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  1. Today's pic -- but, same watch as yesterday . . .
  2. I can identify with that sentiment absolutely. Bankruptcy looms
  3. Off topic "bug of the day". Just had coffee in the garden (wearing the MG of course) . . . . This is the "LV" version of course.
  4. Saxon moodiness today. Atum Pure M White. 40mm s/s. Ref: MG-000703. MG Kaliber 201.1 manual wind.
  5. At the risk of being OT -- in East Anglia we are having a good year: Peacock, Admiral, Painted Lady, Comma and Gatekeeper abound.
  6. Zürich Braungold. 39.8 mm s/s. Nomos Epsilon automatic caliber. And, a brown-gold Painted Lady -- as we seem to be doing arthropods today . . . .
  7. What could possibly be the harm in that? Great call.
  8. "All purpose" pioneer again today . . . . .
  9. Only ever sold two watches, so, although I also have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, I remember both occasions clearly.
  10. True of almost all watches and cars.
  11. Looked at GP quite extensively at William & Son last autumn. Thoroughly worthy, but failed to stir my soul. I thought the "signature" Laureato was too derivative of Royal Oak (which I don't like anyway), and, if you must have a date window, please make it one that "more mature" folk can see. However, as ever, à chacun son goût
  12. That is advice I have actually given my grandchildren. Very little of it off-piste though.
  13. I'm afraid two factors drive us to the usual suspects: the relative ease of flipping ubiquitous pieces, and comfort zone ("no-one ever got fired for buying IBM"). But, there is so much fun to be had off-piste
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