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  1. Mine arrived today, the Padi version. Wears no larger diameter wise than a turtle, although it is wider, and very light and comfortable. Prefer the silicone strap and buckle set up that comes on turtles, may get a spare and put it on. At £357 delivered think that these will sell like hot cakes, as people like me who can't afford the premium re-issues (SLA017 etc), can again buy a new version of an old Seiko that has become priced out of their range.
  2. Looking at the finish on some of the "higher end" 5's currently available, I think these will look even better than the venerable Skx's in the flesh.
  3. I had the brass shark diver. Nicely made, very different to anything else, and I didn't notice the rotor being noisy.
  4. Sea grapes rather than sour grapes this weekend.
  5. And the diashield coating to the case gives that a nice grey-blue hue aswell.
  6. free image uploader New arrival today, pre-owned but mint.
  7. Giving this a bit of a kicking today, wearing it whilst making new driveway gates. Having a pint now thankfully.
  8. The internet is a double edged sword definitely!
  9. How very remiss of me. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1j27okphm/
  10. They've arrived, not too bad overall. The 5 perlon straps are good, the three bracelets not so good. The three watches are a Livealife dress watch on a mesh strap, a Lord Timepieces dress watch on leather, both of these I would say are reasonable £20-30 watches, certainly far better than £10 argos jobs. The good but curious one is an Eldon modular watch, very nice quality, swiss quartz movement, but bizarrely arrives disassembled (takes a minute to assemble) and cases, bezels etc can be swapped about ad infinitum. All came in manufacturers boxes. Have I been ripped off? No. Have I bagged a bargain? No. Would I do it again? No, but it wasn't a disaster thankfully.
  11. A nice cool 24° by the sea in Pembrokeshire today.
  12. Indeed. Regularly on forums I read "why fake Seiko's?". Profit is the same as a fake Rolex without the same level of scrutiny. But the difference is that people who spend £200 on a Rolex know they are buying a fake for whatever sad reasons they do that (doesn't make it right but there we are), and people who spend £200 on a £300 Seiko assume they are buying the real thing and are being swindled.
  13. The what I assume are Wish nemos do come up on ebay, but the sellers actual photos show them to be fakes, flat orange dial instead of sunburst, cut outs in the underside of the endlinks for pin removal, poor text on the caseback, if I remember correctly no cyclops etc etc. But still, someone who just wants one and isn't very clued up will easily come a cropper. The cocktail time I looked at was frighteningly good, just some sixth sense rang the alarm bells luckily. All we can do is warn each other when something is spotted, and possibly bid on them until won, then point out to them they are fake and why, and get the order cancelled. Cause maximum aggro. If they are someone who is just reselling fakes bought from sites like Wish for a quick buck they will just move on to fake handbags or whatever and leave us alone.
  14. Not so manic Monday, start of my first week of retirement with the Dawn Grey.
  15. Nearly got caught out today, quick scan on ebay at Presage models, and a blue cocktail time was finishing with a few minutes to go. Quick scan of description and pics, bid, won. Before paying had another longer look and alarm bells started ringing. Something didn't look quite right in the photos, can't put my finger on it, but something. Sellers feedback 3, and all the same watch (seller is Tohrist32). Took a note of the serial number on one of his photos and compared it to photos of fake cocktail times that are sold on there by an Indian seller (yesterdaystime1989) that I've spotted before. This "gentleman" admits they are "replicas" (b*****ks I know), and the serial number 813124 was the same on all of them. Messaged seller and told him and he cancelled the sale. I have tried reporting these people in the past but ebay does nothing. Maybe bidding and winning and then not paying is the only way to stop or at least hinder them. So basically, look out for 813124 on the back of Seiko's.
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