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  1. Looks really nice, I do like these and the chronographs.
  2. Good for you, hard work but a lovely watch at the end of it. Great stuff
  3. I couldn't find one. I have one of the above watches but haven't worn it yet. Just not sure I like the rubber strap. You can buy separate Tissot bracelets but not overly cheap and from memory 21mm so not as much choice.
  4. I like Tag watches in the main. Nice designs and my Carrera chronograph is still my favourite watch in my modest collection and has never let me down despite being worn daily for years.
  5. I've two incursores. Really like them both, nice build quality.
  6. I like them personally but there are many watches I don't that others seem to really like. I can't always put my finger on why exactly but some you just don't click with.
  7. Just ordered one, thanks for posting the link mate. Should transform the Apeks.
  8. Great purchase, they are £88 now so will hold off for now but keep and eye out for any sales.
  9. Nice collection. Where did you get the mesh strap for the Tauchmeister? Looking for one for my Apeks.
  10. 32mm is small IMO. Best try a similar size watch on if you can first.
  11. Royal Oak offshore with blue dial is one of my top five watches. Just love them.
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