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  1. Tim Mosso -- talks heaps of sense. Federico Iossa -- open minded, informed, and has worked with luxury watch manufacturers. Tim Holzhäuser -- always a different angle. Multitalented (does his own tailoring and plays guitar like a demigod). Entertaining.
  2. Too late today to garner any love -- but . . . . . . . . . just back from the first weekend away with the Mem'sahib for almost two years! Blakeney Hotel -- good experience on every front. In celebration, I wore my favourite watch from my collection: Benu PR. Why do I like it? The simplicity and cleanliness of the design (huge amounts of empty space), the superb level of finishing on everything, and the "all dial" look (the very antithesis of M. Genta's dreadful efforts -- I realise opinions may differ on this ). .
  3. Garage and gardening today, so my least favourite watch. It was a gift from a special person, so it has to be a keeper.
  4. Hasn’t appeared on BirthYearWatches yet. And, it’s a bit outside your normal scope, Scott. Did you buy it with a particular customer in mind?
  5. Ah. MG proprietary setting system. When you pull out the crown the movement stops, but the crown springs back in. The watch is now in "time set mode" -- time can now be set with the crown. Operating the pusher restarts the movement and returns the crown to "winding mode". Claimed benefits are that the crown is pulled out for only a second (inhibiting dust ingress), and of course that you can't accidentally "nudge" the time setting whilst pushing the crown back in. I very much doubt whether the benefits are worth the extra cost and complexity -- but that could probably be said of any complication. It is however interesting and unusual.
  6. Or, you could keep it -- Bit radical, I know. I'd hate your job. It's like being a voyeur: stimulating but not participative
  7. Solidarität with @scottswatches today.
  8. I know it's a bit left field with regard to the question, but the 6200 Meisterbund looks to me like something rather special. Probably the only thing which detracts is the brand name. "Grand Sinn" anyone?
  9. Wow -- another member with an MG I have to admit, I thought it was going to be a Moser -- but, I'm impressed. Yes, only 25 of each colour were made -- but, in the context of a company which manufactures only about 400 units per year, everything they do is quite exclusive. Yours is the "L" version, whereas mine is the "M" with mesh . . . . I think yours is a little more elegant. However, I had understood that these were made in four colour versions (white, orange, green and blue indices). Yours appears to be grey or anthracite. Or, is it actually blue like the stritching?. Whatever -- It is a lovely thing, and has a truly lovely, hand made "pocket watch" movement (even if not heavily decorated in this version). I know you don't really do "keepers" -- but that is exactly what these are for me. Enjoy it Sir
  10. Some class pieces there -- well, certainly the JLCs and the GO They get the YSA (Yokel Seal of Approval).
  11. I have broad shoulders -- metaphorically at least. Looking forward to the reveal
  12. Mostly, I like the "all dial" look and eschew "small watches made big by surrounding them with acres of bezel" (rotating or not). But, there are always exceptions! And, I really like this one. My only "diver".
  13. I'm obviously anything but cool. Wouldn't give house-room to many of those at all. Possibly the Legend and Radomir if I had to pick. I do like Nomos, but not that one. I'll stay being "square", thank you. Where on earth do they dig up these "pundits"? I know -- I'm an old curmudgeon
  14. I have no problem at all with that sort of "homage".
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