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  1. Thanks Roy, will take a look as I noticed my old gallery has gone :-(
  2. Dial does not match the case, and as for the case this looks pretty beat up if you ask me :-)
  3. My new RLT Earlybird and on the other wrist, a battered old GMT II (Photo's on PB, and can't seem to post them)
  4. This and have been for about 2 months
  5. PhilM


  6. No conflict here, own both manufactures watches and happy to switch between them both without even thinking about it. They both make great watches IMO :)
  7. This really is good news Roy, I'm glad we finally have a plan :clap: Now we just need a new RLT, possibly an Earlybird :whistle: :D
  8. Mary had a little lamb....
  9. Would love to see some photos of your 5513 :yes:
  10. I very much doubt it will fit, as they are both very different calibre's so the date wheel would be different too.
  11. Fair point Bond, and we have merged a few boards already over the last few years. Again were open to ideas, from all of our members
  12. Stunning example, especially the patina of the dial! Case is in a lovely condition too :)
  13. We can add a strap section, if you think it would help :)
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