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  1. Yes, there is loads of concert footage of him wearing Seiko divers watches, and also during various interviews and documentaries. He bought his first on tour in Japan apparently.
  2. Aah, that will explain it. I know he said he's never had to adjust it, thank you.
  3. We bought my father in law an eco drive dress watch for his 80th birthday, that was six years ago, he hasn't had to adjust it!
  4. Probably no one that's true. But I'd still swap it for an Amphibia or 5, but then I'm a big fan of both of those to start with.
  5. Well my twenty quid special has arrived. The nato doesn't have the omega logo on the buckle as per the photo, probably a good thing, but is nice enough quality, and seat belt material, worth half my outlay roughly. The case is solid stainless with an o-ring groove and o-ring behind the case back, and a screw down crown which also has an o-ring. Neither of which means its waterproof of course, but they are there at least. Machining and finish is pretty good for the cost. The crystal is flat with a cyclops and appears to be sapphire, but this I cant verify. Lume isn't bad, nicely applied to the indices. Hands and dial nice quality, again allowing for the price. The bezel is unidirectional without a great action, but I've come across far far worse. The insert is high gloss and etched not printed, not bad at all. The movement is a generic Chinese Mingzhu, a slight disappointment but again, at the price what the heck. It has handwind and hacking aswell as being automatic. £20.09! Not bad at all, but I wouldn't have been so happy if I'd paid the sixty and upwards they ask via buy it now. An Amphibia or Seiko 5 would be a far better bet, both in quality and far cooler.
  6. You're probably right, but this particular watch they normally sell for sixty quid upwards, but this one they started at 99p with a finishing time when most UK ebay users are fast asleep, hence me getting it for a fiver plus postage. They dont make their own movements to the best of my knowledge, so it'll probably be one of the three I mentioned and that's fine. I've got a nice Ferrari for sale, £19.99 to the right buyer
  7. Agree totally. Regarding the 25% off, thmaxx as I mentioned are more like 60-70% off assuming the mrrp quoted is realistic.
  8. This shouldn't be party political, leave JC out of it
  9. "Won" one the other night on the bay. New automatic blue sterile dial subalike on a seat belt nato, which bizarrely has an omega symbol on the buckle. £5.09 plus £15 postage. Assuming the movement is either seagull, myota, or hopefully Seiko, plus a useful nato, I can scrap the case and still be happy with the deal.
  10. Check out tkmaxx online. They currently have three models ranging from £599-£999. Not Captain Cook models, more dressy but a safe source I would have thought.
  11. I liked these, cant unsee that 6 now though!
  12. The top one (Giorgio Galli edition?) looks tempting, but at about twice the price of other Timex autos I'd have to think very long and hard. I think any buyer would take a bath on it if they decided to move it on. The quartz no, the script on the dial puts me off. I think a Seiko Presage would be the safer choice.
  13. I don't know at what point in the factories history this was made, but still ticking along nicely.
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