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  1. For anyone who doesn't get on with the bracelet, there's another option:
  2. Glad I could help and looking forward to the photos.
  3. I've only bought one watch this year. However... No, it's fine. Look, there's a few spaces left...
  4. Thanks @Bricey, the Invicta looks good but the Magrette is step up. Really good looking watch. And I'd definitely agree that having choices is no bad thing. Enjoy!
  5. All change: Have a nice weekend folks.
  6. I found myself doing this today and realised that it probably isn't normal. Only a watch obsessive would... I keep a lint remover near my watch boxes but that's just coincidence, right? Is it only me?
  7. Had to send this one to the Seiko Service Centre as it was having issues. It came back yesterday, service took just over a month and the whole movement was replaced. All seems good now.
  8. @Bricey It looks good on that NATO. I've got a green 18mm nato but no 18mm watch to use it with (watch got sold). PM me your address details and I'll send the NATO to you. That way, you have options.
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