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  1. Opinel is a very good Knife for less than a tenner , it's usually a Normark or a Victorinox Spartan but today it was an opinel........i have a knife in just about every coat pocket(was a boy scout...lol) it is if you take the locking sleeve off(or glue it in the open position, no7 and below have the legal size blades
  2. CW Dartmouth C65 in blue on a bracelet , i'd use my £100 voucher also and i would get all the other strap variations with it have been fancying a black bay 58 in blue but this may just usurp it at a fraction the price
  3. I would love that in my collection, great bracelet
  4. got of to a rocky start but FCW provided some good old fashioned customer service , free return postage(insured) and a very quick turnaround , back in less than 10 days...the fault was that the second hand was not perfectly centered....see pic....tried to ignore it but i couldn't!.....ocd perhaps?
  5. i bought one last month , didn't quite get in budget , cheapest advertised when i was looking was £329 i got a little more off than that but not sub £300 unfortunately
  6. not in production anymore but still attainable....wish i'd bought one when i was considering it C 5 595 Christopher Ward , not quite the perfect spec but in the same ball park and would be a reasonable price used
  7. Now as the river dissolves in seaSo Neptune has claimed another soulAnd so with gods and men, the sheep remain inside their pen quite apt considering the dive watch dissing!
  8. woke up to a dead I phone this morning so this is an old photo......was out very late walking the dog last night and noticed how low and how it was a tiny sliver of it's full self the moon was so i decided today would be a Speedmaster day
  9. I think this is my next watch anyway! RRP £289 got my eye on one for £223
  10. I like most styles and types of watch , my favourites are field watches , really svelte and simple dress watches ' divers and chrono's , like my musical tastes i truly believe i have eclectic tastes in horology , there is not much that appall's me (death metal , grime and europop)(Hublot , skeletals and terrible rubbish homage watchs) most everything else i can see the good in when i say skeletals it is only because they are usually illegible , i love to see the workings in action but i do like to readily tell the time too!
  11. i do but sadly i only have one diver in the collection
  12. Don’t judge me ! I’m in Spoons having a full English in Rhyl whilst the motor home gets a service
  13. not cheap but a thing of great beauty imho
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