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  1. Apr 24 94% Waxing Gibbous taken via my Telescope. Focal Length 1280mm
  2. Both taken with my Telescope
  3. Original Papers? Unless you don't have them , you won't find them. I counted about 53 different Accuquartz watches in just one reference book so if you want info, it might be a good idea to show at least one good clear pic of the watch.
  4. This response may be a day late and a dollar short but Your best bet is find a donor watch on eBay for the internals. I have had a couple of these exact watches and once they crapped out I went on a search on ebay and found nice cheap replacements. I bought the Stainless A1280-05010 new in 1978 and it latest till the early 2000's. I found the exact replacement pictured a few years ago.
  5. I own three of these 14kt Solid Gold Spiral Lug 2319 case Accutron Spaceviews all dated 1961. The center watch is the one pictured above.
  6. Update: I saw a post on another watch forum with 4 (pre-order) Electrostatic Spaceviews for sale. All in USD. Not something I would be willing to spend on any of them.
  7. I'm not sure why your Accutron isn't running properly now but you really need to be careful when 'messing' with the movement. They are easy to destroy without knowledge of its operation. I would advise you to send it off for service. The closest guy in Europe I know of would be LUDMIL BALEVSKI. He has two separate ebay listing names and also does alot of 214/218 repairs. He is based in Bulgaria. Here is one of his ebay user names below. Contact him and he will be helpful. I have purchased 1/2 dozen watches off him over the years and his work is very good. My restoration guy I use now is based in Thailand and is top notch. His name is Rob Berkavicius. Just google Rob B Accutron and you will find his website. Ludmil's ebay screen anme.
  8. Updated Photo's. Spiral Lug Triplets Alpha Triplets Accutron Variety Twins of both the Spaceview"B" and the Spaceview "C". * All of these Accutrons have been fully restored by Rob Berkavicius in Thailand. He is the master of factory restoration. Enjoy!
  9. Trying to keep the questions simple to start. Since it ran before you put a battery in it and it hums after you put a new battery in it, are you sure the crown is all the way in. Its a hacking movement so if the crown is partially pulled out, the watch will hum but the hands won't move. Just trying to remove the obvious issues.
  10. Not sure what has come of that 'concept'. The Bulova/Citizen Marketing dept sure flooded the social media platforms on this watch concept a year or so ago, maybe to gauge interest but not sure what has happened since. I find in interesting but nothing I would ever own. Its certainly not a reissue since is looks nothing like any original. I own 8 or nine pre-1963 Spaceviews and I wouldn't set this one next to those. Maybe Covid has something to do with it?
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