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  1. Probably not, I have one. I also wear a 52mm g-shock and a Seiko turtle (45mm ?), and it still seems perfect after these two.
  2. A watch I sold went to Spain via the Global shipping programme. The buyer claimed it hadn't arrived but the courier (whoever they use) said it had been. A case was opened, ebay found in my favour, although the funds I received were put on hold until the case closed. I now no longer sell abroad, although of course exactly the same can occur with UK sales.
  3. A Peroni on a day like today on Porthcawl seafront is a thing of true majesty. It's still a hard life, but getting more bearable by the hour.
  4. tropical male names Its a hard life. Being born
  5. Yep, the icing on the cake. Keep them both Rob, virtually irreplaceable.
  6. ETA all the way, proper iconic curved script on the dial, plus cheap future proofing regarding servicing/movement replacement etc. And simply lovely anyway.
  7. Double blimey! Yes it was a very good pint thanks, the 8th one was particularly good allegedly .
  8. Blimey that's nice! I retired in July also, all I got was a pint down Cardiff Bay.
  9. My Dagaz Typhoon survived a "thermal bathing" afternoon on my wrist at a local spa hotel (life is tough sometimes). It went through the salt infusion room, sensation showers, steam room, ice fountain, outside pool, and rock sauna and back again in various combinations for a couple of hours, no dramas. It was a £200 watch though, that I could throw a new Seiko movement in if the worst should happen. I may not have been as blasé if it was a 2k watch. Conversely my Seiko snk leaked badly when I got out of a cold swimming pool and then straight under a very hot shower. Water literally ran out of it when I took the caseback off at home, completely flooded. A couple of hours with it sat case open on a slightly warm radiator and it started ticking away merrily, and still runs fine a couple of years later. This is a 30m watch though that shouldn't really have been put through that treatment.
  10. I have one of the blue £5 Chinese ones and it does the job fine. I never leave it plugged in though.
  11. Hi, that was from WatchO, their list price was £420 but they had a 15% discount code available at that time, bringing it down to the price I paid.
  12. Mine arrived today, the Padi version. Wears no larger diameter wise than a turtle, although it is wider, and very light and comfortable. Prefer the silicone strap and buckle set up that comes on turtles, may get a spare and put it on. At £357 delivered think that these will sell like hot cakes, as people like me who can't afford the premium re-issues (SLA017 etc), can again buy a new version of an old Seiko that has become priced out of their range.
  13. Looking at the finish on some of the "higher end" 5's currently available, I think these will look even better than the venerable Skx's in the flesh.
  14. I had the brass shark diver. Nicely made, very different to anything else, and I didn't notice the rotor being noisy.
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