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  1. Morning chap's Jungens Mega Solor Ceramic dug out for today.
  2. Good morning This for today unless I get bored and put another one on. [emoji848]
  3. I rather fancied the blue dialed one. Just waiting for the shop to open and try one on.
  4. Good morning chap's [emoji41] Another Seiko King Quartz today.
  5. Good morning chap's not much fabulous about it. 021 today another Ping-Pong Market special. [emoji16]
  6. A nice sunny but cold morning here. Vintage King Seiko for today.
  7. Good morning all [emoji41] TC-9 Bronze today.
  8. Good morning chap's late up again. Sunny and snowing here. [emoji23]
  9. Good morning chap's [emoji41] P01 today. Have a great weekend.
  10. Good morning. The sun's didnt last for long I see. Any its the GS for a bit if blue.
  11. Good morning chap's well just. Turns out I'm not bike fit and was knackered from a mere 130 ride yesterday. Grabbed this for the day.
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