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  1. Couldn't agree more about the display back
  2. No, I got a 42 pound per week!! I thought I was a millionaire lol
  3. How do you wear it with just one link?
  4. Yes still have it and really pleased with it. To be honest I was surprised with the quality of the watch. I should have said, it's not a smart watch but an automatic Alpina that I have.
  5. I bought an Alpina from them last year, thought I had got away without paying import duty...... But, 3 weeks after its arrival, I had a £70 bill from FedEx. Apparently they paid the import duty on my behalf. Last week I had a ladies RW arrive, again good watch and £380 cheaper than my local jeweller. However, this time I had a text from FedEx, with a link to payment. So paid this up front to have it delivered. Still, the money saved, far outweighs import duty. I would certainly use them again, but I always use a credit card for Extra insurance, when buying on line, because of the distance selling protection and then pay it off straight away.
  6. Yep, that looks quite nice to me too.
  7. I just can't take to Hamilton, especially the ventura... Just ugly.
  8. Very nice indeed, I bet the service cost made you wince! Worth it though by the looks of it.
  9. Really like the look of these
  10. have a great new year yourself buddy, and everyone using the forum. lets' hope it's a happy and healthy one for all of us.
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