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  1. Thanks Filter! Definitely something to consider. I went with wire lugs for the time being because I like the vintage look they bring and you don't see them on watches as much as you would standard lugs. But, if it ends up more people prefer the standard then I'll change them. I'll definitely be going to standard lugs on future designs if this one is successful! Already have a few ideas in mind but don't want to count any chickens before they hatch. Appreciate your support
  2. @Primaxuk @Ben Shaw Thanks for the feedback guys! I don't really have a timetable just yet because I'm still unsure of what, if anything, I'm going to change about the watch. Feedback has been mixed and I can't really afford to spend $20-30k and be wrong about what people want. Even starting a kickstarter costs a lot of money with getting the campaign set up, advertising, etc. So initial samples should be coming in January, if everything is good and I get enough feedback from people who actually want it, I'll move forward to production. That should take about 75 days from when I order to when they arrive. I'll definitely be popping back in here every so often to check in and mingle
  3. @Filterlab Completely agree. Just tough to know whether people who like it would actually buy it. I suppose that's what Kickstarter is for
  4. @Filterlab Thank you! Appreciate the compliments. The rear shot is out of date, but is the only render I had (it still says swiss movement because we were originally going to go Ronda, but I wanted it to be automatic.) We're using quick-release straps, so you can just pull the pin of the strap and change them that way. There's also a bronze colored version of the case which is fairly close to rose gold, just don't have a good render for it yet. A lot of the feedback I've gotten for it has been mixed. Some people like it, while others find it boring and uninteresting. There have been some consistency to it though: most people think there should be a range of colors for the dials, possibly add some texture to it, and the crown needs to change. I don't know exactly how I'm going to change it just yet, but I do really appreciate your feedback! Also, thank you for not lampooning me for being "just another KS watch" haha, as I do genuinely just want to make a nice piece that newbies and collectors alike can enjoy.
  5. Hey everyone! I have some renderings for a new watch brand I'm starting up and I need your feedback on it. Our Kickstarter will probably be at about $195, and at $295 USD for retail. Not trying to “disrupt the industry” or anything like that. Just want to provide great customer service (hopefully amazon.com levels of awesomeness), a unique experience, while cramming in the highest quality materials I can fit in our price range. Current specs: - Seiko NH35a automatic movement - Sapphire crystal - Italian leather - Applied Indices - Interchangeable straps - Lifetime guarantee on manufacturing defects - 40mm diameter At this price range do you guys think this is something you'd want? What are some things I can add or take away from the watch to make it better? Thanks in advance! P.S. If you look closely enough, you'll see that the seconds hand is actually a key. The display case can only be unlocked by the key we provide in the packaging. We wanted to create a complete luxury experience when unboxing this, and thought that was a unique way to make it feel like it's special. The seconds hand is an homage to that.
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