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  1. Most unlikely to “get the call” I’m afraid
  2. Not white. Not Black. Blue then . . .
  3. The only piece of useful advice IMHO which is missing from this thread concerns the value of seeing and feeling a piece on you wrist before you purchase. It can quite change the impression of a watch. Obviously ADs (when open) are useful in this regard (except Rolex). But, providing you are prepared to travel, doing deals face to face is perfectly possible on this forum or TZ-UK. Don't be afraid to say no if the piece does not suit, but for good form try to make it up to your vendor in some other way. You meet some interesting people in the process.. Obviously though, the economic op
  4. In @Karrusel’s terms I’m definitely lightweight: fifteen. In my defence though, I am quite picky. My little collection contains only one Rolex (a number which will not increase), and no examples from other mass-market manufacturers (Omega, Tudor, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Orient, Citizen, Casio, etc.) Each addition can therefore be a bit of a struggle — my own fault for deciding to be a snob .
  5. One yellow, one rose, one white . . . . .
  6. Yup, saw that. The world is completely mad
  7. The hands are “blued”, and appear anything from black to royal blue depending on the light. https://imgur.com/JOPzkdE https://imgur.com/c8yapgo https://imgur.com/Q91Zdin
  8. The snappily named "Sport Evolution Panoramadatum" 42mm steel. GO Kaliber 39. Built 2012. Happy (if cool) Sunday to all.
  9. Vincero = “I will win”. (Last word of Nessus Dorma). presumably the manufacturer talking
  10. The "Pano" series of asymmetrical watches (Panomatic Lunar and Panoreserve) is GO's most popular. I do very much understand why.
  11. Because it is a special day, and to encourage @Caller. . . . . . Subskription 3a (Guilloché main).
  12. Look forward to the result, Sir
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