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  1. Homemade pizza, with some lovely italian salami, olives, and lots of cheese
  2. Thanks Roy, will take a look as I noticed my old gallery has gone :-(
  3. Dial does not match the case, and as for the case this looks pretty beat up if you ask me :-)
  4. My new RLT Earlybird and on the other wrist, a battered old GMT II (Photo's on PB, and can't seem to post them)
  5. This and have been for about 2 months
  6. PhilM


  7. No conflict here, own both manufactures watches and happy to switch between them both without even thinking about it. They both make great watches IMO :)
  8. This really is good news Roy, I'm glad we finally have a plan :clap: Now we just need a new RLT, possibly an Earlybird :whistle: :D
  9. Mary had a little lamb....
  10. Would love to see some photos of your 5513 :yes:
  11. I very much doubt it will fit, as they are both very different calibre's so the date wheel would be different too.
  12. Nice! No images of that needed
  13. Fair point Bond, and we have merged a few boards already over the last few years. Again were open to ideas, from all of our members
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