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  1. Hi Roy, it's movement is; 25.4mm or 1" in diameter, what does that make it? Thanks Charles
  2. Like the advert! can't be said anymore about Made in Great Britain under one roof
  3. Good afternoon, I'm not sure, but is this Venus movement an FHF 25? I cannot see anything under the balance wheel. Love the translation of FHF thou, last F being; "Fontainemelon"
  4. Good afternoon, Venus 17j
  5. Good morning, Favre Leuba - Twin Power 272 Movement
  6. Good morning, Favre Leuba - Peseux / ETA 7001 Just back from it's MBHI service and having it's first outing today after 3 year's in my collection.
  7. Thanks @spinynorman that's also good information. It all adds to the story of Koha's history and will be available for others to read for future reference. Thanks Charles
  8. @spinynorman Thanks for your information that I hadn't found. It seems that Koha had used a lot of different Swiss mechanical watch movements including ESA which suprised me. I enjoyed the reading of the uhrforum link especially that of user RATA's comment about Koha "I haven't heard of this brand before and it's only half an hour's drive away from me" What chance do we have in England of learning more! when he hadn't even heard of Koha and living virtually only around the corner Very interesting though. I like how the German forum describes Sapphire Crystal as "Armo
  9. Hi everyone, Koha was a German brand of watch. Koha watches were manufactured in the town of Ellwangen, in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. The company was run by Hans Kohen, who had premises on Wolfgangsklinge Street. My watch has an AS-1130 Swiss movement, with 17J, and is 34mm in diameter. Knowing this information, how do I go about dating it? The watch is in need of a new balance staff (a friend of mine dropped it! ***) a crystal clean, re lume of the hands and a service, then it's good to go. Can anyone elaborate on
  10. Good afternoon, Spanish watch with a Japanese Miyota movement. Fabulous and ingenious spring bar release !
  11. Good afternoon Ben Sherman CNL & matching shirt
  12. Good morning Ted Baker - TB015CH.F1 Metallic Violet and Gray face Don't know why I think I'm an American guy! It's GREY si'thi ! Not Gray
  13. Good afternoon Omikron cal.Unitas 6376 21J
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