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  1. Sorry for the late reply ... relied on email notification but this did not happen for some reason. Many thanks for your reply ... this is very close to where I live Good to hear from you Simon and hope you're feeling better Wow ... you just confirmed my suspicion about those white coats.
  2. I just learned in another thread that Simon is in hospital & not feeling well so sorry to hear this Hope you get well soon best wishes
  3. Sorry to hear this best wishes for a speedy recovery Simon
  4. Hi Simon I have a Victorinox Swiss Army Watch model 24150 which is a gift from my dad. The crown broke at the end of stem whilst I was pulling it out to adjust the date (later discovered there was some rust here) I went to the watchlab to ask for a quote to fix this and the guy (wearing a white coat) straight away said it will cost more than £200 and the watch needs to be sent away 4-8 weeks, adding that this is an initial quote and might go higher (all this even without looking at the watch) .... I felt that this is a bit of a rip off & looked into doing this somewhere else. I am newbie to watch repairs and don't claim to have any knowledge of what I am doing but replacing the stem seemed as an easy task after watching few youtube videos. I had a go at it & removed the stem, got a matching new stem & new crown but the new stem is not staying in and not engaging or not turning the date wheel ... I am assuming it's the locking mechanism pushed down too far when I removed the stem (I used a pin). Proceeding further is out of my comfort zone to be honest. I need help fixing this Any advice on what to do? Any recommendations on a good watch repair in London? (I live in new malden) Any help is appreciated
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