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  1. Further developments. I recently purchased an old Ricoh with what appeared to be a similar movement (pusher at 2, stem at 3), with a view to swapping out the Orient one (which I fear I may have broken), but realised that the date/day on the Ricoh are both at 3, where as the Orient is different, obviously. Spot the newbie to watch repairs/making.
  2. Having real trouble getting this working properly. The pusher at 2 does indeed change the date at 3, but the Day at 9 just doesn't seem to change. The stem seems to 'skip' past the first notch (which I suspect would change the day), but I have no idea how to find the correct replacement, and having taking the watch apart, and removed the date/day disc, I'm not confident that it is all back together correctly. The alternative is to replace the entire movement, but even that is proving nigh-on impossible to source. Can anyone help?
  3. I have that exact watch. Picked mine up on eBay for about £30. Is it worth setting up a search for 'Rotary' in watches on eBay and letting it run, see if something comes up - or are you in a hurry?
  4. I'm the same as many - if I like it, I like it. Applies to many things in life too - I think it's something that's happened to me over time. I'm less worried about fitting into a group.
  5. Aye, I thought that, but that was about as far as I got.... :-) Ah, cheers. I tried the baby oil and cotton bud idea (read somewhere), and managed to snag and snap the hour hand...:-( Literally just this, nothing else - just came in some bubble wrap.
  6. Might have bitten off more than I can chew. Saw this, and bought it for a snip with a view to cleaning it up for my fiancee, but starting to worry that I'm a few years off being capable of getting it working/cased etc.
  7. Might need to replace the stem, or the whole movement - again, no idea which one it is...
  8. Not one I can find details of. Purchased from eBay for a bargain price - but seems I need a few bits to get it 'fixed up, looking sharp'. Anyone able to identify the model please?
  9. It appears to, but the day still stays the same. That said, even now when I pull the crown right out to adjust tye hands, the second hand keeps moving, so I think I’ve made it worse...
  10. I'll start with my 3... Ok, I'll have to add the third at a later date, Instagram won't let me scroll that far back for some reason...
  11. Oh, here's the majority of my collection... https://ibb.co/nOL0u6
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