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  1. Polished up this old Eco Drive and put it on a nice mesh, looks good for today
  2. Strange little Pobeda for today. I ended up soaking the perlon whilst taking the photo, didn't realise it was sitting in a pool of condensation
  3. Glad you are seeing the 'World in my eyes'
  4. Love that reference, definitely and underrated Seiko. I'd take it over an SKX
  5. The classic Data Bank for today, have a good weekend
  6. I agree Basel World seems to be on the decline. SIHH looked fantastic this year, and SalonQP also has some interesting goods (and far less pretentious in my experience!)
  7. Late to the party...But this again for today (with an extra moody filter)
  8. Great stuff - Good to see B&R making some wearable pieces. How would you rate the finish in comparison to Omega, Breitling etc?
  9. Hi all I thought that it might be interesting to write a review of my Seiko Giugiaro chronograph, after 4 months of wear Background: This piece is one of the latest installments in Seiko's 'Giugiaro Design' colection, made in cooperation with Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro (known for his work with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and of course DeLorean). Seiko have collaborated with the designer for a number of years, producing pieces such as the 'Ripley', as worn by Sigourney Weaver in Aliens Case and dial: The 43mm case features a sand blasted matte finish, producing a smooth, futuristic looking aesthetic. The case finishing suits the context of the watch perfectly. The shape of the case itself is very unconventional, as can be seen by the step running vertically down the dial, allowing for the bezel to be tilted down to the left. The dial itself is tilted so as to provide a better viewing angle whilst riding a motorbike, which, according to Seiko, is the main function of the watch. Although rather odd at first, the tilted dial is just as easy to read as a normal dial. As for the dial itself, the matte grey texture very well executed, and contrasts well with the bright orange hands and indices. Seiko and Giugiaro were absolutely spot on with the dial, it's a pleasure to look at Movement: A Seiko 7T12 quartz chronograph movement is housed within the case, providing two chronograph features (Chronograph seconds and a 60 minute indicator) as well as a 24 hour sub dial at 3.00, and the conventional seconds sub dial at 9.00. I've had no issues with the movement so far, as expected, it has been solid and accurate for every day wear. The issue I have, which perhaps pertains to the design rather than the movement, is the chronograph pushers, which can be activated quite easily. I've often put the watch away in my box to find that the chronograph has been activated. The crown is also very small, rendering it difficult to adjust and pull out. However, the pushers and crown are integrated into the design very well, despite the functional shortfalls Bracelet: The biggest drawback for this piece is the bracelet. The actual construction and style of the bracelet are top notch, however, the push pins require a proprietary Seiko pin removal tool. I wasn't ware of this when I first received the watch. When I attempted to remove three or four links, the bracelet actually came apart whilst on the wrist (thankfully the watch landed on the sofa). I took the watch to the new Seiko boutique in Knightsbridge, where they removed all the pins and put them back together with a Seiko link remover. In addition, there are next to no options for straps and bracelets, as the lug fixture will only take the curved end links of the original bracelet. Luckily the style of the bracelet is very cool, so it won't be coming off anyway. Summary: Pros: * Fantastic, unique design with an high quality finish * Dial is very well executed * Design pedigree/history * Accurate, solid movement * Wears very well Cons: * Pushers aren't as solid as most Seiko Chronographs * Crown is very small * Bracelet cannot be adjusted with regular tools Photos -
  10. Shame about the date display at 3.00, imo it makes the dual somewhat out of balance. Nonetheless, a great looking piece indeed
  11. Thinking of chopping my vintage MuDu, although inevitably I'll suffer from seller's remorse. I like it but it doesn't get enough wrist time, paradoxically!
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