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  1. Member's Owners Clubs in this forum can be a good source of info for research -- Dornblüth is at
  2. How did you get the "S" erased from the start of the inscription?
  3. The watch that started this silly obsession is on my wrist today. I've told this (true) story before, so "old stagers" should avert their eyes. A (very) few years ago I worked for some years on a "turn around" project in business. It worked out quite well, and I promised myself that, when it eventually fructified, I would buy myself another watch. I was already a bit of a fan of watches in a small way, and owned a Rolex, a Cartier and an AP. I thought I wanted a Breguet next, but a lengthy investigative visit to (very helpful) Wempe persuaded me that a Lange 1 was my real target. Aft
  4. The idea of using Rolex (mostly quite "in your face" bling), and "stealth" (meaning to go unnoticed) in the same phrase seems a little bit of an oxymoron to me
  5. Sadly, he (the upper one) is just an extremely charming, but normal looking gentleman . . . .
  6. Yes, it does. Even translated (thorn blossom) it does.
  7. If you are going to get yourself a watch to celebrate your half century, but worry about resale value, I'd advise a sports Rolex. [I'm afraid my view on that is outlined in my signature]. If you would like a beautiful watch, made by hand by true craftsmen -- and which will be very rare indeed (they make only around two hundred pieces each year) -- you might think about picking up the phone on Dirk Dornblüth.
  8. Assuming it has a nicely decorated movement visible through a display case back (but, as it's a "perfect watch" it will have), then: manual.
  9. Process of elimination, I'm afraid. I have an irrational aversion to dials cut out to display the balance (looking at you Garrick) -- so I wouldn't take the B&M.# The Mühle, whilst superficially attractive, looks on second glance as though a "lady's size" movement has been used in a man sized case (moon and date slightly squashed up against the central axis). So that leaves Union and Montblanc. If you like complications, the Union has them to spare -- and, as Union is the "little brother" and neighbour of GO, craftsmanship will be good. The movement, though (
  10. My point of view is simple (and oft-stated here). Nobody with a mobile phone truly "needs" a wrist watch. Therefore, a watch is really jewelry. Therefore, it should be as easy on the eye as possible. Many aspects of a watch can be beautiful, and that would certainly include the movement. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is, IMHO, one of the wiser aphorisms, but, to my eye, a rotor (and the space which needs to be found for its rotation) can detract from the attractiveness of a movement. Hence, 50% of my small collection of mechanical timepieces are manual wind.
  11. I also buy what I like. What do I like? 39-43mm cases showing nicely decorated (preferably) in house movements (preferably "pocket watch style) through a display case back. Not much blurb on the elegant face. If possible from a manufacturer turning out only a few watches each year. Easily pleased, me
  12. Senator. 40mm steel. GO Kaliber 36 automatic.
  13. Zurich Braungold. 40mm steel. Nomos Epsilon automatic movement.
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