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  1. $995? Ouch! The standard Lunar Pilot is quite a bit less, I got mine for £270. I'm a bit disappointed with this. It looks okay (if gold tone is your thing) but Bulova have missed the chance to do a slight rework, maybe a slightly smaller version (42mm rather than 45mm) and change the case slightly so that sapphire crystal isn't quite so exposed. I do seem to remember the movement taking up the whole of the case when I changed the battery on mine so I don't know how practical any of that is.
  2. I like the bezel. The dial is a shocker. I wonder what it looked like originally before someone let loose with the permanent marker pen and the brown "Hawker Hurricane" Airfix paint....
  3. I hate myself for this but someone has to provide an alternate to the answers you've got so far. I know a Tudor isn't a Rolex, and at the price, I don't expect it to be. Not everyone agrees with the generalisations made about Tudor ownership. I'm posting because no-one else challenged those assumptions, probably because it's well trodden ground and the assumptions without context are unfounded. Joking or not, it's BS which other brands in the same price point don't get and I think it belittles people's purchasing choice and could actually encourage them to buy a lesser watch just to avoid the Tudor brand bias. Which would be a shame because they are excellent. I posted the factual differences in my last post. I enjoy my watch a lot. I'll leave it there.
  4. Yes, it's a 7S36C: I can't remember if that's the exact movement it had before. I asked about a 4R swap, but they'll only replace like for like. That's why I went with them. I'm not bothered about the movement being replaced and they stated up front that that's what they would do before any work started. If the watch is sentimental that might be different for some people, who may want the movement overhauled rather than replaced. Not a worry here though. My only worry with the movement replacement was how well aligned everything would be (this is Seiko after all) but it's come back perfect... Maybe even slight better than before...
  5. Just on looks - the Bremont. If it were my money, and buying new, then the Tudor. Were you thinking used or new? There seems to be about £1,000 difference between them when new - Black Bay 58 around £2,500 on the strap, Bremont Supermarine around £3,500. Tudor has five year warranty, Bremont has three. Based on eBay sales, the Tudor seems to have a resale value of about £2,000, where as the Bremont seems to drop like a stone but also ends up at around £2,000. So if your buying used, there's not much between them.
  6. The Seiko service centre in the UK carried out a service on my Seiko Sea Urchin which has the same or very similar 7S movement. Their assessment was that the movement needed replacing; I suspect that might be their approach for most 7S movements. It took about 6 weeks and cost £90. And now it works perfectly well again. https://www.seikowatches.com/uk-en/contact/servicecenter
  7. Have a good weekend folks.
  8. Seiko SARB033 and a Strapcode Jubilee bracelet:
  9. Prepared for anything... mathematical.
  10. Interesting take on the watch availability from Bark and Jack: Regardless though, it wouldn't be one for me. I've already got a bronze watch I'm happy with but... I'm just not too sure about that bronze bracelet on the BB.
  11. His channel is back up after an Instagram campaign to get him reinstated. https://youtube.com/c/JustOneMoreWatch
  12. Casio B650WD this morning. My honeymoon watch....
  13. I completely agree. I don't disagree with any of that. Don't get me wrong, not all watches with Roman numerals are especially formal (another example could be California dials on divers - not formal). I also think the Tank goes with just about anything (but maybe not extreme sports wear). At the extremes of formal wear and casual wear there are some watches that, in my opinion, wouldn't look right. G-Shock with a suit as an example of how a casual sports watch doesn't really work with very formal wear. Equally though, I think wearing a watch like the one below with athletic wear would look equally out of place: There's examples at both ends of the casual and formal wear spectrum.
  14. This isn't a balanced comparison. I agree that a G-Shock will look wrong with black tie, because it's a plastic sports watch paired with the upper ends of formal wear. You can flip this though, to the other end of casual wear; I think anything extremely formal watch (I'm thinking Roman numerals, moon phase, etc) will look out of place and pretentious with athletic wear. I think most stainless steel watches can be dressed up or down. The biggest factors are size and strap; a smaller case diver can look fine with a blazer and pocket square of it's on a leather strap or a jubilee bracelet. A large case diver on a rubber strap won't be anywhere near as versatile.
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