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  1. Looks nice, and quite affordable too. Pre-order from 20th Sept.
  2. An actor and pilot and (presumably) big in that part of the world. Bremont aren't stupid -- find a story that appeals to the largest watch market in the world and use a local ambassador. Moden money making 101.
  3. Their return address may be Manchester, but it's care of Trackbay, who appear to be some sort of parcel handling/forwarding company. So they presumaby just post on to the actual company. The fact that Citywatches also have Canadian and Indian domains (at least) would suggest they're far from UK only.
  4. I didn't realise they grew them in caves -- where is this place?
  5. How about a Farer Lansdell (or similar from the same range)?
  6. You're very welcome to send me one, I'm prepared to help you out.
  7. Two issues with your plan 1. No one has a stainless steel sports Rolex in stock, you'll go on a waiting list (at best) that could be a few years (or more) 2. Rolex ADs keep your warranty card when you leave the store and send it to you after 12 months, in an attempt to try and prevent flipping
  8. The previous designs didn't appeal to me, but this one is quite nice.
  9. Not sure what timezone you're in, but it's been Saturday for quite a while here.
  10. Clearly you've not read what most of us post on here. There are, are I say, people who would consider the whole forum along those lines. The fools.
  11. Not strange at all -- it's no different to owning an artwork, or a vase (with or without flowers), or a stamp/coin/other collection. Most of those serve no purpose than to be eye candy.
  12. Nevermind the watch, you clearly need a gold medalion instead.
  13. This video takes you through what the complication does (and how to use it on the Yacht Master II):
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