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  1. Not bad and if you run into trouble you can always stun them.
  2. Am I the only one amused by the fact that it's going to be sent out second class post at £1.06p
  3. Mo chaps late up again. An air for the old blinged up Date just today. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  4. Good morning the sun has made an appearance and in defiance of convention I am sporting my Omega Speed master moon watch today. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  5. My farther died when I was 6 years old so I have very few memories of him.
  6. Yes but by my wife's logic you would be saving.
  7. Unusually for me I have actually thought about this purchase. I can get over the Cut numbers and price for a quartz because of the twin seconds hands but that crown has done me. Whatever were they thinking it looks like the chrome plating has worn off. Thanks for your input.
  8. Good morning. Back to Lefty for the day. Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
  9. Well don't beat around the bush, do you like it or not.
  10. Ok say your watch has power reserve of 40 hours if you fully wind it you could put it down and around 40 hours later it should still be running. The auto winding bit is a tad more complicated and depends on your life style, if you are a still life model it's not going to get wound up much, if you are a marathon runner it will get wound more. So from a full wind you wear the watch one day but only put 4 hours of reserve back into it you will be down to 36 hours, you then go to bed and you then lose another 8 hours, now down to 28 hours you repeat that another day and your down to 24 hours, eventually you will have to manually wind it. IF however your lifestyle is active enough to put 8 hours of power back into it a day it will effectively run for ever with no manual winding. I trust that was helpful enough.
  11. Get a solar Quartz. Job sorted. One does have have to put an automatic car into drive, so does that makes it a manual then.
  12. Good grief man I'm trying to thin it down not become normal.
  13. After my cunningly formulated plan to downsize my watches, I have seen this watch by Farer and really like the look of it. Rather like the battery life of 72 months and the design. Any comments or opinions on it, I am currently favouring the white dial Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L31 using Tapatalk
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