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  1. Any thoughts on whether doing that will help with my hacking problem? To be honest, the watch is now running reliably and keeping surprisingly good time, so I may let it be. Understood. But in this case, the watch is pretty quiet most of the time. It only ticks loudly when held at specific angles. In any case, thanks for the help! Hacking or not, I've scored a pretty sweet vintage Timex for a price so low I'm embarrassed to mention it.
  2. Thanks for all the great advice (the link @JerseyMo posted was especially helpful)! I'm not sure exactly how, but I was able to get the ol' gal running again. It's not perfect, but it's running. Flicking the balance wheel a few times to jump start it, regulating it, cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol, and just letting it sit and run for a while to get the kinks out seemed to do the trick. But... The hacking mechanism doesn't work -- at least not reliably. When it doesn't work, I can usually get it to engage by moving the hands counter clockwise a bit (the poor man's hack
  3. @simon2 - Would you be kind enough to look at the original post and share your expertise?
  4. I recently acquired this Timex Model 63 quartz complete with box and papers. It's a great looking watch in great shape...but it won't run. I installed a 303/374 cell, but no luck. I'm certainly no expert, but I don't see any obvious problems like broken connections. I love the watch, but I can't justify spending a lot of money to fix it (presuming it's reparable). Does anybody see any obvious problems with the movement? Are there any steps I can take to rule out simple problems? I've done some simple watch repairs myself, but I have zero experience with this kind of movement.
  5. Nice! Just submitted my order. Even if it is junk, it's totally worth the $5.77 gamble. Thanks!
  6. I'm a beginner watchmaker (and even that is a stretch) and I'm looking to add a caliper to my tool set. I need to do this on a budget, so I'm looking at inexpensive models on Amazon. But I'm not sure what features I ought to be looking for. I'd like one that I can use for measuring pinions for hand size, stems for tap size, cases for movement and spacer ring size, and so on. Here's the model I have my eye on. Does that look like it will do the job? If not, what features should I be looking for? Thanks!
  7. I pulled out the movement, removed the hands, used the blower to clean the pinion, and replaced the hands. No luck. The second hand still stops and starts. At this point, I presume the best option is to replace the movement. But I don't know how to identify the movement and/or a modern replacement. Here are a couple of photos of the movement with all of the markings noted. The only number I see is 807 (which appears in the battery compartment). I don't have a caliper to get the precise height and pinion measurements, but the body of the movement is 21mmx24mm. Any help would be a
  8. Yup, that's the model. Here's a more detailed photo of the movement:
  9. @scottswatches - Thanks. Can you see the images now? I've done some limited watch repairs before, but I've never cleaned a movement. Can you recommend a good tutorial on cleaning a quartz movement?
  10. I just acquired this nifty old Timex quartz. It's working, but it has some problems and I'd love some advice on what to do. First, I had to struggle a bit to remove the old battery. When I inserted a new one, it wouldn't stay in place. It kept popping out. I finally held it in the best I could and quickly screwed on the caseback to hold it into place. Is there a trick to getting the battery to stay in place? Then I noticed the second hand would periodically pause for a 1-3 seconds. Sometimes it even goes backward by a second. I watched it for a while and I'm not able to discern a solid p
  11. Hello all! My name is Dave and I'm new to the forum. I've been active on and off at Watchuseek, primarily in the Russian watch forum. For most of my life, I've owned one inexpensive quartz watch that I wore every day. Then I inherited my father's vintage Rolex GMT Master and I became fascinated with vintage mechanical and automatics. Not wanting to spend my life savings on my newfound interest, I searched for affordable, interesting vintage watches and discovered the world of Soviet-era Russian watches. My collection includes several Vostoks and Raketas. I also have a couple of early
  12. I know I'm a bit late to this thread, but I undertook this project and posted my process and results over in WUS if anyone is interested.
  13. I just stumbled onto an interesting piece of history about this watch. Somebody posted a PDF someplace of a publication called Shop Tips dated February, 1972 that includes an ad for this model. That would confirm what @scottswatches posted previously about this model being manufactured from 1970-75. Check out the ad on page 11. Also check out the previous page, where you can see the watch in an unrelated ad -- some sort of early product placement, I guess.
  14. Thanks! As far as I can tell, it's 100% original. Signed bracelet, signed crown, and super cool second hand with lightning bolt. Other than setting the time and adjusting the bracelet, I haven't done a thing to the watch. I may polish the crystal with some Polywatch, but I'm not sure it even needs that. I haven't opened it up to check the movement since access is through the crystal and my watchmaking skills are quite limited. But it's been keeping good time since I've had it. I think it's gained about 20 seconds over two days. And I haven't even regulated it. I think the reason I go
  15. All good advice, thanks. As for the price, I've seen the same thing. I think I got a real bargain on this one at $50 shipped, but there's a guy in Poland selling the same watch (without the original bracelet) for ten times as much. Excellent -- thanks!
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