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  1. Don't recall anyone saying anything bad about them. I know one member has the same RW watch in two colour variations, they liked it that much.
  2. Looks like a slight variation on this beasty http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Favre-Leuba_105
  3. At the upper end of price range, but it is a thing of beauty so we'll let it off. I give you, the Farer Lander II I mean, just look at it
  4. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/car-accessories/a28265005/grand-seiko-nissan-gt-r-50th-anniversary-watch/ For those of a lazy disposition.
  5. The 2824 in my Seaforth takes quite a few turns before it springs (pun intended) into life
  6. They can certainly have an effect, take the Reverso on black vs ostrich leather:
  7. Dial says Universal Geneve and I think it's the Classic Power Reserve (870.370) Very nice looking.
  8. https://www.johnlewis.com/browse/men/mens-watches/seiko/_/N-e9xZ1z14071 "Get £50 off when you buy selected Seiko watches and trade in your old watch until 30 July" This popped up while I was ogling watches on Instagram.
  9. Nice history of Grand and King Seiko https://www.timepiecechronicle.com/features/2017/8/17/in-depth-the-history-of-grand-and-king-seiko or if you prefer video:
  10. I'd suggest saving and waiting. Better to get what you'll love rather than an imitation, but if you're not willing to there are some in this article that should appeal: https://manofmany.com/fashion/watches/40-best-minimalist-watches-men
  11. "Founded in collaboration with the Hydrogen Italian Luxury Sportswear brand..." literally a fashion watch brand. Overpriced for what they are.
  12. A couple of great designs (aside from that date window at 4, you put date windows at 6 o'clock or 3 o'clock or you don't include a date). If they'd put an auto movement in some of these they'd easily compete with Seiko.
  13. Are you trapped in a Vostok dealer? You seem to be featuring quite a few of them lately. Not that I'm complaining, some very interesting pieces.
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