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  1. New phone, better watch photos! Today's wear:
  2. Zeppelin Hindenburg Moonphase is pretty reasonably priced and has a day indicator dial (and date indicator... and a lot more): Hope that helps!
  3. Watch buying abstinence has me thinking about my next purchase. I'm wearing double cuff shirts with cufflinks more often and would like to add to the dress (or dressier) watches that I have. Before I get into recommendations, here's what I already have: Seiko Cocktail Time Seiko SARB033 Tissot Visodate Tissot Le Lockle I'm not looking to replace any of these, rather I want to add to the choices I have. The watches that caught my eye so far are: It's another Cocktail Time but in dark blue and on a nice bracelet. I'm not sure though, I've quite a few Seiko "doublers" and it's maybe time to diversify. In its favour, I know it'll look great and it's only £350. Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline Auto. Looks nice, would be my first Hamilton, also very tasty in black. Retails for around £800 but I'm not sure how hot a seller the Jazzmaster is... I'd need the price to come down a bit, I think. I'm looking for something 38mm to 40mm, in steel, with a simple but eye catching dial, preferably a bracelet rather than a strap and... I'm not ready to go the vintage route yet. Would welcome any suggestions!
  4. Seiko Cocktail Time glowing in the sun!
  5. Gruppo Gamma Vanguard Bronze looking very at home, at the beach.
  6. Hi all, I'm @lexswatches on Instagram... and YouTube.
  7. @JayDeep I like the Seiko, Jay, and hope you manage to get that Raketa working. Looks like a Seiko movement in it? If it is then it may be easy enough to swap the movent for a new one, should you be inclined...
  8. Another day of sunshine predicted so the Seiko SPB053 will be staying on my wrist.
  9. What watch to wear on a bright sunny day? Seiko SPB053 of course, my perfect summer watch.
  10. A day out of the office with the Orient Mako XL:
  11. @MrF-UK82 That's the one! The oyster bracelet with polished mid links looks good too: https://www.strapcode.com/products/metal-ss-bcl19-bps075 Both a bit expensive if you're just planning on selling the watch though...
  12. @MrF-UK82 You could put it on a Strapcode Angus Jubilee and then you won't be able to see the scratch at all. I got one recently for my Cocktail time:
  13. Casio Solar today. Only £30 for a solar powered, 100m water resistant watch with date window and a copper coloured rotating bezel. I like it anyway...
  14. Seiko PADI Turtle on a Strapcode 3D Oyster bracelet today:
  15. A Seiko diver today, just for a change....
  16. Rocking the Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker today:
  17. It's a Seiko SBDC051J1; their 62MAS remake.
  18. @WRENCH @Always"watching" I do really like the gold and agree it's more reminiscent of the period but... I know that I'd rarely wear it. Same applies for all my gold watches these days. The steel would get more wrist time so it's the one for me. Also.. that blue LED!
  19. Bulova Computron LED watch re-release announced at Baselworld: https://wornandwound.com/baselworld-2019-first-look-at-the-incredibly-cool-incredibly-retro-bulova-computron/ At $300 - $400 I'm in. Steel version for me but I quite like them all:
  20. Seiko 5 Sports SRPB91K1 today. I particular like the inky black dial on this one:
  21. Casio G-Shock "Full Metal Square" today:
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