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  1. Dear friends and watch enthusiasts, hi again! It's John from Solar Lab. Some time ago I and launched my own first limited wristwatch collection called Gnomon - the sundial-inspired one-handers. For the present moment the whole collection is fully sold out, so this moderate success inspired me to continue on my path of watchmaking. Now I’m working on the new series, created the first prototypes for the new watch and once again would like to hear your opinion. The second watch is called UMBRA (means “shadow” in Latin), and in it I develop the basic features of the concept further. The watch has a single hand that refers to sundial’s gnomon (hand that casts shadow). Now it stands still, leaving a disc with Roman numerals to rotate for indicating the time. The overall design reveals the disc only partly, referring to the light cycle depiction of actual Roman sundials. The color ways are a nod to the famous sundial structures of the Past and common building and smithing materials from the ancient times. The exhibition case back is decorated with a signature zodiac engraving. I’ll be sticking with the automatic Miyota movement again, but decided to replace old straps with cool Horween leather-made. Here are some photos:
  2. Thanks for your feedback! I understand that it may cause some difficulties while appraising the dial layout, but in fact it's pretty simple. You're right that this is a prototype stage yet, so if there will be a lot of inquiries from contributors to adjust the layout, I'll consider this. But now a lot of people are ok with this layout, so I'm keeping it for now
  3. Well played, but it doesn't work in the evenings! Amazing news, guys! We've hit the pre-order stage with the help of Kickstarter! If you're interested in getting some cool watches, search for Gnomon watch on Kickstarter or send me a PM and I'll tell you more
  4. The launch is coming very soon, friends!Here's the website of my project: www.solar-lab.coYou can subscribe to updates and get notified on the launch and other interesting news!
  5. Hi! Sorry for breaking the courtesy rules. My name's James, I'm from Toronto and currently working with a couple of friends on the watch series inspired with time tellers of the past such as sundials, nocturns, clepsydras etc. The main idea is to integrate their features into a classic wristwatch. I'm currently working on the sundial manifestation of this project and hope to find those who'll be interested in purchasing and wearing my watch so I could push series in more complicated and sophisticated design in future, improving both esthetic and technological parts. Thanks everyone for you opinions! It's nice to see that there are people who likes my work! Not sure about the final price yet, but it won't be very expensive. As for the difficulties with the interpretation of the dial's positioning, here's an explanation. You can tell the time simply by looking at the inner layer since it offers all necessary indexes and marks to keep up. You can also read it with the outer layer with Roman numerals. It can be used as a support hour indicator or as an authentic separate time scale where you tell time observing how the hand passes through the each hour area.
  6. The project I'm currently working on is called Gnomon and inspired by the ancient Roman sundials. I want to combine this aesthetics with a modern wristwatch. The format is 12-hour single hand running on automatic movement. The only hand refers to a gnomon itself and the design's layout refers to sundials appearance as well as its time measurement system. The inner dial layer is made of scratched steel with the unique texture made by hand. The straps are handmade too. The back lid is engraved with zodiac signs which correspond with hour numerals in zodiac system. Here are some more photos: http://imgur.com/a/zvpWU All watches on the photos are actual prototypes, so you can judge clearly on the current status of the project!
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