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  1. money no object those are what i'd get , there are other watches but none are much above 15k , don't like bejeweled , don't realy like gold other than white but only like white because it looks like silver/stainless , the Cellini is white gold and at around 13k is fair i think , as for lume it's a dress watch and i certainly wouldn't be taking it for a dip
  2. money no object then i'd like these , may buy a reverso or the Rolex anyway but the trilogy is beyond my mean's
  3. i'd say if you've so easily had your head turned from the reduced then it;s probably not the grail you thought it was! reduced for me if i had to choose
  4. my two tiddlers are my MWC at 33mm and my Timex sprite at 31mm usually i'm more comfortable with 37/38mm
  5. when i look at watches in display cabinets they mostly are on the large side 42mm and up , whilst i have a 202mm wrist i don't feel i can wear watches that big with one or two exception's whilst i have a work colleague with a 160mm wrist who is most at home with large case sports watches 43mm and above ... to me it looks massively overpowering and out of proportion , i guess were all different eh? i would love a 38/9mm sub 10mm auto....as you say few and far between , my Junghans is quite slim as to is my Longines but they are both noisy in operation(rotor) maybe auto's got chunky to quieten them down?
  6. Sekonda only began production in 1966.........it may be older than this but it would have had to have the dial replaced at some point for a Sekonda one.....i have a 68 Sekonda made in Moscow watch factory no 1 (Poljot)
  7. Wife has a Noemia , very nicely made and finished , had it about 5 years and i have to say it's holding up well (not very careful at all) decent watches and a reasonable price , i just don't like the name(too long and unwieldy like Christopher Ward) so i wouldn't buy one for myself.
  8. That would be the bulk of my collection then! Don't/won't use an auto winder , hate setting the date and i can't read it without glasses anyway's
  9. my take on the retro/reimagined market is that people want an old watch in a new trouble free package , i personally don't want / wouldn't buy a used version , i wan't it to be a pristine one owner(me) watch covered by a manufacturers guarantee and to know the model will be supported for years to come by the manufacturer , i think there are probably a large number like me , i know i probably pay quite a premium but i'm willing to do it. this is why i'm not a fan of microbrands too!
  10. Almost all the watches i lust after the design's are many decades old , the modern ones mostly don't inspire me
  11. hoping to "Speed" the day along
  12. Am kicking myself for not pulling the trigger before Xmas and using my £50 voucher from Beaverbrooks as they have had a 2022 price rise.....Grrrr.........lovely watch mate...enjoy
  13. Being a bit pedantic but i was always under the impression a dress watch would be a two hander , no date and no lume? i know we operate under looser guidelines now but i aim to get a white gold dress watch on a leather strap conforming to this that CW595 is bang on the money
  14. Silly watch day today! In work on overtime with some chores that may bash my watch
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