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  1. Same as yesterday -- but a less "moody" pic . . . .
  2. I have had to send my man, Robinson, home you understand
  3. Sorry about the sawdust -- I'm gardening (what else is there to do?). Sport Evolution Panoramadatum today. 42mm stainless. GO Kaliber 39-42 automatic.
  4. In amongst all the surrounding Lebensangst, I am pleased to note that the magnolia and daffodils seem to be carrying on blithely, and the birds and bees don't give a fig about social isolation -- makes an oldie feel a little bit better. Stowa Flieger today (B-Uhr Baumuster A)
  5. Yes, seen that. A genuine “hen’s tooth”. The few that come up second hand command very silly prices indeed, and (the last time I asked) the UK AD hadn’t seen a new one in two years — though he will sell you a rose gold Chronomètre Souverain (85% as nice) off the shelf. However, what’s the point of having a “grail” if it is attainable?
  6. Good lord no -- I'm a big fan of the 11.59 precisely because it gets AP back to tasteful watches (my opinion -- everybody's is different). My heart throb is . . . .
  7. Anybody with at least two watches does not need another. But, I suspect anyone who subscribed to that ineluctable logic would not be a member here. I assume that pretty much everyone here wants another watch. I certainly do, but unfortunately my desires are now in the realms of the almost impossible to get hold of -- and I don't mean a "common or garden" steel sports watch. I mean a rather nice blue faced 39mm chronometer fashioned in small numbers in central Geneva out of tantalum and rose gold. I fear that will never fall into my hands though.
  8. I could not help but notice that Teutonic Scots make a habit of wearing plaid under wear before donning the main garment. I have to admit that the idea of spending six or seven minutes (or, probably, much longer in Scottish freezing gales) arranging the cloth, and otherwise rolling about the countryside, whilst wearing only what I understand to be the chosen dessous of the true Scot, gives me an insight as to why the population of Scotland is not larger.
  9. Wouldn't dream of it -- but they are both very expensive and very heavy. I'm surprised you guys can move at all, let alone toss tree trunks
  10. It may suffer a little from "smaller movement in bigger case" syndrome, but it's still a lovely thing. Not too tempted by @scottswatches' kind offer just yet. Captain Moon Phase. 40mm stainless steel. Zenith Elite 691 automatic. And, (despite not being a fan of chronographs) another vote for Zenith not having "lost its way"
  11. Ich würde es sehr bezweifeln daß @Karrusel eine Lederhose besitzt. Ich hab' auch keine. Meine Kinder aber . . . .
  12. Label's wonky -- can't be German. Possibly a design from 1940-44 of course They are sensible about display backs . . .
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