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  1. That 34mm looks to match your wrist just about right. 95% of my watches are 33-43 mm and my wrist is 71/4" 39mm (About perfect for my wrist) 33mm (Old School Small) My largest is the 43mm Speedmaster. Still not bad on a 7 1/4" wrist. I have sold all my watches larger then 43mm. They are just too large for my liking. Even this New Longines is 39mm and I really like it although these watches do carry some weight to them. So I could easily were the 34mm watch you have presented in the OP and it looks sized just right !!!
  2. That Spaceview is a mix match of incorrect parts and that seller is very well known to sell some of the worst conversions on ebay. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. Nothing good would come out of buying that particular watch.
  3. Very Nice Orient Star. Very Classy look!
  4. You might try searching Quartzmatic LED watches. This example below is very similar design to yours and it looks like there are a variety of Quartzmatics made by different companies. These were probably produced towards the end of the LED craze and about the time when LCDs took over.
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