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  1. New boy ack on today . . . . .
  2. Today is a special day of (to me) a special person -- so, a decent watch. Benu Power Reserve. I'm biased, of course, but having examined and fondled many examples from Lange and the trinity (and having very much wanted to fall in love, especially with Lange), I have so far not managed to find anything which comes close to the simplicity, harmony and quality provided by MG. I was wearing another hand wound MG yesterday (it was Fathers' Day after all), and before putting it away I took a photo of the two together. The appalling discrepancy in time is because the black one was set yesterday morning.
  3. MG vernier -- standard on all their movements (IIRC).
  4. Benu Index 41mm WG. MG Kaliber 100.1 manual wind. And, it is indeed a "nice thing"
  5. Mmmm . . . Moules, frites + Trappist beer. Welcome Sir.
  6. One brown. one blue -- otherwise identical.
  7. The private seller deal has arrived. Watch has clearly been worn a fair bit, but the body is in good nick even if the strap could do with a litt;e TLC. On visual inspection, it appears just as described. It is a Nomos Zürich Blaugold -- my favourite Nomos. In fact, a Nomos for grown-ups. And yes, I do already own a Zürich Braungold -- which is why I was confident to buy unseen without fear of disappointment in the watch.
  8. Very definitely Scott. The original quoted delivery time was 4-6 weeks, which I refused. They countered with an offer of the same watch with a deployant buckle in ten days -- but not, of course, at quite the same price. Again, refused. Then they came back with the original watch in 3-4 weeks -- and I thought I would try the experiment. It is obvious that this dealer operates with a network of "cooperative" ADs around Europe. He could not possibly carry the stock behind all his offers. I will name him, with my recommendation or otherwise, once the deal comes to fruition.
  9. This post has received 56 "likes" and two positive comments to date on UhrForum.de. Obviously they are just as obsessed with divers over there!
  10. Nowadays you'd need to purloin the card and the mobile phone -- and know the code to access the banking app -- but I understand that caution is sensible. Just been notified that the first (the private seller's piece) is on its way. The other -- the grey dealer -- will take a month. Agog
  11. Oh dear. All of the above.
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