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  1. @Sir Alan What a Great Collection You have!
  2. I Think Both Options Will Be Great For You. Steinhart Makes Well too.
  3. Hello Guys. I'm Collecting Casio Watches Since 5 Years Ago. Among them , i like to Collect Casio's 80~90's Style Watches. ( Like Casio F Series) In 80's , This kind of Watches Are Expensive, Buy Not Now. Sadly, This Kind of Watches is gradually disappearing. (They Called This Old Fashioned) What do you Think of This Kind of Watch? Do you like it? My Collection.
  4. I Bought Chinese Watch Few Days Ago. And I Heard that They Use DG2813 Movement (From Dixmont Guangzhou) on Watch Some People Said to me "That is Copy of Miyota 8215" It' it True? And It is Reliabe?
  5. @RWP I just could not believe that Brand. I just wanted to check it out. I'm sorry if it looks like AD.
  6. I Bought Holuns Watch in November 11. (Big Sale In AliExpress that day And I Want To buy Datejust Homage Model) Their Site (AliExpress Official Site) https://m.aliexpress.com/store/storeHome.htm?spm=a2g0n.detail-cache.0.0.54809ce2Po0vYa&sellerAdminSeq=221225490#/ They Make Many Watches including Rolex's Homage Watch. Have You Heard About this Brand? And They Make Watches Well?
  7. Hello, I'm Ishikawa And I Just Joined This Forum And Looking Forward to Learning And Discussing. I Have been Interested in watches from Japan. ( Like Casio And Seiko And Orient Watches ,You Can Know I'm Big Fan of Casio Watches) When I Was 13, My Parents Gave Me Casio F-91W as a My Birthday Present. Of Course, Casio is Very Cheap Watch. Especially F-91W's Case, I Can Buy That Only 10$ (1000円 in Japan) But I'm Keep Wearing F-91W Until Now. (Almost 5 years) I Couldn't Forget Memory of This Watch I guess. After that, I Started to Collect Watches. I think. Now, I Have 28 Casio, One Seiko, and One Invicta. Nowadays, I'm Interested in Chinese Watch, too. Specially ,I Like "CASIO DATABANK" Very Much! <- That's My Favorite Now Thank's For Reading awkward English Posts ; My Collection (Sorry For Bad Pictures)
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