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  1. Bear in mind that the dial feet holes in the outer ring of the movement will also be in a different position if you use a 3 oclock movement in a 4 oclock case or vice versa.
  2. I'm glad they didn't release a turtle version, my bank balance couldn't take it. I saw them in Christopher George in Cardiff on Saturday, and the 'tuna' was the pick of the bunch otherwise for me.
  3. Everyone needs a g-shock, the casioaks are g-shocks for people who dont like g-shocks.....yet
  4. Definitely something wrong there, hope you get your refund.
  5. Truly superb, but above my pay grade unfortunately.
  6. I haven't no, but on the subject of exhibition casebacks I wish Seiko would bin them and use the money on the bracelets instead. Solid instead of folded links on the 5's, and just better quality on the Alpinists etc.
  7. This watch and an adult pair of jelly shoes to match would be a fine display of sartorial elegance....on second thoughts, perhaps not
  8. Very nice Chas, the g-shock for people who don't want a g-shock if you know what I mean. I think I like all the colourways for this model, especially yours, but not the all red. The transparent one someone mentioned earlier is particularly cool.
  9. Sounds an enjoyable project. My manual wind version is indeed notably thinner than the autos, I do dislike the wobbly crown though, despite it being a part of Vostock 'character', it tries to screw itself back down if you try to wind with the watch on your wrist. As an aside, you may get your £20's back selling the surplus auto movements on fleabay.
  10. Probably less than 10k in total. I'd be looking along the lines of an sla043 or similar at around 4k, a quartz GS for dressier occasions, around 3k, and would probably splurge up to a grand on a fancy g-shock.
  11. If I could have an old 38mm quartz Colt Ocean then Breitling please.
  12. I've stared at your photo but can't see a problem?
  13. There are some lovely variants of this model, but this is the best imho. Thanks for the write up and enjoy
  14. Very unusual and cool watch, I wouldn't have thought of orange for it, but that really works. The pick of the bunch for me.
  15. Thank you for your review Bricey, will be a great help for many of us who are currently fence sitting.
  16. When I used to have what for me were expensive watches I twice owned mm300's and Aqua Terra's. But I've also had more than my fair share of skx007 and 9's, Timex Expeditions, and Vostok Amphibians.
  17. That is very cool! For some reason reminds me of an artefact in a scifi movie.
  18. Perhaps he means the 5k on a group of watches was spread over a few years, a few hundred here, a few hundred there, and not in one splurge.
  19. Too much going on and too big. Bulova do some nicer retro models.
  20. If the condition is definitely brand new, the lack of protective stickers wouldn't bother me. But I dont like blank warranty cards, they are effectively useless without the original invoice.
  21. Crown in, one of the main points of quartz is being able to grab and go. And depending on the crown gasket arrangement damp could get in as mentioned above by Johnboy.
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