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  1. Of these, I own only a MeisterSinger -- which I like a lot. However @JayDeep, given the odd choices you preeent, I would definitely go to Cartier. Different league IMHO. However, I would take a Santos over a Tank. .
  2. Open minded on your proclivities my friend, but nevertheless confused
  3. Well, if some of those are your rejects I am looking forward to seeing the ones which make the cut
  4. My YouTube feed is suddenly flooded with offerings from some idiot called Nico Leonard. Intellectual content: zero. Anybody else got this problem?
  5. Or, for purchase in a ten minute window on Sunday
  6. And here is an American "impressions review" . . .
  7. In another thread a few weeks ago, the concept of the "bargepole index" (BP) was developed. I must admit that the offerings of Hublot I have seen (yes "seen") to date rate as 2.0BP for me. But that is just my personal opinion. And neither is that necessarily bad -- in fact our friends at Hublot find themselves in exalted company. My other 2.0BP watches include Nautilus, Royal Oak, almost all Rolex models, and Richard Mille. That doesn't mean that any of those are bad watches, just that they are extremely unlikely ever to feature in my collection.
  8. Life would be pretty boring if we all had exactly the same taste. Not only that, we'd probably mostly die squabbling over the same lady @JayDeep can hardly complain (and I don't think he would) about contrary opinions on his taste in watches -- he himself is adept at giving a "hard pass" (which I hope is clean) in his comments on others' acquisitions and interests, which I'm sure is not intended to be a put-down.
  9. Welcome, Ms. Mowles, to this crazy but lovable forum. Photos?
  10. Impostor alert Is this really the @JayDeep we know and love? Nice thing, Sir. Wear with great pride
  11. Love the watch Not so sure about the bracelet
  12. I notice that the symbol of the company is "lacrima" (Latin for a tear or teardrop). . . . . Yup!
  13. Completely understandable.
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