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  1. Splurged big time in May when they were cheap momentarily on Creation's website. Bought 3 to tuck away for the future, worked out £154 per watch including delivery. More fun than pensions .
  2. That looks superb! I was pleasantly surprised how "relatively" small it wears on the wrist. I can see what people mean when they say about the sbbn tuna's not wearing as big as the figures would suggest.
  3. Date just changing over, right on the cusp. frost atm
  4. Definitely, would love the black and gold one too, but funds won't allow that.
  5. There are more good Seiko's on there also. I found out about accidentally while looking for images and video just after splurging £170 on a used one. Bit gutted when I saw new ones for £15 more, but it arrived today and I'm very happy with it.
  6. https://www.ernestjones.co.uk/webstore/d/2331764/seiko+prospex+men's+blue+silicone+strap+watch/?cm_mmc=SEM_Google:EJ||Watches||Volume||Medium:EJ||Watches||Volume||Seiko:2331764&gclid=Cj0KCQjwl6LoBRDqARIsABllMSbUirfM9teh2UyFSAegcS87VdhNBSmOVFGSvxaKPGGydl6hNW8lWoEaAqd0EALw_wcB
  7. Very nice, I used to have the red version, I think they are carbon dials, or something very similar, definitely woven fibres in resin and not just a print job. I could never find any info on the limited edition numbers either, but a lot of watch for the money anyway!
  8. Agree completely, it would cost nothing for the auction house to describe it as "original period parts and manufacture, but please note this piece was not made by Breguet" or something similar. Hiding behind legalise is just a way of hoping it'll go for a lot more with no comeback on them. It stinks frankly.
  9. This yes. I fitted a 20mm Hirsch performance strap to a grand seiko with 19mm lugs. Very hard to do, and wouldn't rotate around the spring bars, looked good, but felt very wrong. Two nato's for holidays, a bright orange or similar for around the pool, and a muted black or bond version for the evenings. Almost like taking two watches ;-)
  10. You can get ripped off on ebay, but remember, you hear about the bad transactions, but the hundreds of millions of good transactions don't get written about or posted to YouTube. If in doubt sell on here, extremely unlikely in the most extremes of extremes that someone on the forum would rip you off.
  11. Not really, the 6R15 began production in 2006, so it could be either. The only way is to look up what date production of your specific model began, and if that is after 2008 then it's a 2018 watch. Just did some further reading, and most mentions of the 6R15d as a new movement seem to be dated 2017, so almost certainly a 2018 watch.
  12. Sorry Jet Jetski, didn't say how I prepare. If I'm modding or stripping a watch I basically make sure I'm warm and comfortable, and that all the tools I need are in the drawers of the oak tool chest on the bench, and all small part storage/packaging materials are in the bench drawers. All ready to hand, I find getting up to look for something is a recipe for knocking tiny components everywhere.
  13. Nowt wrong with that, mine is all I wear these days except my work beater. Enjoying this one in the sun, with a beer, work for the week done. shell gas station near me
  14. First time I've ever heard any objection to calling them turtles! The new ones are often referred to as "turtle re-issue", which isn't strictly accurate as its really a totally different watch. But as stated, both are nicknames, not official Seiko model names. So call them what you like. I'll always refer to them as turtles, just add 6309 or re-issue and everyone knows which you are referring to.
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