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  1. Freddie the Omegadog says hi.
  2. I'm having an exploration day too! Off to check out some fence posts, oh the excitement.
  3. Didn't realise men played beach volleyball as well!
  4. I think generally speaking, jewellers and others in the watch trade would cater for what the market wants rather than creating the desire for them. If nobody wanted them to look battered they'd soon be reglazed and polished.
  5. Nice Constellation, must get one of those eventually. Latest acquisition, new Seamaster.
  6. If anyone wonders how many of these cars are left on the road you can find out here. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk
  7. The Seamaster is an excellent watch, and can make a great one watch buy. Omega quality and a timeless style can be a winning combo. Also looks good on other straps, if you fancy a change.
  8. An example sold here... http://www.pre98.com/shop/gone-but-not-forgotten/rare-british-military-colt-1911pistol-455-webley-raf-marked-royal-airforce-pistol-ww1-ww2/
  9. Always lusted after the Iso Grifo after seeing one which belonged to a customer at a garage I worked at in my youth. Italian styling and American (various used) V8's. Nice.
  10. Very nice, friend of mine had the Zodiac Executive back in the day in dark blue. Unbelievably comfortable we went all over in it. Cool cruiser. I had a Zephyr mk4 with column change and bench seat in the front. Halogen days Rodney, halogen days.........
  11. Nice pictures, thanks for posting. Ian
  12. Hi thanks for that, it was one I thought about buying, but probably will give it a miss. Thanks again.
  13. Very interesting read. The 1911 was also imported to the UK in .455 calibre for issue to the RAF in WW1. Quite rare these days.
  14. Any repairers in the UK who could replace the crystal in a Seiko SLP0032P2? Regards Ian
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