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  1. Might be useful to know what sort of watch you are thinking of -- otherwise recommended ADs could range from Ernest Jones to William & Son.
  2. And, another "in-betweenie" . . . . The Unitas 6498 re imagined by Jochen Benzinger for his "Subskription 3a".
  3. Seiko 5 is a call -- lots for your (very little indeed) money. But, the best that's happened to me: used Dornblüth 99.1 (on my wrist as I type) -- huge quality and exclusivity per pound spent (IMVHO).
  4. Even though it was a piece of personal "puff", I found the video interesting -- if only to see the two less humdrum watches. However, it would, from my point of view, have been much more interesting had the presenter showed us ten watches and logically eliminated some to deduce his short list. For all we know, those three might represent his entire collection.
  5. Welcome back, Sir @AVO. Both your counsel, and the East Anglian representation have been missed. FWIW, I'd much rather have the Metris than an Explorer -- so I hope you enjoy.
  6. Have you acquired yourself a moped, full face helmet, and a sledge hammer?
  7. Moving on from my last offering to something a little more prosaic, but staying in the Pforzheim area. This is the Stowa take on the B-Uhr Baumuster A hommage. [But Laco is also just down the road.] And, I hope the pubs reopen successfully -- but they'll have to make do without me . . . . .
  8. Beautiful watch with a beautiful (for an automatic) movement. I'm sure you'll love it
  9. Positives: the thing is "drop dead gorgeous"; the workmanship is fantastic; it is very robust, and looks and feels very high quality; it's unique; the service was outstanding; I fully expect to be the only Benzinger wearer almost anywhere I go -- which tickles my snobbery. Negatives: it feels as though it "wears quite big", so I wouldn't recommend it to those with svelte wrists; there are a couple of small (but visible) embellishing errors on the movement -- you either get dissatisfied with non-perfection, or you accept that it's part of the charm of having the work done by a human being rather than a robot (I'm in the latter camp); the movement doesn't hack; the deployant is of the "single fold" variety, which I always find less comfortable than the butterfly (easily rectified with a tang). Am I glad I bought it? Yes, definitely. Would i recommend to others? If you are a Breguet / GO / MeisterSinger sort of person: definitely. If you are a Rolex / Omega / Breitling person: no.
  10. We meet regularly -- with the aid of our little "devices"
  11. Still got my beanie! But seriously, four is the absolute maximum.
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