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  1. I'd vote yes also Roy. Received a parcel today from Creation Watches seven days after ordering, which included last weekend and yesterday's bank holiday, so system is still working. If anyone is reticent about sending or receiving that is their choice of course and they need not buy or sell.
  2. My only two expensive watches were a Grand Seiko about 2.3k and an Omega Aqua Terra 3k. Ended up selling both, paranoid about damage or mugging if they were on my wrist, paranoid about burglary if they were at home. A couple of 400 quid Seiko turtle limited editions and my 47 quid g-shock are my financial limit now.
  3. That's very nice, ideal all rounder. I wouldn't cut the strap though, never seen one cut that looks good, and if you flip it it'll hit the resale value. Live with it or fit another is what I would do.
  4. I'd say that Hamilton is made for a nato
  5. Well I like the watch, wasn't so keen on the TZ style squabbling. Not laying blame anywhere, it's just that the thread seemed to head that way.
  6. That went south quickly, don't let it become like TZ guys!
  7. Virtually impossible to come by and if you do find one it will cost a couple of grand.
  8. Does the second one hide you from the fish any better? Yep, like the look of it very much myself, but without the features I'd never use at half the price would be tempting.
  9. The same aesthetics as a clean simple GS, but with a Presage price tag. Very very very nice!
  10. Yes, there is loads of concert footage of him wearing Seiko divers watches, and also during various interviews and documentaries. He bought his first on tour in Japan apparently.
  11. Aah, that will explain it. I know he said he's never had to adjust it, thank you.
  12. We bought my father in law an eco drive dress watch for his 80th birthday, that was six years ago, he hasn't had to adjust it!
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