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  1. Very lovely, the hour hand quirk adds a little character in my eyes. But the price!
  2. An enviable trip, looks lush. Good choice of watch too
  3. Difficult to tell from renderings but they look okay, very okay for the price. My only experience of Lorus was my wife's fob watch when she was a nurse. The thing was not not rated as waterproof yet it went through a cycle in the washing machine God knows how many times when she forgot to take it off her tunic. Lasted fourteen years of this until she retired and gave it away, it just needed a new battery every couple of years.
  4. Currently £65 brand new at Creation. Use the royal mail postage option at checkout, usually about six quid, and there is no vat or other charges to pay.
  5. Great information, thank you. Would these hardwoods be compatible with a Vostok movement, and as an aside, would the yodelling song from the Sound of Music suffice?
  6. Is ebony or mahogany okay, or should I dent my soft pine bedside cabinet?
  7. A used limited edition Grand Seiko may be worth a look. It may not gain on your 3k, but at least someone else has taken the original 2k or whatever hit on it.
  8. Seiko easily, everything from sub hundred quid 5's up to GS, with Prospex, Presage, Alpinists, digital, solars, kinetics, etc etc between these two. And that's before we look at the vast array of vintage available. However....g-shocks have been catching my eye more and more lately .
  9. Great story, great watch, nice one Uncle Mike. He's smiling up there now.
  10. Lovely yes, no question. But I cant see who would buy one.
  11. The dark blue would be my choice, and I know the quality is great for the price as I own a Steeldive Willard. I've never liked the Doxa bracelets, and these obviusly wont be as good, but it'll straight on a silicone or nato if I get one.
  12. I've looked and looked at photos of these and just didn't get it, until I saw one in the flesh at Christopher George in Cardiff the other Saturday. Simply stunning!
  13. Bear in mind that the dial feet holes in the outer ring of the movement will also be in a different position if you use a 3 oclock movement in a 4 oclock case or vice versa.
  14. I'm glad they didn't release a turtle version, my bank balance couldn't take it. I saw them in Christopher George in Cardiff on Saturday, and the 'tuna' was the pick of the bunch otherwise for me.
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