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  1. Good afternoon Omikron cal.Unitas 6376 21J
  2. Ben Sherman S774 Nice shade of matching blue
  3. Have you tried Red Bull? By the way - nice face
  4. Bad news guys, my leg keeps dropping off! Can't solder for the life in me I need a new leg contact or to buy a new doner ESA 942.711 movement Anyone got one?
  5. Good morning, Can't get enough of this! I can't seem to remove it from my wrist! it gives me so much joy
  6. Satin Grey Face today to match the weather ;)
  7. Hi Spinynorman, You set me up a real hard task there! It's taken me ages! Got there in the end though! It's a good job that I'm on my 4th period of Furlough with nothing to do Not only that, it's too blooming hot in Leeds 28° to be doing anything, I'm on fire! think the sun's got to me! Charles
  8. Hi @spinynorman I have received an email reply from a lady called Myrthe in the Prisma marketing department in the Netherlands. - "Thank you for sharing your story with us! To add to the comments that I see on the forum. The ‘swiss’ on the bottom of the dial refers to the fact that the watch has a Swiss movement. We used to use those a lot back in the day. Kind regards, Myrth"
  9. Hi everyone, This is a watch that's been on top of my wish list for a long time now. I've been waiting quit a few years for the right one to come along. So, I thought I'd share my delight with you all It's in a condition to my liking and it's my birth year! Just Perfect Charles
  10. Yes, I've Just searched their website and found a catalogue with their logo https://prisma.watch/new-prisma-watches-catalogue-2016-2017/
  11. Hi spinynorman, Thanks for your quick reply & interesting message. The Prisma website; https://prisma.watch/ Are still selling modern watches. I think I'll email them because they seem to have an archives page called 'Prisma Daily' they might be interested in their past history Thanks for your help Charles
  12. Hi everybody, I was given this Swiss watch about 30 years ago by an old friend of mine. I've worn it of and on over the years and it's always kept good time. The watch face is 26mm in diameter The only information that I can find on "Prisma" is that it was a watch company in the Netherlands founded in 1948, I'm not sure how this relates to it's face saying 'Swiss' ? I think the word 'Ancre' on the face means; Leaver escapement or Anchor? Has anybody got any history of Prisma? Can anyone tell me what the movement is? there are no marking's under the balance wheel What a job I had unscrewing the back cover, It was really fastened down tight! On the inside of the back cover show's marks that it was last serviced in 1958, so I don't think it had been open since then. When I was given the watch it had it's gold strap on, it's dated Birmingham 1956 then some year's later the clasp broke. I can't make my mind up whether it's worth repairing by a working jewelers shop, what do you guys think? Regards Charles
  13. Good morning from a very wet Leeds Casio e databank 110
  14. Hi Balaton, yes I now understand what the mobile stud carrier is. Just didn't know what it was called In my mind it tightens or slackens the hair spring to set the beat F/S ? Presumably the mobile carrier is easier to set the beat as opposed to the fixed method Regards Charles
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