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  1. Oh, good. I'll have a look and see what I can find about the Peek. I'm not really in much of a hurry, so ordering outside the country wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for that.
  2. I had one of those black Lunar Pilot watches but I gave it away. Should have kept it in hind sight. I've always preferred the silver one. I have a few of them. Even a properly labeled "Moon Watch" All of the lawsuits in the world by Omega can't undo what it says right there on the display stand. Heh heh.
  3. I'm going to do the whole thing. In fact, I basically have to destroy the surface in order to polish it. The tint on the acrylic is all the way through, I believe. I've been just browsing through the board as I've found time the last couple of days trying to jog my memory on this stuff. It is a large surface, considering. I've already got the clear coat removed. So the finish is dull now from light sanding. I used 600 grit paper for that. I'll work my way down with finer paper. Mainly just trying to decide on what to polish it with once I get it smooth. That's a heck of a lot of polywatch, though. Heh heh.
  4. Normally I'd ask about automotive erlated things on the vette forum, but something like this I need guidance with regard to technique and I'd feel better about getting it from this group when it comes to sanding out scratches and then polishing the acrylic. There's really only a few scratches on it, they're not very deep at all, but polishing it afterward is likely where I'm going to be more picky. I really want to bring it back to life. It's a panoramic top. This isn't mine, but its the kind of top I'm working with, borrowed from the web... I'll have to snap a picture of mine specifically. I'm not going to be using orbital michinery or anything, I'm just going to do it all by hand. Shouldn't really take more than a few hours I don't think. Of course, I don't get paid to think any more either, so there's that. I'm not going to finish it with clear coat afterward, I'm just going to wax it. The clear coat will just flake off again eventually anyway. It's late over here in the states, so that's just basically the cliff notes of what I want to do. Gonna head to bed. Will check back tomorrow or something to see if anyone has any advice. Thanks!
  5. Still wearing this old thing... Oh, sorry. Ha. I didn't realize we were only posting oddballs.
  6. Good advice, thanks. Okay, I'll just leave it alone, then.
  7. Is it worth trying to do? I've never tried to do anything like that. And I donlt want to mess around and screw the thing up. I have a 1974 Bulova Big Block still in the packaging and I believe never worn. Apparently it was someone's retirement gift from the company they worked. I bought it a few years back for some reason that I cannot particularly explain. You all know how that goes, I guess. Anyway, I'm probably gonna flip it with the rest of the stuff I'm clearing out, I'll never wear it, but I'd like to remove the engraving prior. Thanks for input.
  8. A green Rolex wallet and a silver Bulova thumb drive. Oh, and a really nice Hamilton Key chain. The thumb drive and the key chain are Baselworld stuff, the wallet I got when I asked the sales rep if he had anything laying around. Though, I didn't ask for the wallet specifically. I just asked if they had anything they could throw in the bag with the watch.
  9. I don't generally wear anything worth more than a thousand dollars while I'm out and about. Depending on where I'm going, I might slip on something a little more expensive. I've never had a probem and I don't even try to hide it. I guess it just depends on where a feller congregates. I've just been wearing one of my '88 Timex beaters lately, though, with one of Carl's straps on it. It works for what I need. I've got three of em, so I wear the one with the most scratches on it. I've been mainly in the garage wrenching on stuff anyway.
  10. Of what? The car? Here's a couple. I replaced the top, though. The one on there in the picture is the old one. Now I have the stock glass one.
  11. Oh, I see. I haven't been on in quite a while. Like a dummy, I got into a more expensive hobby. Which needs new headers and an exhaust replacement. Heh heh. Thanks for telling me, though. Appreciate it.
  12. I was gonna put my '51 Bulova Thayer and my Bulova Moon Watch Highlight Set and a couple of new Lunar Pilot Bracelets up for sale, maybe some other stuff I no longer want, too, but I can't access the classifieds. It says I need 50 posts but I've long since already had 50 posts.
  13. Now that I'm getting my health back my view on life has changed. Particularly what I do with my free time. I've been spending more time tinkering around with my Corvette. It's enjoyable. And I'm outdoors, even if the weather isn't the best this time of year. I might buy another Corvette this year some time. I dunno. I always had a thing for the C3. Will see. Odd as it is, I really only wear my old Timex watches now. Remember the racing ones from the 70s? Those ones. I walked in my room the other day and said to myself what the heck do you need all of these watches for? Heh heh.
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