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  1. Watched it this morning on iPlayer, was a bit disappointed. Mainly just covered the strike, not much of the rise and nothing but a brief mention of why it fell out of favour -- i.e. larger changes in the watch industry -- which would have been far more interesting than "workers dug their heels in, ignored the larger market forces, refused to give ground, went on strike, it didn't help, factory was closed."
  2. One suggestion, if I may, is to include some footage of it on wrist -- the 'wrist roll' maneuver seems popular for this.
  3. The soon-to-be-released Yema Speedgraf looks nice
  4. Welcome. My advice (as a relative newbie myself): take it slow. You don't need to buy everything on day one. Spend time looking around and work out what you want to do and what turns your head. Then wait a while and see if it still floats your boat. Or buy everything you can get your hands on and see if you can match some of the larger collections on here... you know who you are.
  5. Not surprised. My brother has the Day-Date verson and if it weren't 43mm I'd be tempted, very attractive. As for the girl... how about a 36mm Aqua Terra (what's 1mm between friends)? Out of budget technically, but I'm sure you could get a deal...
  6. Carronade was an in-house brand for Ratners (a jewellers). The latter is most famous for its former chairman calling their products 'total crap' which pretty much sunk the chain. I speak as someone who owns one -- bought in my initial naive eBay flurry. I'd concur with his assessment -- a brass case coated in a thin layer of rose gold (or something of the same colour). Mine is also automatic, 25 jewels with Incabloc. I think I tracked it down to an AS Schild movement, an AS 1903.
  7. Smiths PRS-25? Victorinox Alliance? Certina DS?
  8. I have one of these (blame Ryan Gosling) And the obligatory G-Shock
  9. A clever idea, and good timing if Seiko do actually mothball the SKX (is it confirmed yet, or still just rumours?).
  10. Looks nice, and quite affordable too. Pre-order from 20th Sept.
  11. An actor and pilot and (presumably) big in that part of the world. Bremont aren't stupid -- find a story that appeals to the largest watch market in the world and use a local ambassador. Moden money making 101.
  12. Their return address may be Manchester, but it's care of Trackbay, who appear to be some sort of parcel handling/forwarding company. So they presumaby just post on to the actual company. The fact that Citywatches also have Canadian and Indian domains (at least) would suggest they're far from UK only.
  13. I didn't realise they grew them in caves -- where is this place?
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