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  1. It would appear i have managed to snag one!
  2. This Bulova at 45mm is my largest watch bar the G shock and i think i just about get away with it because it's Black which seems to hide it's bulk(Women have known this for years LOL) my wrist is 202mm or a little over 8 inches in old money , the Timex Sprite is my smallest at approximately 31mm my sweetspot i believe is about 38mm which is the Hamilton
  3. Another day , another Dollar...Sunday morning in work!
  4. Dona sub 200 or a CW Dartmouth in blue are the only sub 1k divers that currently resonate with me....Oris is my prefered choice of the original post
  5. a lot from the last batch almost instantly appeared on Ebay , i think it should be single purchases only of any of the available watches , here's hoping i can snag one on Sunday as an early Birthday pressie!
  6. Rolex lose another punter......a very nice watch and who can blame you for looking elsewhere......i'm starting to come to this way of thinking! may give up on an Explorer and buy a 57 railmaster myself!
  7. Didn't realise how much i liked it til it was gone.......had to buy junior a baby G to get her to swap back!!!!!!
  8. I've only been away in "Annie" twice so far this year mainly because of Covid i haven't noticed any poor behaviour or wrong doing but i tend to mainly try and use adult only sites , have noticed the price of Moho's and Caravan's have skyrocketed though , got a short trip coming up in August and a ten days early September i'm hoping to do something.
  9. This is a Hinckley Bonnie(2004 790cc carburated) they are very much like Harleys in that the standard bike you get is pretty lacklustre and utilitarian , , they need modifying and customising to get the best from them! i have a shed full of mods/spares and accessories , there is probably little more than 50% of the original bike in that picture pics 1 and 2 are how my beloved has her set up , pics 3 and 4 are how i like her set up and pic 5 is one day old factory fresh in june 2004. oh yeah nearly forgot...it passed with no advisories
  10. Bonnie going for MOT , she who must be obeyed has decided she wants to ride it after 3 years languishing at the back of the mancave!
  11. I really like the Seafire Quartz....doesn't say it's sold out on the website so does that mean when the store opens for business i should be able to order one or will i only be able to order the new batch produced for the latest opening?
  12. Steel 37mm blue for me or DJ in blue on a jubilee i'd be hard pressed to choose
  13. just missed a brand new unworn Gilt Everest , i bid £350.... it went for £386 RRP is £325.....madness!
  14. I'm not over worried about the crime element , hoping to go on a cruise from a UK port sometime soon so i will take the big hitters and maybe a G shock for any stupid/brave/foolish activities i may indulge in , so the same as has been said already, 3 in a Wolf roll and one on the wrist , have just come back from my more usual type of holiday nowaday's , a week away with friends/family in the motorhome around Duxford/Huntingdon/Ely and Cambridge(Speedmaster Moonwatch) and a 5 day tour around St Davids /Cardigan Bay/Camarthen on my Motorcycle with Bil/wife(Submariner) Moho's are chronically insecure so i only take one and it never leaves my wrist(i now have a spare Casio beater that i leave in there all the time) then motorcycles are pretty insecure so same deal , just the one and never take it off.
  15. well that's me signed up to the newsletter....now poised to strike! fancying a Quartz Seafire and an Everest/Expedition Auto......contemplating having a punt on the Ebay ones too!
  16. the Cat's out the bag for a couple of days!
  17. yeah i'm a bit perplexed by it but i guess i just have to persevere if i really want one there seem to be plenty of similar stuff about at very reasonable prices but i'm a sucker for the name Smith's and that made in England "thing" so i guess i'll have to pay a premium and jump through some hoops (i know it's a reimagining of an old watch but i'm in)
  18. I want to buy an Everest watch from time factors , has anyone got experience of how it works? I've apparently just missed a batch that was released a couple of weeks ago but another batch is imminent I believe , it would seem people buy them to flip as there are a few on Ebay in brand new condition for more than RRP !
  19. i am in the same boat , i want a square case watch , either one of the Tanks or a Reverso but i keep looking at the Dolce vita's and others but i know from past experience i would be dissapointed by settling
  20. i usually like plain and simple but they make it uber boring...not a fan appear to be well made and reasonably priced though
  21. she tells me it's her turn next for a new watch......and she fancies a Rolex op 32mm black...cheeky mare ! and i have to buy it!
  22. I’d like to add a Seiko mechanical watch but I’ve yet to find one without a date Same deal with Orient!
  23. Cheating slightly! Wifeys watch
  24. Never without a watch on…..showers/baths , spannering and nookie being the only exceptions, can you tell by the indentation and lack of wrist hair
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