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  1. Late to this, but none would get a second glance. Is “iconic” the new “meh”?
  2. 99.1 today -- a "hidden gem" But, unfortunately, here is WatchFinder attempting to proselytise the hoi polloi, and make the work of Dirk and his tiny team better known. Leave them be, say I.
  3. But, here's a professional video. If this doesn't make you want one . . . . . . .
  4. The word "collector" implies (for me) that there should be some sort of theme running through the treasure hoard, and also that some sort of strategy for developing the collection should exist. My problem is that I'm learning about this daft affliction so fast (and, as @Karrusel opines: the more you get to know, the more you realise how much more you don't know) that any strategy will be out of date almost before it is formulated. So I'm limited to a small (but ever changing) list of targets, and waiting for sensible opportunities to appear. That policy is, by definition, opportuni
  5. Captain Moon Phase. 40mm stainless steel. Zenith Elite 691 automatic.
  6. Sadly, I "check" roughly almost every day. When I retire for the night, my watch goes on the night stand. But the next day I normally wear a different watch. So the chosen piece comes out of the box, gets wound, and is set to the second. "Yesterday's watch" then takes it's place in the box -- but not before I have briefly compared the position of the second hand with that of "today's". Yesterday's Nomos was around five seconds fast this morning
  7. Pioneer Centre Second 43mm steel. HMC Calibre 200 automatic. Consider this photo 50% liked -- again
  8. Do you ever dress in a collar and tie? If so, your current pair do not (IMVHO) quite do you justice — and something like a Presage or a dressier Orient (Bambino?) would serve you well. If your lifestyle is exclusively jeans and a tee shirt, indulge yourself in a Pepsi style if that’s what you like. That’s the most important bit though: buy what you like. It’s your wrist, and your money.
  9. Glashütte understatement today. Senator. 40mm s/s. GO Kaliber 36 automatic.
  10. Per my list of preferred manufacturies (posted yesterday), D. Dornblüth & Sohn. They (nine people) contrive to produce fully two hundred beautifully conceived and made watches each year. This is the 99.1 (and, IMHO, the prettiest of the range.
  11. I can understand that totally. Whilst I can admire Lange pieces with my mind, they don't "stir my soul". I just don't find them as beautiful as the offerings from some of their immediate neighbours Well, Lady Mod has good taste -- but maybe she chose it because the rear foot pegs are purely decorative
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