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  1. Hello ZenArcade, Thanks for your response. I did upload photos of the watch and the watch strap from Photobucket . They did appear for a short time but now all I can see is a picture which says "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting. then a picture of a analogue gauge showing "3rd part hosting usage" I've sent a message to the administrators asking for advice. Here's another photo of the strap
  2. Thankyou Lena 01, have you seen any original Smiths watch straps ? Have you seen any straps (Smiths or other) with markings like those on my watch strap ?
  3. Hello Gimli, thanks for your response. Yes, the embossed "S" is within a "rhombus" shape. When you ask "Are you sure it's a V and not a rhombus ?" ; I didn't describe the shape of the embossing on the strap so I'm not sure why you refer to a "V" and a "rhombus"
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a beautiful Smiths Astral. The watch strap has a vintage look and I wondered if it might even be the original. I did once read somewhere that Smiths made everything in house; from watch boxes to watch straps. This strap does have a letter S embossed on the strap. Perhaps for Smiths (or possibly Speidel or other) Any opinions please ?
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