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  1. Oh dear, perhaps you had better get the Hublot. That would at least show strength of character Are you calling Hamilton, Certina and Tissot cheap?
  2. The Captain today. 40mm stainless. Zenith Elite 691 automatic.
  3. Not sure that they are RO homages. After all, the word "hublot" means "porthole" -- than the RO is definitely styled on a porthole The kindest thing I would say about this watch is that opportunistic muggers will think you got it in Argos. Cognoscenti will think you are flaunting your wealth. They do, though, have a following -- so people must like them. Be aware though that the HUB4100 movement is actually an ETA 7753 (source: WatchBase).
  4. Yes, I sold the Santos on the Dark Side -- it was so small that its only use was as a "black tie watch". No, not fourteen. I'm quite choosy about dressy watches (I don't hold with the view that anything which doesn't have a rotating bezel is a "dress watch"; for me, they are just normal watches). I have two which fit quite well with black tie. Perfect elegance and size . . . . . . . . and, just a little thicker, but so "night time" . . . . .
  5. You are lucky. Our mob don't even have a queuing system. Engaged. Redial. Engaged. Redial. Engaged. Redial. Rinse and repeat until eventually you will be told to ring back tomorrow. Public service it is not.
  6. A friend on another forum (not the Dark Side) recently managed to get the one he wanted. I asked how it was done . . . . . Yokel: TF seem to operate their sales in two minute windows -- how did you manage to win the lottery? Friend: To be prepared. Log in 5 minutes before opening, selecting watch and colour and refreshing the page until you can place the order. The two minutes are because there are only 250 watches for each model and they go fast, very fast.
  7. You make it sound like the exception, Sir
  8. Relaxed today. 43mm stainless steel. Unitas 6498 hand wound (of which @Boots has posted a nice pic above).
  9. I don't think electric watches had been invented when I got mine
  10. It was over four years ago, so no apology needed -- and thanks for the welcome
  11. As a warning to others: membership of this forum (plus, admittedly being easily led) has transformed my original four, and the ambition to add a couple more, into a collection of seventeen pieces . . . . and counting. Being a member of TWF (WTF?) can be bad for the health of the bank balance of the feeble minded
  12. Remember it only too well. My twelfth Christmas. In the process of getting it restored -- will of course report back.
  13. @MrF-UK82 If you can afford to cosset your watches in Wolf stuff, as you note you won't go far wrong. I also have the wolf roll, and two individual winders -- and I agree about the quality. Of course, certain members could fund an entire collection out of the price difference between the Wolf and @WRENCH's suggestion -- but we won't go there As a bit of a cheapskate, I use £100 boxes which pop up occasionally on suppliers web sites. If anyone finds one, please let me know (as I need another).
  14. All the fault of Hedwig in the air ministry. Her original specification looked like this (1941 example from Lange) . . .
  15. I stand to be corrected, but whilst lots of Far Eastern mass produced offerings (e.g. Seiko) will give you a truly in-house movement at this price of cheaper, the lowest price I know for a fully European in-house package would be Nomos (at about twice that price). Sellita produce good, reliable, and easy-to-repair "workhorse" movements (the SW200-1 is AFAIK a clone of the ETA2824-2, and is made in the same "grades"). People happily pay three and four times this money for watches from houses such as Breitling which contain barely modified ETA and Sellita movements (though I admit I wouldn't). Both of the alternatives I offered (Stowa and Laco) use ETA/Sellita calibres. Agree
  16. @JayDeep started a thread a few days ago on the "must have watch" -- and I realised that there are some pieces that I realised I must have as soon as I laid eyes (and fingers) on them. This is one such: saw it, fondled it, had to have it (but was no longer made), longish search before finding it on Chrono24. In fact, it's the cheapest of my "must have" experiences -- just, unfortunately, not quite down to Jay's $500 hurdle. Zürich. 40mm steel. Nomos Epsilon automatic movement. IMHO a Nomos for grown-ups. . .
  17. And, if it is, I fear poor @bdalg1 has been wasting his
  18. To quote @bdalg1: The 'One Watch' has been purchased...... It arrives on Monday and is not one of the three I originally posted!! We're all agog
  19. Next to ivory, blue, green, and red, a black strap might look like a party pooper
  20. Tis indeed a lovely thing -- though I'd prefer a display case back. If you don't already know them, you could also give Stowa and Laco a look -- same price range. My Stowa . . . . . . .
  21. One of the very few "divers" I like -- and therefore the only diver I have. Klassik.
  22. So, @bdalg1, Sir -- fascinated to find out what you chose (but can wait until Monday). Even more interested to find out: a. whether you really have found the wisdom of Shakyamuni, or whether you weaken and start collecting again, b. whether you have any further use for this forum after having found enlightenment.
  23. An opportunist mugging then? Not my scene, but I must admit more interesting than most of the offerings from that house. Unusually, the Roman numerals don’t completely crowd the southern half of the face.
  24. Now, there’s another candidate for the “one watch collection”
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