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  1. I have eleven German watches. Ten bear the legend "made in Germany". Only one, the Benziger, uses 'fabricken in das faderland', but he seems to have misspelled it
  2. I normally think of my German friends as being inclined to tell it (more or less) like it is, keen to include lots of technical detail, and lovers of facts. So it was with some surprise that I found the attached. "WR up to 5 ATM"? "Sapphire-hardened mineral glass"? No mention that it's a quartz movement (except in the FAQs) -- although the price and tenth accuracy chronograph should indicate. (Ronda do make mechanical units). Or am I just being tetchy? https://www.lilienthal.berlin/uk/chronograph-black-orange-mesh-black-brushed-c01-104-b023c
  3. The delight (aka 99.1) from Dieter and Dirk today . . . .
  4. I think you will find that Moser vanished for a while. The current company, Moser Schaffhausen AG was formed in 2002. It’s actually a newer operation than FP Journe, or Nomos, or Lange to mention a few other Johnnies come lately.
  5. Captain Moon Phase today. 40mm stainless. Zenith Elite 691 automatic.
  6. Late to this, but none would get a second glance. Is “iconic” the new “meh”?
  7. 99.1 today -- a "hidden gem" But, unfortunately, here is WatchFinder attempting to proselytise the hoi polloi, and make the work of Dirk and his tiny team better known. Leave them be, say I.
  8. But, here's a professional video. If this doesn't make you want one . . . . . . .
  9. The word "collector" implies (for me) that there should be some sort of theme running through the treasure hoard, and also that some sort of strategy for developing the collection should exist. My problem is that I'm learning about this daft affliction so fast (and, as @Karrusel opines: the more you get to know, the more you realise how much more you don't know) that any strategy will be out of date almost before it is formulated. So I'm limited to a small (but ever changing) list of targets, and waiting for sensible opportunities to appear. That policy is, by definition, opportuni
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