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  1. Picked this up yesterday so I thought I’d start the day and show you guys
  2. Morning gang. Girlfriend took this the other day. Thought I’d share it. Have a good day
  3. Me too actually, would suit me for work
  4. Oris hands down, and that’s from a Christopher ward owner.
  5. It’s a no from me, I know the quality will be good and I can deal with the awful logo but the hands finish it off for me. I probably wouldn’t buy another Christopher ward anyway.
  6. Fun and sun, as requested. Wrong date but you can’t have everything
  7. Well thanks for the input chaps...
  8. That Aramar Is awesome, dibbs if you ever think of selling
  9. Anyone here got a watch Instagram? wandering_watches here. Let’s get the forum more social!
  10. Tudor gmt today, have a good day all!
  11. Lovely watch @relaxer7 you have great taste
  12. Waiting!? Break out the tools and get the kettle on.
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