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  1. Thanks, I found a serial number inside the case - 56 0121852 Will someone help dating?
  2. I think the table clock is bigger. Rather think (according to the loop to hang) to the "La captive" type?
  3. Will anyone help with these tavannes? I would like to know something more about their history, can we still call them pocket? Some data and serial number in the photo. movement diameter: 23mm dial size: 21,5mmx21,5mm closed case: 30mmx45mmx10mm Thanks Michael
  4. Hi, I would like to know some more about these watches, but I can not find any info. Any information about the Avalon brand is here on the forum but not much.Can they be (are) military (pillot) watches?Thanks MichaelSome details about them:Case Size: 38mmLug Width: 18mmMineral domed glass Movement diameter:23mmDial diameter: circa 28mms
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