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  1. will have a look but doubt it. Casio uk should be able to help. D.
  2. Have a pair of flippers in grey, used but usable. if you want'em pm me an address, can send a quick pic if needed. David.
  3. Daughter off to Leeds Uni shortly, needs a laptop. Portability not a big issue, comfort and reliability is, battery life not important either Prefer Windoze, enough graphic power to watch DVD's etc, though she is not a gamer. Already has her Student Office discs ready to go, doesnt mind new or used, reluctant to stsrt trawling the Bay with my limited knowledge, and loath to spend a bundle when the machine could lead a hard life. Already looked at Novatech as I,ve used them over the years, anywhere else I should be looking ? All advice + recomedations gratefully received. Cheers, David
  4. F1 fan or not, a great film, highly recommended. D.
  5. has not set their status

  6. casio manuals enter the 4 digit module no. off the back and read away.......... some do switch off every 24 hrs or so, some dont, regardless of solar or cell, depends on the module. D.
  7. Nicest Seiko I have seen for ages, do like the hand design. What size is this beauty Derek ? Cheers, D.
  8. Most of the newer Protreks have Powersave functions, that work well. Watch shuts down, as soon as its moved or a button is pressed it all comes back. Wouldnt worry about it at all. D.
  9. Like that lots, any idea of lug size, case size ? Cheers, D.
  10. Badgers are mad enough to do something like that, last 2 years been plagued by them, one of them starts it and the rest join in, vet reckons they get drunk on rotting fruit at this time of year. Have knocked a full bin over, dug holes in the lawn, eaten plants, chewed the lid of a plastic dustbin in half, eaten a tyre off a kiddie's trike, chewed up 3 watering cans and took a lump out of next doors cat. Only plus is that foxes are frightened of them and keep well away. Got all this on a motion activated camera, amazed when we saw it Not that scared of people either, when in a group, suprisingly powerful animal for its size. D.
  11. Prised off the Zodiac, now this for a change. D.
  12. Dragon wing , liking this more and more......... D.
  13. Hi Paul: they are good for the dosh, I had a yellow face one + the orange/red version, only the lack of lume that let them down, and as you say, the rather flimsy bracelet. Still, are much better on a plain rubber or black leather strap. The orange/red is much better in the flesh than any pic I have seen, very legible as well, but they do look a bit odd in pictures. There a couple of nice looking chrono models in the Duro range as well, worth looking out for. D.
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