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  1. Spezichron (}, Ball Moon Phase, and the Omega tray for me -- but, that's just personal. Lovely, varied collection -- showing style and individual thinking Very nice to see a considered collection not overloaded with "divers" and chronos. .
  2. Notwithstanding my well trailed predilection for GO, this (a hundred metres away, on the other side of the railway) is probably my favourite manufacturer at the moment. Very impressed with their obsession with detail, and of course hand working. Also, super customer service. Been invited to visit the factory in July -- will report back.
  3. That +1 It is wise only ever to buy a car in the last couple of days of the month. Better yet, last days of the quarter. Between Christmas and new year is jackpot time Exactly the same with watches.
  4. Watches are things to be used. Although we like them pristine, some signs of "having had a life" are inevitable if they are worn for any time. Unless you like "safe-queens", it's going to happen. I actually find myself being quite relieved when a new car, or a new watch, gets its first "scuff". Normal life can then be got on with.
  5. No. Not especially smitten with divers. Certainly not smitten with Rolex. [Other tastes will be available on this forum ]
  6. Zürich "Braungold" today -- needs a bit of a polish really, but I like the "real world" look . . . .
  7. Tis a sad fact that, if ease of selling is a priority, with watches, cars and houses you need to go for the stratospherically special or the extremely mundane. The Ploprof (whilst being unusual) is certainly not the former. The Milgauss is (IMHO) definitely the latter. Ergo, for ease of resale, my shout would be for the Rolex. Pity -- because, whilst I couldn't see myself wearing either very much, I find the Omega much more interesting than the Rolex. .
  8. . Middle of May, and i was cuddled up to the Aga this morning .
  9. 1. No point in having more watches than you can wear -- absolute maximum 20. 2. Regard selling a watch as a failure (I've failed twice in my life) -- ergo, try to buy carefully. 3. Be very fussy indeed -- love is needed (and any doubt means not in love). 4. Never buy a watch I haven't seen and felt on my wrist -- reason for one of my failures. 5. Maximum budget for a watch -- broken that once (by 10%). ............. Perhaps that's why I've bought only one this year (to date)
  10. This today . . . I already know that I'm the only member of this forum to like Moritz Grossmann (last WRUW post) -- please tell me I'm not the only Moser lover
  11. Re-reading this contribution, I realise that I did not include a "full face" photo of the incredibly pretty movement -- corrected below. Interesting that, presumably for stylistic reasons, MG uses "clear" jewels. Being perverse, I think the standard of manufacture and workmanship is at least as good as that from ALS (a hundred metres away in the village of Glashütte).
  12. Atum (Pure M Weiß) today -- one of my "favourite favourites".
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