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  1. I'm in awe of anyone who attempt this micro magic , my chubby digits sometimes struggle with motorcycle repairs!
  2. Busmans holiday, on the train home from a safety briefing/ skills test
  3. Thats a lot of Sheath Knives......i don't actually own one but i'm open to it,,,,nearest thing i have is a vietnam era Camilus jet fighter survival knife....like a marine Ka Bar only slightly shorter in the blade more of China's finest looks a bit like a Grape harvesting blade
  4. I like em both but i've been trying to buy the Rolex for a while now with no success......so it would be the Rolex for me but any other color than that green(if the Tissot is 40mm then i;m presuming the Rolex is the 41mm version not the 36 as they wouldn't be that comparable)
  5. was on the list for a 39 mm OP then swapped to 39mm Explorer, not sure what to do now other than go preloved......stunning watch by the way, long may you enjoy it
  6. The strap makes me think"Escalator" mind the step lol........i'm waiting for the PSR to be heavily discounted
  7. Final nightshift.....bring it!
  8. Can’t seem to get a good shot in the woods with the dog
  9. I guess Watches of Switzerland go with Calibre!
  10. All change! 3rd of 4 nightshifts,let battle commence ...trusty SGW and my work Spartan
  11. Calibre i associate with Firearm's and Watches.....Caliber(or was it Kaliber) i associate with a woeful fake beer of the 80's
  12. my Home Insurance covers my Watches even away from home , have to specify and detail all over £1500 so just the three currently
  13. stealth mode tonight at work
  14. wow thats a big jump in price! That's Tudor money and i don't see Oris as a Tudor's direct competition
  15. These are some of my “not legal carries” Lol
  16. Inspired by the ‘oh no’ post Today’s knife is my trusty Normark
  17. I like mine.....i may get another(square and black next time)
  18. Hardly fekkin movinson tis a famous t Shirt the the Milwaukee mafia sued over and destroyed a perfectly good small business....the t shirts became legend and sold for hundreds on flea bay Harley watch is made by Bulova(very disappointed)
  19. 12 hour nights tonight(end of 9 lovely lazy days off) hammer time it is then
  20. Opinel is a very good Knife for less than a tenner , it's usually a Normark or a Victorinox Spartan but today it was an opinel........i have a knife in just about every coat pocket(was a boy scout...lol) it is if you take the locking sleeve off(or glue it in the open position, no7 and below have the legal size blades
  21. CW Dartmouth C65 in blue on a bracelet , i'd use my £100 voucher also and i would get all the other strap variations with it have been fancying a black bay 58 in blue but this may just usurp it at a fraction the price
  22. Off out for the day on a jolly
  23. I would love that in my collection, great bracelet
  24. got of to a rocky start but FCW provided some good old fashioned customer service , free return postage(insured) and a very quick turnaround , back in less than 10 days...the fault was that the second hand was not perfectly centered....see pic....tried to ignore it but i couldn't!.....ocd perhaps?
  25. i bought one last month , didn't quite get in budget , cheapest advertised when i was looking was £329 i got a little more off than that but not sub £300 unfortunately
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