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  1. Hi having just gone back into car accident repair I would like to offer some help if I can. Without knowing what kind of trim it is I will give you a few options. Try and look inside the groove of the trim, sometimes they're reinforced with metal strip that runs all the way inside the groove but covered by itself if you follow, with some pliers try to close the gap where it's come off, if successful it will push back on, if slack make the groove smaller. Now if its tougher plastic then warming with a heat gun and closing the groove may help (not to hot don't melt it) warm it with heat gun, clo
  2. Very very nice, I do like the pie pan
  3. Yes I watched it, very generous brother
  4. This today for my girls graduation, I'm a very proud dad, and she got a first as well. Looking forward to it with lots of photos. The only one in the whole family to graduate, I said to the wife she must get her brains from her dad, she said well let him know !! How rude.
  5. My daughter was travelling to America from Manchester airport with us and when we went through security she was asked to remove her watch, Micheal Kors, lovely watch which she had for passing her exams so meant something to us and her. As we went through and got only about 10 feet to the other side the watch had disappeared. As you can imagine we were furious as the security couldn't find it after looking and no security camera on the trays either, what an abosule sh## show. She later had to fill out a form to get compensation as no watch was ever recovered, handed in or found. The watch was t
  6. I've had two tags in the last 25 years and given one to my son, will be going for my third when the big 50 arrives. Personally I find them a great watch, very robust and great on the wrist, can't really fault them.
  7. Happy Father's Day to us all who are and to those who are no longer with us, I'm sure some will have fond memories and enjoy our time with those with us
  8. I agree with you m8, I've had mine about 10 years now and my previous one about 20, my son now has the first one I had, shown here with the granite face. I've got the big 50 soon and looking for my third tag, going for a black face this time I think. Great watch, super tough and really nice on the wrist
  9. Hey jonny how about this, cheap but not an auto, had it a while now and very pleased, no issues. If your after one for your hols the sun, if you get any will charge it nicely.
  10. My personal choice would be a tag, I've have two and given one to my son for his 18th. Got my 50th this year and looking for another one, black face this time, I feel they wear great and very robust, sapphire crystal and all. My sons is the graphite and mine silver face
  11. This one today, need to reset date
  12. Giving the tag some wear time at the minute
  13. I wear my tag on the bone and if it gets to hot I can alter the bracelet to the second clasp as if wearing a wetsuit. It feels better on the wrist but only do this for a short time.
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