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  1. Lovely Nomos @Bricey -- but you'd expect that from me. And, it has a genuine in-house movement; nicely decorated and well displayed. I'm absolutely sure that @Rotundus will love it
  2. As I have opined many times before in this august forum, in the age of the mobile phone wrist watches (and especially mechanical wrist watches) have become an affectation. They are very beautiful (at least to me) jewellery for the straight (and also not so -- let's be inclusive) gentleman. No doubt the prosaic amongst us will gradually stop wearing them, but not I nor (I suspect) many active here. The industry clearly knows it manufactures jewellery, otherwise there would be fewer offerings in the five and six figure price range.
  3. You have to remember that @tick-tock-tittle-tattle has a fully functional body, so I have to be on my guard.
  4. I just got back from a week of "strolling" (and eating and drinking exceedingly well) in the Lake District. I took the Moser with me just in case you found out I was away
  5. @Bricey you just like to shock us. This is just another hideous and useless "dive watch". Please desist -- for the sake of our old eyes and hearts. Now, where did I leave my coat?
  6. Niet. You have a smart 'phone. Ergo, watches are jewellery: a balm for the soul. "Smartwatches" are anything but that (IMVHO of course).
  7. Were there hypothetically to be anything of this nature in the competitions section, it would be a very magnanimous gesture from someone like @JayDeep. But, I am assured that there is in fact no such offer -- so, no need to thank him
  8. I agree with you Sir. Modified movements can be very attractive -- in fact, more so than some in-house clockwork. This photo of part of my collection . . . . . . . . . shows the bog standard ETA 2824 (top right) "just thrown in" to my Stowa Flieger and the bog standard Unitas 6498 "just thrown in" to my MeisterSinger 02 -- though, it has to be admitted that the 6498 is not bad looking in its own right. The other two shown are both based upon the 6498 architecture -- as can be seen on close examination -- but are IMHO at least as attractive as many in-house offerings. Dirk Dornblüth's effort (top left) is so completely re-engineered that it is difficult to imagine that many parts are used as delivered. And (at bottom right) Jochen Benzinger's modifications (skeletisation, guilloche, and other decoration entirely by hand -- and therefore unique) is something to behold.,
  9. But can't agree with that -- though each to his own taste of course. I am sure that the good Mr. Smith could sell his watches a bit less expensively if he used Miyota movements, but he doesn’t. For me the mechanical movement is the soul of a watch. And, as I mentioned above, proprietary movements provide variety in the collection. For me they are quite important.
  10. The school which I attended back in the stone age had the motto "mediocria firma*", which they translated as "the middle way is best". I always thought it was better understood to mean "mediocrity is safest". However, you can fix that by buying the Aesop Unaccountably, this has now been changed to "non nobis nati"!
  11. On the subject of "in house" movements, my Audemars Piguet has a JLC ébauche topped with a Dubois-Dépraz chrono module. It is coming up to thirty years old, but things don't change much; I believe the Royal Oak Offshore of today features exactly the same clockwork. For me, the point about "in house" is variety. I will buy only display case backs because I like the manufacturer to show me his art. A solid case back might just as well hide a quartz motor. And there are only so many bog standard 2824s one can stomach. Ergo, I tend to choose in-house (or substantially in-house -- looking at you Herr Dornblüth and Herr Benzinger) options -- which now feature in thirteen of my seventeen pieces.
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