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  1. Hello, I recently bought a Longines 18kt gold watch. The rotor is very lose. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the wear ? Cheers
  2. Hello everybody. I recently bought this Omega Bumper and the watch stem has broken. Can anybody tell me how to remove it and if all the omega 342 movements have exactly the same watch stem? Cheers
  3. I tried to find a matching dial for this period without success and the quality of the metal in the movement seemed poor but perhaps I'm a bit paranoid.
  4. Hello everyone. I recently came across this "Birth" watch but was hesitant. I had a doubt about its authenticity . I have come across a few websites that sell very good copies of prestige watches. Your thoughts would be apprieciated. Than you. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. Thank you @simon2 . I agree. Each to his own. I have other restoration projects and will probably send a few over to you. When I cannot say. They are more or less "retirement" related which sadly is not quite upon me yet. Happy Christmas to one and all. Cheers
  6. Hello everyone. Do you have glasses for other brands Simon such as eterna matic? Cheers
  7. Thanks@simon2 . You've been extremely helpful . I will try and get the glass off tommorrow and get hold of a micrometer. I'll keep you updated. Cheers
  8. Cheers@simon2 . I will not neccessarily have to replace with a Camy glass? Just one that has the same dimensions? Is there some sort of glass table or registrer?I've got quite a few Camys including this one in as new condition. I'll post a photo later. The youngest daughter is calling me for footie. Cheers
  9. Hello everyone, I recently bought this Camy diver. As you can see the mineral has to be changed. I managed to remove the bezel which was completely glued tight and full of dirt. Can anyone tell me how to change the glass? And the 64 000 dollar question. Ca a replacement be found? Cheers
  10. Thank you Karrusel and davidcxn. It is the Landeron 187 . I've just compared the Camy movement to Dr Ranfitts example. I had'nt thought about the date aperture mobility . Now I've seen the light Cheers to one and all
  11. Maybe yes maybe no. Is it possible to have the date at midday with this movement?
  12. Hello everyone, I recently bought this camy chronograph and am having trouble identifying the movement. I've searched Dr Ranfitt without luck. I can read 97 but not the first number stamped on the watches movement. Can anyone help me out? Cheers
  13. The deep scratches are still there but overall the watch "shines" better. Cheers
  14. Hello, I have an earlier posting on this watch where you can see the original state of the watch which quite amazed me as the seller said it was in "perfect condition". But I must admit this isn't the first "perfect condition "watch or Ray Ban that I have recieved which is far from being perfect. The toothepaste got rid of a very deep scratch on the crystal and got the case shining. The Polywatch finished off the crystal including the deep scracth and light superficial scratches. Overall the watch feels better to wear and clean. Alot of sellers particularly on Ebay don't even bother a minimal clean up of a watch. A bit of elbow grease and the right product makes all the difference in the world. Cheers
  15. Hello Everyone, I recently bought this watch which had scratches to the crystal and case. With the help of some french abrasive toothepaste I removed most of the aformentioned scratches and finished off the crystal with Polywatch. I also put on a vintage Rally bracelet. Cheers
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