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  1. Very nice Andy, had one of these myself and would be happy to own another too one day.... :thumbsup: BTW I think the O&W stands up very well against the Sinn 103, which I've also owned, and is better value for sure :) Edit: not as common as those Sinn's either :D
  2. Blimey they are remarkable, in fact amazing photo's, just goes to show that taking pics of watches is not easy at all. Top marks to Peter for sure!
  3. Well it's good you've got a bit of time on your hands :D
  4. Nice position to be in, and if I was in it I would go for the Speedy :) Great watches, and always easy to flip if you decide to at a later date
  5. For me the price is at the top of what I would want to pay, and I would want to see much better close ups of the dial to ensure that it's not been redone
  6. What have you been offered, what's included, box and papers, originality, and condition are all equally as important, then finally the price :)
  7. Sorry it's just not possible to host members photos via the forum.
  8. I'm sure you'll get there in the end, so don't give up
  9. Well done to both youresef and JoT for finally getting this nut cracked :clap:
  10. Well done on grabbing your first RLT :thumbsup:
  11. What gives, and why not clamp down further and go to 1970's :D
  12. I remember those, but like others have posted mine was an LCD version, and not LED :(
  13. Yes DJ's and DD's are all bigger than the Air King at around 36mm
  14. Good to know about the Broadside, as a huge fan of their beer :beer:
  15. I would say its one of those watches that you see advertised in the Sunday papers, probably cost someone £49.99 , but worth no more than a fiver IMO Although I'm happy to be corrected :)
  16. Well done, looks like you did very well, B&P's and it looks in top condition :)
  17. Is that to get you home, or for an emergency drink :lol:
  18. My house, it means I've made it back home, then the wife, and then all the rest... wallet, money if there is anything left :lol:
  19. Happy Birthday Roger, here's wishing you a great day As for your threads on your work, please don't stop updating them as I'm sure I speak for lots of members here that they are well worthy of a read :thumbsup:
  20. Post some pics, so we can see this fine watch :)
  21. Not a great start, did you go back to the seller on the shipping and packaging BTW I take the watch is okay?
  22. Not to sure what happened, but stop sabotaging my WTB :tongue2:
  23. Very nice Paul, although I actually prefer the silver dialled variant, so if you ever want to release it from the Hawkey Museum then please do let me know :D
  24. They are both lovely, especially the Ingersoll. The dial really has a lovely finish, and that case is superb :thumbsup:
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