). The unique shape of the case (9 parts of which 8 visible from the outside) also allow contrasts that are impossible to obtain on printed case watches (for example, contrast coloured lugs). This specific example, in delivery to a passionate Scottish, will be anodized in shiny black body and red lugs. Last but not least, this is an extreme material for lightness (under 100 g of weight, the steel equivalent for an M27 approaches 190 g). My dream is a small Ergal limited edition anodized in gold and green for Lotus Cars, of which we are hardcore fans. thanks and stay tuned for the assembled pieces in a few days.
  13. Hi and happy Easter to you all! would like to share a pic of a M27 screw in gr.5 titanium, the donor has been shaped to get the 2671 inside. We're using new materials and sometimes the process to get a good piece is very tough due to the material hardness and the multiple different machining needed. A special greeting to Buster (the thread opener), one of the most patient guy I've ever met (but we're getting very close).
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