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  1. I've only been away in "Annie" twice so far this year mainly because of Covid i haven't noticed any poor behaviour or wrong doing but i tend to mainly try and use adult only sites , have noticed the price of Moho's and Caravan's have skyrocketed though , got a short trip coming up in August and a ten days early September i'm hoping to do something.
  2. This is a Hinckley Bonnie(2004 790cc carburated) they are very much like Harleys in that the standard bike you get is pretty lacklustre and utilitarian , , they need modifying and customising to get the best from them! i have a shed full of mods/spares and accessories , there is probably little more than 50% of the original bike in that picture pics 1 and 2 are how my beloved has her set up , pics 3 and 4 are how i like her set up and pic 5 is one day old factory fresh in june 2004. oh yeah nearly forgot...it passed with no advisories
  3. Bonnie going for MOT , she who must be obeyed has decided she wants to ride it after 3 years languishing at the back of the mancave!
  4. I really like the Seafire Quartz....doesn't say it's sold out on the website so does that mean when the store opens for business i should be able to order one or will i only be able to order the new batch produced for the latest opening?
  5. Steel 37mm blue for me or DJ in blue on a jubilee i'd be hard pressed to choose
  6. just missed a brand new unworn Gilt Everest , i bid £350.... it went for £386 RRP is £325.....madness!
  7. I'm not over worried about the crime element , hoping to go on a cruise from a UK port sometime soon so i will take the big hitters and maybe a G shock for any stupid/brave/foolish activities i may indulge in , so the same as has been said already, 3 in a Wolf roll and one on the wrist , have just come back from my more usual type of holiday nowaday's , a week away with friends/family in the motorhome around Duxford/Huntingdon/Ely and Cambridge(Speedmaster Moonwatch) and a 5 day tour around St Davids /Cardigan Bay/Camarthen on my Motorcycle with Bil/wife(Submariner) Moho's are chronically insecure so i only take one and it never leaves my wrist(i now have a spare Casio beater that i leave in there all the time) then motorcycles are pretty insecure so same deal , just the one and never take it off.
  8. well that's me signed up to the newsletter....now poised to strike! fancying a Quartz Seafire and an Everest/Expedition Auto......contemplating having a punt on the Ebay ones too!
  9. the Cat's out the bag for a couple of days!
  10. yeah i'm a bit perplexed by it but i guess i just have to persevere if i really want one there seem to be plenty of similar stuff about at very reasonable prices but i'm a sucker for the name Smith's and that made in England "thing" so i guess i'll have to pay a premium and jump through some hoops (i know it's a reimagining of an old watch but i'm in)
  11. I want to buy an Everest watch from time factors , has anyone got experience of how it works? I've apparently just missed a batch that was released a couple of weeks ago but another batch is imminent I believe , it would seem people buy them to flip as there are a few on Ebay in brand new condition for more than RRP !
  12. i am in the same boat , i want a square case watch , either one of the Tanks or a Reverso but i keep looking at the Dolce vita's and others but i know from past experience i would be dissapointed by settling
  13. i usually like plain and simple but they make it uber boring...not a fan appear to be well made and reasonably priced though
  14. she tells me it's her turn next for a new watch......and she fancies a Rolex op 32mm black...cheeky mare ! and i have to buy it!
  15. I’d like to add a Seiko mechanical watch but I’ve yet to find one without a date Same deal with Orient!
  16. Cheating slightly! Wifeys watch
  17. Never without a watch on…..showers/baths , spannering and nookie being the only exceptions, can you tell by the indentation and lack of wrist hair
  18. off to South west Wales for a few days
  19. Back home for a couple of days Better
  20. Rubbish photo , but sadly that's me , was trying to get my watch and the Chapel at Kings College in the same shot , the back of the wife's head was just a bonus lol
  21. Should have read "Speedy and Speedy"
  22. Am at Duxford well I was a couple of hours ago!
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