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  1. So I sent a snotty Email to Tony Coe (MD) at Swiss time. This was 2 weeks ago before I went on hols. He phoned me straight away, told me to put it in the post, very apologetic. They would try & get it back to me for when I returned from my hols. (last night) Arrived this morning. Hands were catching apparently!
  2. On advice from an above member (many thanks) I called in to Timefix in Melton Mowbray this morning. nice guy, very helpfull. He showed me a video of my watch on time grapher. Went from about +5, up to +15 seconds then dropped down to -100 plus seconds! It cycled like this every 15 seconds or so! Something very wrong! Not sure what to do about it now. Amit suggested contacting Omega regarding their recommended repair facility! I think I will demand my money back. See what they say. It came with a 2 year warranty I think. Chris
  3. Yes please. Will probably be at the Market on Tuesday morning. Chris
  4. I took if off at about 8pm the other night. It had stopped by 11.30am the following morning! I will perhaps ask the Watch Guy in Melton Mowbray to put it on his machine, see what he says to accuracy. How long should it take to fully wind the movement on my watch? You cant manually wind can you? Or I dont seem to be able to!
  5. 14 seconds slow, from putting it right yesterday, 3 ish, yesterday afternoon to 7ish this evening? It does not seem to run as long as it should after winding. My Vostok Amphibian runs much longer I think. The more I think about it the angrier I get. It is my only "decent" watch. Having it serviced by Swisstime was a big hit! Seems like they were taking the piss....
  6. They told me nothing about what they had done. Just sent it back. Still owe me my return postage for the first time I sent it back. (£11). I ummed & ahhed about sending somewhere cheaper/local. Wish I had now. I followed the link to the other thread re. STS. It has some worrying similarities! I put it right by my desktop clock this morning about 11, already 5 seconds slow. Not sure how accurate that is? Rotor also seems very noisy. Is this just the movement?
  7. Omega Seamaster Professonal chronometer 300m Had the watch for 15 years or so now. Went to Swisstime services for a service (beginning to regret now) early last year. They seem to have had it more than me in the last year or so. The time keeping was poor so I ended up sending it back, even worse when I got it back, so it went back AGAIN! If you spend £370 on a service should you expect it to come back with chronometer time keeping? It seems to be way out at the moment. Or am I expecting too much?
  8. Interesting dial & hands? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gildings-auctione
  9. Sorry for late reply. 07974707720 Mob. I will dig it & donor movement out. Speak at the wekend if that is convenient? I bought one of the Copy? Fortis Marine Master Super compressor cases & dial hands etc. date at 6. I have an ETA 17 jewel 2783 movement date at 3. Would a 2782 fit in the case? There seems to be quite a few of those about with date at 6. Many thanks Chris
  10. Hi Simon, I need a date dial for a 2783. 6H. I have a new old stock movement to put in a super compressor case. Wrong date ring! Can I swap one from a 2782? or even a 2824-2 Can you suggest a source for one? I was assuming that I will have to get a donor watch/movement. 2782 are much cheaper than 2783/2784 Many Thanks Chris
  11. Kristoff

    Lanco Fon

    Thanks, but I tried tightening it. Does not help!
  12. Kristoff

    Lanco Fon

    Have just come across a Lanco Fon watch. It winds both barrels (ran for about 12 hours). But I cant set the time or alarm time. The functions that it is supposed to do when you pull the stem out are non operational. The stem just comes straight out. Is this a big problem? Also I am assuming that the crystal has to come off before you can take movement out? To get to the keyless works.
  13. I have just taken delivery. Dial is very nice. Has a period? strap. But not original. What straps were they supplied with? I have seen stainless bands with stepped in ends to make them look wider?
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