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  1. Flieger today . . . Of course, such a thing has to come from one of the five original B-Uhr manufacturers -- this is Stowa.
  2. Manual wind, Scott? And, if so, the Unitas or the Synergies Horlogères?
  3. Fabulous watch for the money -- and, after you have worn it a bit, the accuracy may improve (not that I'd worry about 6 seconds anyway!). Enjoy
  4. Well -- those doubters who told me this is probably the wrong forum seem to be right. Not a sniff of interest over the weekend
  5. I like a person interested in etymology
  6. Probably my most-worn watch . . .
  7. I think it would indeed be easy to sell, Nigel -- but that's not the point. It was a gift, so it's going nowhere. Also, everybody needs a beater.
  8. Not likely to happen Davey -- one is more than adequate.
  9. While I do really like your colle Just a thought (as you know that I think a GO can go) -- but why is three from a manufacturer other than Rolex generally regarded as too many, when many people try to have a large selection of Rs?
  10. @Jonesinamillion This lovely obsession is all about personal taste. So, if you consider that you have "nailed it", you have. What next, stamp collecting? Nice collection BTW
  11. Birthday today -- so I am wearing the watch of Mordor. Benu Power Reserve in rose gold. 41 x 11.65mm. MG Kaliber 100.2, manual wind.
  12. It has come unscathed (or, at least, still working) through three or four incidents of excess of confidence over skill in each of motor sports and downhill skiing (+), but the lume dots fall off, the cyclops isn't directly above the date, and the deployant is a tinny disgrace (-). Very robust design, poor execution.
  13. I have my ski dramas in my DJ, which some here would define as a dress watch, (and do motorsport, and garden, and work in the garage) precisely because it's bomb proof -- if a little shabby on the details.
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