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  1. That's about the right size range for me too.
  2. Hi Sabailand. I own an Oris Aquis small second which I've had for a couple of years now. All I can say is that I love it. Fairly large watch, bullet proof bracelet strap and as accurate as you might expect. I would have no hesitation in recommending one. I currently like the Oris, Big Crown Propilot. I need to get saving first. Regards, Paul. I've just commented on this watch. Absolutely love it.
  3. Hi Roger. I'm the same. Nice looking watch but 39mm would be lost on my wrist. I prefer watches over 42mm up to about 48mm. I prefer the silver version. At that price I would rather have all of the other Seiko's I like instead. Regards Paul.
  4. Your other bikes look practical, but that gixxer is lovely.
  5. Hi Faze. My son went through a phase of watching the " Final Destination" films. I think I watched about ten minutes of one. When you can predict what is going to happen well before it does, that did nothing for me. He's only 15 so I dare say I would have been the same at his age. Regards, Paul.
  6. Sounds like it must have been a good watch if you ask me.
  7. Through my teenage years I watched anything and everything to do with horror. I think it was Texas Chainsaw massacre first, then Scanners, then the Exorcist. Not sure what order after that but I watched them regularly until my late teens. Lost interest now, I haven't watched one for years. I enjoyed them back in the day though.
  8. RSR934

    Mafws Game

    Shall We Eat At Two. COINS
  9. Hi Bond. Don't know if you're interested but this is called "Christ of St. John of the Cross" by Salvador Dali. It's one of my favourites also, along with this one below. The Death of the Venerable Bede in Jarrow. Not sure who it is by or how old it is. The painting depicts as the name suggests the death of Bede. It also makes lots of references to death within the painting. I know you did say you were not really interested in art but you have a bit more info now if you didn't already know it. Regards Paul. Canaletto's architectural detail is amazing, second to none. Like you said, you can look at it and admire it for hours.
  10. Hello, and welcome to TWF. Good to see a few Invicta's in there amongst others. That's a great collection you have there..
  11. Thanks WRENCH. The Trophy Deluxe is a bit of a quirky looking thing, I suppose quite normal back in the day. I'm guessing the rear is enclosed to keep dirt out and reduce maintenance. Thanks, Paul.
  12. Hi WRENCH.. Have you got a photo of the rest of the bike. A neighbour of mine had one when I was a kid. I haven't seen one for years. Nice watches BTW. Regards Paul. A nice collection you have there. I don't think I own a watch with a white face, I'm going to have to check now.
  13. Hi TMB. Thank you for that. You can put it way now until the "C" word time is near. I would be happy with a few cooler days first. Don't get me wrong I love that time of year..........at that time of year, only in December. Regards, Paul.
  14. Yes I agree. The first frosty evening and morning. We should have winter sunshine temperatures all year round. Just right.
  15. Hi Iceblue. I would just like to say that's a lovely collection. Although I am not a lover of TAG watches i'm going to make a contradictory statement now. The Monaco is one of my favourite of all time and is on my hit list. I could not justify one at the present time as I have not long purchased a Tudor so it will have to wait for the time being. Good luck, hope your journey continues in good health.. Regards Paul.
  16. Sorry Roger, i'm not sure if you mean they prepare dinner for you, or........you bend over in front of them and they put a long blue glove on. You left it a bit ambiguous, and I wasn't sure what you meant so i'm asking for clarification.
  17. I did the same thing with an old escort of the other half. Thankfully ( if that's the right word) hers seized up out side her mams house on tick over. That was oil starved as well. I freed the engine of and put thick oil in it, we never had any more bother with after that. I think we had it for about two years before we sold it. Nice beemer btw, what model is it, apart from a three series obviously.
  18. You wouldn't let it lie would you.
  19. Hello Bond. Don't know if you are sorted yet with regards to your engine. If you can give me the vehicle reg number and any other info you might have. A good friend of mine in Stockton has a garage and said he will try to have a look on Monday. Regards, Paul. You can pm them if you want.
  20. Hi. Yeah.....I did realise, I just had to look twice. It was almost like an optical illusion.
  21. Hi yokel. That is a lovely watch, never seen one before. Regards, Paul.
  22. Nice watch. But the photo looks like you have your trousers on back to front IMO,
  23. When I purchased mine, i'm sure the salesman said the NATO straps are a hundred quid. I don't like NATO's very much so if he thought it was a selling point he was on to a loser with me.
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