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  1. Good morning Not sure which one. Went with this one for the day.
  2. I had an email from Goldsmiths today asking if I wanted to register my interest in the new Zenith. I really am getting fed up with the pretentious tits who now seem to think that thay are doing me a favour by maybe allowing me to buy one of their over priced watches.
  3. Good morning. Too dark for a picture so here's one I prepared earlier. GMT today.
  4. Morning chap's not sure there's owt good about it. [emoji16]
  5. Morning nothing good about it. Weathers absolutely rubbish. Vintage King Seiko today.
  6. Both look really nice the second one I wound not worry about the engraving on the back. Ive never been to the moon but still wear a Speedy moon watch. [emoji16]
  7. Good grief what's the world coming to, no what you wearing thread. [emoji16] Speedy for today.
  8. Good morning chap's [emoji41] A bit of bling today.
  9. Morning chap's [emoji12] Dug out this old Langel today.
  10. Another stunningly dull wet and cold morning. [emoji849] Navitimer 92 for today's amble into the void.
  11. Yes I had 900SS 748BIP had to move on when old age made them uncomfortable to ride for longer than a few hours.
  12. Good morning chap's [emoji16] Good grief Thursday already, how time flys. Breil Ducati today.
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