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  1. Think that might be my safest option, at least it's going the right way from wrong! Alan
  2. I have a couple of pro divers both aquired secondhand and very pleased with them. My first had the black/red bezel, keeps superb time, + less than a second/day, this has a Seiko NH35A calibre. My all black bezel has a Seiko NH25A calibre and is currently + 4 second/day My son fell in love with the black/red version so last Christmas santa presented him with one (from Amazon) Now, both of mine have bright finished winding weights whereas my son's is yellow? Mine have etched numbers between the lugs and only visible by looking up into the bracelet/lug gap. Numbers are 1
  3. Down to a regular 4 seconds (gain) a day, not sure whether to have another 'lean' on the adjuster! I got my 3 peg case opener from China and the device seemed well made. What I didn't like was the exchangeable jaws that fitted it, made out of steel - one slip and you would do some damage, so I turned up some soft brass and made some new jaws. Can't imagine slipping as it seems to locate well but being a soft material it shouldn't do any damage. Alan
  4. Thanks Simon, as the watch runs very consistently I don't think there can be too much wrong with it which is why I consider getting it better! I must admit - I am getting better! Alan
  5. Got hold of a (new to me) Invicta with a Seiko NH25A movement, excellent condition and keeping good time ie losing a regular 10 seconds a day! So I have been 'regulating' it, and it then gained 40 seconds a day! Gradually been tweeking it and I am now at plus 10 a day. The adjuster has no cam type adjustment as such but I can use a suitable screwdriver in the open part of adjuster and turn it a bit more precisely. Is there a secret to regulation as it seems the slightest of movements make a BIG change! Alan
  6. Can't go wrong for that sort of money! and what a blue! Seiko do some remarkable stuff. Alan
  7. Definitely a solid lump, it's so heavy! Think I prefer your dark dialed version, my hands seen to get lost in the face! Calibre 2100, quite pleased with it though. Alan
  8. Went a specialist watch auction yesterday, some nice watches but most out of my budget, or not to taste. One that took my eye was this Citizen, went to view before the event and decided to have a go! It's the largest watch I now have but in excellent order although it didn't come with any bracelet links, it fits my 7 inch wrist but would have been nice to have the extras! Bagged it for £70? thought that seemed a good buy - I am pleased with it anyway! Thought I read somewhere that their wasn't many of these made but looking on the web there seems to be quite a few floating
  9. http:// the Bought mine at local auction, love it, well made, good (Seiko) movement with excellent time keeping. Al
  10. Been on a couple of cruises and they have had 'jewelry' sales and they were laid out just like your photo. Always had a look but the names never meant anything to me and as for the prices! Must have seen the likes of Invicta - how could you miss those yellow boxes! Anyway still very happy with mine (which has even been admired) and is currently running at just under a second a day - well pleased. Alan
  11. Blimey! Did a bit of you tubing on Invicta and yes they do make some horrors, unbelievable horrors. As I said I had never heard of the brand but looking through at the movement which suggested the company goes back to 1837 I thought they must have some idea what their doing! All things considered, I am still happy with my 'win'! Alan
  12. Never been to an auction before but popped in our local one which was having a jewelry and collectables 2 day event. Looked through the online brochure and spotted this Invicta which caught my eye. Turned up early to have a look, boxed with paperwork all links still fitted and totally unmarked, looked unworn! So I registered and ended up with it! Well pleased. USA made case with a Seiko movement, very heavy with bracelet links from solid. Not heard of Invicta before but I am very impressed. Alan
  13. Talk about colour co ordinated! I like it. Alan
  14. Thanks, didn't really want to strip it down yet! It is 30 jewel movement I think I will continue using it and let in run in before I get too concerned about timings. Alan
  15. Tricky is not the word I used! Just found an app for the phone - Clock Tuner, looks blooming useful. Just laid it with the mic end on the watch case so it can pick up the ticks. Telling me it's running at 19807 Beats Per Hour, don't know what it's supposed to be but at least it can show how far it's been wound up or down! Alan
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