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  1. hi.can any one suggest me best online pre owned watch selling sites,who don't take advance fees??
  2. i bought a Russian made sekonda watch.its really beautiful. i love Russian watches but it's hard to get them nowadays.
  3. hello mates.i bought a Swiss vintage watch name ogival recently but unfortunately no history I found on net.can any one tell me about it? thanks in advance.
  4. hello.i am new here.i don't know who is Simon here.well I am Ahsan from Pakistan and I am watch collector.i have some vintage movements of Swiss made watches like zenith,omega,raymond Well and other also.can any one tell me how and where I can restore these movements??? please let me know. thanks in advance.
  5. Hello all mates.i am collecting some old models of Seiko.any other Seiko collector here?? Kindly share his knowledge here.which models are antique?? I have 5 Seiko old models of Seiko 5. Thanks in advance
  6. hello mates.i am Ahsan from Pakistan.i am new member here.i am also watch collector.recently I bought a unique Swiss watch name siccura.its 17 jewels and self winding plus automatic also.can any one tell me about this company history?? I heard breitling had bought this brand in 1970.is that true? Kindly any one please sir details.thanks in advance.
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