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  1. Definitely get a new rolex and make your own story with it. Have a good look around the current range on line and in a pre-owned shop as you won't be able to see all the models in an AD. Get on waiting list if need be. New Oyster perpetual black or white are great. Then get something vintage later, doesn't have to be expensive, seiko have some interesting stuff. Good luck.
  2. I have experience in this cruising field. I wore my Rolex Air-king the whole week including the formal night. I didn't want it off my wrist in the safe so I just took one watch. That was the maiden voyage of the majestic princess. Unfortunately the Air-king is not a pure dress watch and people fell silent when I entered the restaurant and one old man had a heart attack. Subsequently I was thrown overboard and had to swim to shore. It is not good to turn up on an Albanian beach in dinner jacket, my Albanian is not so good. Still hasn't put me off and I'll be on the grand princess in October. Orient bambino is a great idea. I have a vintage inherited Timex but I don't want to leave an expensive watch in the safe.
  3. Some thing nice. All of you reading this thread all beautiful. On hols in Riga drinking wine at the end of a fantastic weekend, Mrs Dracula sleeping now so I'm quietly looking at twf.
  4. I brought a Seiko 5 for her to wear when her tag went for service.
  5. Not too sure it counts as a hobby but travel spend is much bigger than watches. Country number 35 in two weeks, Latvia. USA and Canada on the grand princess in October, 36 & 37. Couple of other breaks between. A week in Bergerac and a lads trip TBA.
  6. My suggestions are parliament and next door Westminster abbey. Book a tour of parliament, it's the best tourist thing I've ever done in London, Saturdays only I think. Westminster abbey has thousand year old tombs. Both well worth the time. Best meal I've had in London was gauchos at tower bridge, great view, better steak no best steak ever.
  7. I think the quality is sufficient. I had a rotary Modena as my only watch for years and it's still going strong.
  8. If my watch fund wasn't in the red...
  9. I do like it and at that price it's awesome. Unfortunately way too big for my 6 1/4 wrist.
  10. Also as a wedding watch it'll be a keeper so it might as well be right not a second best. Go for it and congratulations on the upcoming wedding.
  11. I'm sorry if this is unpopular. I would use the finance option at goldsmiths or wherever to get you over the line. I know it's bad to finance but as it's the one you really want for your wedding and the ladies spend so much at this time I think it's worth doing. I think you'll regret it if you don't get the one you really want.
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