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  1. I'd like to say i'm finished for this year but there are a few that if they got a healthy discount could tempt me , Hamilton's mainly!
  2. Just noticed the date , back home now and corrected it before heading out to work on a nightshift , was sure I’d set it to 18 , my eyesight is getting bad!
  3. I guess you would have to use some form of agreed value like for classic vehicles or new for old type policy
  4. Lovely watch , on my list of buys if i had a big financial windfall , sadly i fear i may never have one but i'm really pleased for you , Enjoy
  5. Out for a wander in the woods….can’t sleep
  6. I'currently considering doing it for a blue BB58 on a bracelet as I suspect these deals are going to go away shortly
  7. AMJ watches currently no deposit zero percent 5 years ......use your deposit saved to pay your existing balance and get one now ....i have asked about Tudor discounts a couple of times and got an absolutely not , it seems they only ever discount the slow movers and the line run outs
  8. dive computers nowadays.......but i still do .....but it's been a couple of years(covid)since i've been anywhere i deem warm enough to dive
  9. If life was fair the El Primero would usurp the Daytona but the Rolex has the hype and the high profile owners
  10. the last line is very telling.....it says to me , you can have the balance of the manufacturers warranty if you buy used from an AD
  11. that is my understanding of it.....if i sold my motorhome now the 10 year warranty dies with the end of my ownership
  12. Cartier Tank , Breitling Navitimer , Rolex Explorer ,Omega Seamaster and the Blancpain Fifty Fathom's....................i'd probably take out the Calatrava and swap it for a Tag Monaco(i know herecy eh? just not into patek's i guess)
  13. i've heard that some ad's are holding the warranty card back to try and stop speculative purchasers , if you have a claim with your new watch then you must take it back to the ad for repair/replacement My Motorhome has a 10 year warranty on water ingress structural faults but only for the initial purchaser to be honest if it got me further up the queue for my Explorer , i'd agree to it
  14. two for two...my speedy also
  15. PRS 37 Seafire today.......
  16. i live in a pretty modest house , home insurance stipulates i have to give details of all items with an individual value exceeding £1500 so just the three watches at the moment all covered away from the home too......£168 last year
  17. All decent choices , my favourite would be the Explorer but i couldn't pay 7k for one either so the one i'd choose would be the Heritage Seamaster
  18. Beater today as I’m doing a bit of brush cutting at work
  19. Been a busy year so far , eight in and none out(but then i've never sold a watch yet) favourite has to be the "Max Bill Auto" the burning question is if i hadn't bought those eight i could have bought my Tudor BB58 , was i right or wrong ?
  20. That 1966 Rolex one year out for my birth year , was looking at Omega's for my birth year watch , may have to throw Rolex into the mix now!
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