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  1. Thanks Roy, will take a look as I noticed my old gallery has gone :-(
  2. Dial does not match the case, and as for the case this looks pretty beat up if you ask me :-)
  3. My new RLT Earlybird and on the other wrist, a battered old GMT II (Photo's on PB, and can't seem to post them)
  4. This and have been for about 2 months
  5. PhilM

    GMT II.jpg

    From the album: PhilM

  6. PhilM


  7. No conflict here, own both manufactures watches and happy to switch between them both without even thinking about it. They both make great watches IMO :)
  8. This really is good news Roy, I'm glad we finally have a plan :clap: Now we just need a new RLT, possibly an Earlybird :whistle: :D
  9. Mary had a little lamb....
  10. Would love to see some photos of your 5513 :yes:
  11. I very much doubt it will fit, as they are both very different calibre's so the date wheel would be different too.
  12. Fair point Bond, and we have merged a few boards already over the last few years. Again were open to ideas, from all of our members
  13. Stunning example, especially the patina of the dial! Case is in a lovely condition too :)
  14. We can add a strap section, if you think it would help :)
  15. I am here too, although I will admit to posting a lot less these days to life getting in the way. I still check in daily too, mainly to have a quick read, and check that we are still on-line and not being spammed etc. As for the question asked about other forums having similar threads, then yes they do and if you use the search function on here you will see that we have been here before many times, and will most likely be there again in the future - quick let's make this topic sticky :rltb: Then as a mod team we have also discussed this in length, about getting more members posting, both the older ones, and some of the 100's of newbies who join up but never post. We have also then made small changes to the forum, the sections, rules, etc to try and encourage more discussions but this has not had the desired impact for sure. We also have no Roy, or RLT Watches posting about the latest watch project, which also impacts us. Like Jason has said in his post, we are open to ideas and suggestions on what we should do (If anything) :)
  16. Roy's a busy man these days, working on other projects, so I would also follow Mach's logic :)
  17. Also doubt we will be seeing the RLT 17 being reissued. Besides I've been asking for an RLT Earlybird for about 8 years, and still nothing :no:
  18. Giving this a run, after all it is 10 years old this year
  19. Stop trying to fight it Bond, just give in gracefully and get a couple of these :D
  20. Well done, it's a lovely watch for sure :)
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