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  1. I am sick of buying straps unseen and being underwhelmed when they arrive , Size is also an issue , most fasten round my wrist on either the last or the last but one hole , i'm willing to pay upto £50 but obviously prefer a little less for a decent comfy well fitting strap(two piece and Nato , not leather) wrist is 202mm or a little over 8 inches in old money!
  2. Pasha , Explorer and Royal Oak for me
  3. bought new 2021 just love these watches!
  4. New Hamilton has arrived, already planning the next (black pod one then the bronze when they come down in price a bit)
  5. Yeah but having a slide rule sort of dictates that ! i like the Navi because it's Iconic , my Speedy has a busy dial too but it goes with the teritory , Breitlings mostly have to much going on in the range for my tastes just take a peep at the watches pictured in this thread!
  6. in the main they are a bit big and the dials are a bit too busy for my tastes , i like the Navitimers but i'm not in the market for anymore chronographs and i like the 50's retro diver but that's pretty much it for me
  7. I agonised over 36mm no date or 42mm with a date......i went big......i now know i should have gone small(still love it but i'd love it more if it shrank)
  8. In my mind the Eplorer and the Everest make a themed pair...i'd like both
  9. Was going for an Everest today but i spent the cash on Saturday ordering another Hamilton khaki field at a very healthy discount , maybe next month for the Everest
  10. Hamilton Khaki field hand wind 38mm is only 9.5 mm thick and its sits realy low on the wrist if you switch to a two piece strap
  11. Hamilton Khaki field manual wind any flavour you like , just introduced a bronze case and some 42mm versions , bronze is over budget but thrv42mm can be had at budget or there abouts......imho the best value mechanical watch with a backstory and some kudos
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