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  1. This is one of the more unique Bulova Accutron Tuning fork watches. Bulova introduced the Accutron in Oct 1960 and mostly sold a very small variety of Solid Gold watches. So all the Accutron watches dated 1960 are very limited in production. This one I am wearing is the first Stainless Steel Accutron and this Model was only produced and dated in 1960 so it had a 3 month run and that was it. It has two 14kt Solid Gold Inlays in two corners and had no case number. The inside of the caseback was very unique also as it had a Stamping of 'Star Watch Case Company'. I am not aware of any other 1960-1977 Accutron with that stamping. This model came in both a Cream Colored Dial and a rarer Black Dial. The Cream Dial Version was a Model 203 and the Black Dial version was a Model 204. Below is the Rare Black Dial Model 204 and I do own 2 of them. For those that are not familiar with the tuning fork Accutrons, there is a short history lesson for Sunday!! Enjoy!
  2. 1917 Sterling Silver Black Star Dialed Elgin Trench Watch/w crystal guard.
  3. Seiko Quartz LCD Chronograph A128-5010 Circa about 1978ish. This model watch was my very first LCD watch purchase back in the 1978 era. The watch I bought I wore for many years from 1978 to about 2005 but it finally quit. So I spent several years on ebay back in 2010-2012 time-frame looking for the identical watch and this one is what I found. Identical watch in very good shape and its still working just fine today.
  4. Circa 1966 Gold Accutron Astronaut 'K'. This was my very first Accutron Astronaut watch and I actually bought if off a retired U2 'Dragon Lady' Pilot in 2012.
  5. 1961 Bulova Accutron Spiral Lug 14KT Gold Spaceview
  6. I actually own twins, both circa 1962. The one on the left was my Grandfathers I inherited back in 1976.
  7. Unless your Accutron is Phased to the lower voltage 1.35V Accucell I would stick with the 1.55V 387 or 394. The bottom line is you "MUST" use a spacer with either of those batteries in order for the battery compartment to be safe(not short out) and have that battery/spacer installed properly. The Accucells mentioned above generally have a much lower battery life (my personal experience from past trial and error) and command a much higher price and are used mainly in 214's that can't operate properly with a 1.55 V battery of the 387/394. Although this general comment but not a 100% deal breaker, the Accucells are generally used for people that haven't had a watch serviced and phased to the higher 1.55V useing the 387 or 394 battery. Or the Accucells are used by a couple known repair agents that are either ill-informed or lazy to phase the watch to the higher 1.55V 387 or 394. 99% of 214 accutrons can be phased to run the 387/394 batteries just fine and that battery will not damage the circuity. I view the Accucell as a band-aid So you really need to keep a spare or two of the MUST have spacers and then later buy the much cheaper 387 without the spacer or the very commonly purchased 394 without spacer. I have nothing but 394's in all my 30+ accutrons. I install nothing else and they all run great. I have about 30+ spacers as spares so its really about buying a cost effective 394 battery when its time to refill my stock. You have spacers and you have a 387/394 battery, then you are set. This is an in-depth look at batteries and phasing Q&A on the 214 movement. Phasing 214's and Batteries Tech Link
  8. I'm going Old School for Hump Day.
  9. My only 18kt Gold watch. Its a hard to find Accutron Model 602. Case & Movement fully Restored in 2019. Circa 1961.
  10. Probably my favorite Bulova Accutron Astronaut. Have a good Friday!
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