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  1. I never thought of myself as a G-Shock fan but I've got few. They're an excellent grab and go beater watch.. I particularly like the squares...
  2. I'm guessing that your jeweller didn't notice the pin and collar system either; they've adjusted the bracelet without putting the collar back on, and that's why the pin has eventually fallen out. When the Turtle reissue first came out there were quite a few people on other forums and YouTube who experienced the same thing - bracelet gets resized but the jewellers don't notice the collar, and the same result. Image below shows how the pin and collar system on the Turtle bracelet is set out.
  3. I've a bit of a soft spot for digital watches... That transformer robot watch above was my first ever watch.
  4. There's two watches that I swap between as my beaters; the Casio G-Shock square and Seiko Sea Urchin. Both solid watches, both make me smile.
  5. Timex Q reissue again today:
  6. No problem. I've had the watch a few days and it's a good size at 38mm, which means it's pretty flexible and goes with most outfits. It feels heavier than I expected (in a good way) and the bracelet feels robust. The bezel is a bit silly being 12hr and a Pepsi but its definitely more eye catching than it would have been in just blue. The acrylic crystal gives some nice distortions to the dial. I really like the overall look and feel. At its retail price (£159) it's a steal. It's a shame it's being snapped up in bulk for resale but I can also understand the temptation- on eBay these are selling for £300 - £350. It's not worth that much, IMO. I'm happy with mine and will be holding in to it.
  7. Off to the swingpark later with my son, so need something robust...
  8. I've been doing a serious cull... I've not bought any watches this year and have sold 17. That's taken my "collection" down to 63 watches. I enjoy them all but there's definitely some I enjoy more than others, so it's time to let go of some of the ones which don't get worn as often. My end goal is around 20 - 25 watches.... I like having options.
  9. New phone, better watch photos! Today's wear:
  10. Zeppelin Hindenburg Moonphase is pretty reasonably priced and has a day indicator dial (and date indicator... and a lot more): Hope that helps!
  11. Watch buying abstinence has me thinking about my next purchase. I'm wearing double cuff shirts with cufflinks more often and would like to add to the dress (or dressier) watches that I have. Before I get into recommendations, here's what I already have: Seiko Cocktail Time Seiko SARB033 Tissot Visodate Tissot Le Lockle I'm not looking to replace any of these, rather I want to add to the choices I have. The watches that caught my eye so far are: It's another Cocktail Time but in dark blue and on a nice bracelet. I'm not sure though, I've quite a few Seiko "doublers" and it's maybe time to diversify. In its favour, I know it'll look great and it's only £350. Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Auto. Looks nice, would be my first Hamilton, also very tasty in black. Retails for around £800 but I'm not sure how hot a seller the Jazzmaster is... I'd need the price to come down a bit, I think. I'm looking for something 38mm to 40mm, in steel, with a simple but eye catching dial, preferably a bracelet rather than a strap and... I'm not ready to go the vintage route yet. Would welcome any suggestions!
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