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  1. Alright thanks your right i should forget about it and enjoy the watch but its hard to.
  2. Ye but that does not happen. So what are the options? Does it have to a glass change if i want to take the scratch out or is there a way to brush the scratch out?
  3. So then the crystal is scratched? Is there any way to check if there is anti reflective coating?
  4. Hello guys, So I purchased a Longines conquest classic chrono 8 months ago. Really love the watch. However, a few days ago i thuroughly cleaned my watch and noticed on the caseback sapphire crystal a scratch. It is only seen when looking at it from a certain side and under a lamp or sunlight. It is wierd because it isnt just a straight line scratch but multiply tiny scratchtes in one spot. The front crystal has nothing on it which is wierd because the only time i take my watch off is for the night. I heard that if anti reflective coating is applied on the outside of the crystal (i dont know if longines does this on the case back) then that can get scratched easier then the sapphire itself. But i would like to ask how do i know if the reflective coating scratched or the sapphire itself? I dont think diamonds are resposible as my mother wears them but she rarly take them of and it is strange how they could scratch the inside crystal. Thanks
  5. Ok I will try it. Let you know if it works. Thanks guys.
  6. Ok I will try this so just lemon juice salt and then water?
  7. So here they are: https://postimg.org/image/g3559aht7/ https://postimg.org/image/9conzxmyj/ https://postimg.org/image/ty3fr9jsr/ https://postimg.org/image/xhpdh4ze3/ It is the dark stains it is hard to see because of the way the light its the steel. But it is the dark spots.
  8. So I bought it totally new and it didn't have anything at the time I know for sure actually, it didn't have the stains last week either. So I did something this week which caused it. The interesting thing is I always wear it. So it is strange because the clasp is between my hand and the watch when I where it, and the clasp has the stain marks but the bracelet doesn't. Maybe the clasp is made of different steel? Sorry how do I post photos?
  9. Hello So basically I bought a Longines conquest classic chrono a few months ago. And today I noticed that only on the clasp there are some dark stains on the polished steel. There aren’t any on the bracelet and the watch itself only on the clasp. I tried water and some soap and even stainless steel cleaning wipes. None of it works :(. Do you guys maybe have any suggestions? Or should I just take it to a watch specialist? It hasn’t been exposed to any water since bought either so it isn’t rust. Thanks
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