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  1. Say

    RIP Freddie

    Just read the news and a funeral director has offered to repatriate Freddie back home and do the funeral for free. What a great gesture. Just goes to show there are still decent people around. Well done that man
  2. Say

    RIP Freddie

    Love him or hate him RIP Freddie Starr. I remember him from the 70s when I was a young man and found him very funny. Yes he was a loose cannon but that was him. Sadly the later years were not kind to him and ended up broke and lonely and not dying on his own soil. From what I've read he had a very sad upbringing. He fought his battles, true or not I don't know but I for one think it was a sad loss
  3. This one today, need to reset date
  4. Giving the tag some wear time at the minute
  5. I wear my tag on the bone and if it gets to hot I can alter the bracelet to the second clasp as if wearing a wetsuit. It feels better on the wrist but only do this for a short time.
  6. Had mine about 12 months or more with no issues at all. Don't wear it as much as I should as I'm always doing something that would involve it getting damaged, saying that, it does get as much wear as my tag
  7. This ones having a lot of wear time
  8. Giving this some wear time today, not been on for a while
  9. Yes roger many times I've thought of the window idea, either that or throw it up the yard.
  10. Like it Roy but there's no danger of me getting away with that at my home, not with my wife.
  11. Going to start watching peaky blinders from the start soon and see if it's any good. One of my favourite is gold rush on discovery, watched it from the beginning, it's great to see the weigh in at the end of each program. I do watch storage wars as well, surprising to see what people leave behind. When the better half watches her junk, the soaps, I put my headphones on and browse YouTube. The occasional film might get a play, anything but chick flicks. The great David Attenborough gets my top vote though.
  12. Say

    Right to repair.

    Great idea, must admit I would certainly repair any item providing it can be. We've just done the dishwasher, just new heater required. We do seem to be a throw away society at the moment, items being so cheap. I do like, if I can, repair anything I can, gives a sense of satisfaction as well. I look at this way, if it doesn't work or broken I might as well have a go as it's not working anyway.
  13. I completely agree with Fred. I don't see whay they have to be hunted, leave them alone and let them live and breed. Hasn't the human race done enough damage not only to one another and the planet but creatures of the sea and the animal world. There was a young girl who spoke out at a summit about what damage is being done and we will have to tell our children and grandchildren it was our fault for not acting sooner to sort it.
  14. Sorry wrench can't upload photos, dont know what's going on
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