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  1. The spring that is on the clock hammer, how tight should it be, on my clock i can freely move the hammer with no tension from the spring, very occasionally when it strikes 10 it only strikes 9 and stays in the "ready to strike position" then at 10;55 it strikes the once ( which should have been the last one from 10) then at 11 strikes 11! is this why because the spring is too loose ?
  2. I have purchased an American drop dial case clock. On the dial it has PENFOLD SUTTON any idea what or where this could be
  3. A clock that i have purchased shows slight cog teeth wear on the pallet jaw, can this be filed or is it best to replace with a new one?
  4. It was serviced about 15 months ago, I have five clocks a room,so I tend to give each of them a run for about a month each. It does by the 6th day slow down and probably could do with a wind, but it's time keeping before the 6th day does as explained. I take it that these are 7 day clocks, we're they good time keepers?
  5. American drop dial case clock. My clock is running a bit erratic, slight adjustment to the pendulum will cause it to gain time a lot. , if I adjust it a minute turn it looses big time. Basically it's very difficult to get it right. Any ideas how can I overcome this, its annoying to say the least
  6. Thanks for your reply, perhaps it does not quite do that, the spring seems a bit weak to me, so i have ordered a new one on line. I cant take it to the clock maker to repair for obvious reasons, so is there any hints or tips i can have to install the spring in a proper manner? Thanks in advance
  7. Which is the best position for the spring to be on the clock, i think that my spring has gone a bit weak, so does not pull the rack back.Any one has any suggestions to correct this
  8. I purchased a long case clock mechanism in a sale.The rack was loose in the box but i have secured it to the mechanism.The clock goes but it chimes totally erratic, it can strike ten, then on the next it could be five.Have i done something wrong when i put the rack back?, has things got to line up properly in the right position or does it not matter. I would be very grateful for any tips on this matter Thanks in advance
  9. I saw a grandfather clock today with moon phases painted on it. I know that these could be used to show the phases of the moon. But this one has no drive system at all and never has been I think!, is this unusual or is purley decorative?
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