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  1. Not my "most attractive watch" -- but still very easy to wear. Sport Evo Pano. 42mm s/s. 200m. GO Kaliber 39 automatic.
  2. Lunch with a charming German gentleman (and watch enthusiast) in London today. I hope he will join our forum. So, endeavoured (as our representative) to present a veneer of sophistication . . . . .
  3. Oh, dear -- I love them all. But, I'll try to choose four of the most elegant . . . . .
  4. With thanks due to @Karrusel for having Carruthers remind me of its existence, and because today is empty moon, it's on the wrist . . . . .
  5. One of the lovely things about this hobby is that everyone is allowed his own taste. Apologies for the unwarranted attack on the beauty of your watch. Touché Sir (almost). My perverted taste quite likes the big date implementation in that position. That it pushes the logo to the left seems harmonious. When looking for my Captain Moon Phase . . . . . . . . I deliberately sought out the older model, rather than the (to my eyes) more anodyne (and less harmonious) later version . . .
  6. Why, oh why, did they equip such an otherwise truly lovely watch with a date which is so malpositioned? Unaligned with the indices, cutting in to the chapter ring, and too small to be a "design feature" in its own right. The gentle people of Le Locle did not enjoy their finest hour.
  7. Do I spot some family resemblance here (apart from the swan neck, of course)? GO Kaliber 39 . . . .
  8. Exactly the same as my Atum in white gold with the anthracite face shown above. I chose that combo because I already had the Benu PR in rose gold with the silver dial. Absolutely love these watches
  9. A proper "professional" video on the Atum . . . .
  10. GO 1-36-01-01-02-30. 40mm x 10mm steel auto.
  11. It's the Pioneer "Centre Seconds", which HMC thinks of as their "sports watch" -- screw down crown and 120m WR, so it comes on rubber. And, I have to admit it's the highest quality rubber strap I've ever set paws on. And, anyway -- don't want to repeat the GO colour scheme . . .
  12. This "old favourite" today . . . . .
  13. Today's Atum (and its bum) . . . . .
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