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  1. Sombre watch , sombre day , Junghans Max Bill....funeral to attend!
  2. My Rolex is the only one to have appreciated a little but it's the very last one i'd sell , probably doesn't get anywhere near offsetting what i've lost on the others! so i reckon buy em cos you like em!
  3. I'm buying watches with money i probably should be putting in an ISA/pension pot/savings account/gold portfolio , i like watches , they make me happy but i do view them as an asset(well some of them) the kids have been told if all goes well they will get the gun's/guitars/watches/motorhome/bikes/horses/house etc etc but if i run out of cash in retirement then anything is fare game ,i will sell whatever i need to to have a long and fruitfull retirement.
  4. The only green watch that has activated my radar is Tag Aquaracer calibre 5 in olive green drab on a canvas strap , not the stainless one but the all green one , there was a sister one in a blue urban camo style.....i do have a G shock in green but that barely counts
  5. Three reasons why i swerve date watches , firstly i can't mostly see to read the date unless it's particularly big or has a magnifier , secondly i'ts a pain to keep resetting dates when you regularly rotate what watch you wear , and finally i prefer the more simple symmetrical look. ... i have been known to not bother setting the dates because i can't see them and nobody else is getting close enough to read it eeither.
  6. Thats pretty grim...but most of the flashier Hublots i feel the same way about!
  7. my Fila Sherpa , is just to damn difficult to read....i'd sell it if i thought i'd make my money back lol and i agonised over a Ballon blue , no date version to small , date version to big....i went big and i know doubt myself
  8. Always liked watches as a kid and beyond but it's only recently that the kids have grown up , mortgage nearly gone that i find i can afford some really nice watches , my grail watch has always been a no date Sub and i finally treat myself tp one for my 50th(a 36 year wait) i remember looking at them in my local jewelers as a teenager thinking i'll never be able to find £695 lol i have a mix of watches and it's not nescesarily the more expensive ones that grab me but i already find it difficult to wear them all.
  9. She doesn't seem to mind but then she has had at least one Horse(currently two) for all the time i've known her so in the general scheme of things my hobby is quite cheap and cost effective by comparison.
  10. a friend in my bike club has a 50cc one and it is surprisingly heavy , pretty sure its at least the same weight as my current Honda if not heavier...doesn't look it though very tuneable though with all the aftermarket monkey type bits available I looked at 750 Guzzi a while back for my wife to ride when her 2 years at 33hp had elapsed , think it was called a Breva pretty sure it's the earliest modern day v7 , was very underwhelming, she was stepping of a jap import zzr250 that could easily have outrun the Guzzi , she opted to take over my Hinckley Bonnie instead which a
  11. my gripe is i want something light and interesting to put on my Motorhome rack , currently i carry a Honda ANF125 Innova at 99kg wet , i need the bike to be less than this as i'm right on the axle load max at the rear axle and that is me already being uber careful what i load and where i put it.... bike needs to have pillion pegs and above all be fun..... don't want to run a classic as i want the utmost reliability with the minumum of fettling whilst away...the nearest i've found would be a Beta Alp 200 at 108kg can lose perhaps 2 or 3kg with an aftermarket tail can and ditching the mirrors...
  12. Just moved into the next bracket in the survey , my count now is 16 as i have just added a Timex Sprite(my first childs watch aged 7)
  13. I've had a dax and Lifan 110 and both of those were under 70 kg wet and the dax was similar in size all be it 72cc not 125 , i just think it weighs to much and is too complex for what it is , all modern bikes for that matter seem to have gotten Lardy , Suzuki b120p 85kg Suzuki x7 132kg just two old timers that were great featherweights
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