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  1. Thanks for the replies but apologies for taking so long - I couldn't sign in for a while. So it looks like a branded 'Accurist' watch might indeed have been manufactured in Japan. I wonder if that means manufactured to the usual (high) standards in Japan, or simply assembled in accordance with Accurist drawings? That is not to suggest that Japanese assembly is inferior, far from it. I am a big fan of Japanese manufacturing.
  2. My wife is busy cleaning an polishing various items of jewellery that her elderly mother gave her some years ago. None of it would have cost much, but then, things don't have to be valuable to have great value One of the items has piqued my curiosity. It's a 'gold' wristwatch made by Accurist. It has a gold-coloured case with white 'diamonds' around the bezel, a stainless steel back and a fine 'gold' chain bracelet. I'm guessing that the chain and clasp is 9ct gold, given the lack of wear that I would expect if it was plated (it was her mother's everyday watch for many years). The thing that confuses me is the marking on the case: "Accurist 728000 Japan". There is no hallmark visible anywhere. I cannot find any mention of Accurist making watches in Japan. Where Accurist watches either made there, or perhaps marked for sale in Japan? Can anybody tell me what a 'Japanese Accurist' is? Whoops. >WERE< Accurist watches either made there ...
  3. It's sad when items that clearly had some sentimental significance end up effectively 'discarded', but given the watch was presented on the guy's retirement in 1922, it's likely that it trickled through the hands of several generations until eventually, it lost its significance - nobody alive today ever knew the guy. Personally, I would have kept it, but I'm 61yo and value old stuff. Had something like that come into my hands when I was 21, who knows? Even sadder is when a person dies leaving no family behind, thus forgotten. If they owned something from several generations before, it would have no significance whatsoever to anybody living. I'm sure many items in antique dealers' windows arrived there in that way, after somebody performed a house clearance. At least in this case, the watch has been rescued from oblivion and found its way into the hands of somebody who values it.
  4. I just noticed a typo but don't know how to edit posts. My budget will be AUD5K/GBP2.8K/USD3.8K
  5. Hi Folks. New, clueless member here. Moved to Oz from the UK in '99, now aged 61. May I tell you a short story? As many people know, the UK's 'Antiques Roadshow' is responsible for creating many new collectors and followers of antiques. I have watched the show off and on for most of my life it seems. Though I love it, the engineer in me gets rather frustrated when a beautifully-crafted mechanical device - clock, pocket watch, barometer, microscope, etc - is reviewed and then given a low value before a scabby old piece of furniture that's ugly as sin is trotted out, apparently worth a small fortune. It's me, I know. Well from time to time over the years, I saw gorgeous old pocket watches reviewed. I especially liked the very ornate versions, with decorated cases and/or fantastically-stylised movements. Though I would check out antique dealers from time to time, hoping to find one, I never saw one I liked for what I could afford and, knowing nowt about them, was too scared to plunge 'real money' into a purchase. Anyway, for a few years now, worsening arthritis has forced me to downsize my motorbike several times, till I found myself aboard a little 300cc bike. even that gets almost no use these days, unless I take painkillers and hour or so beforehand! So I am considering selling it and using the AUD5K or so to buy a pocket watch. I have started doing my research and, as you folks will know, there is much to learn. As I try to get up to speed however, I would like to at least answer an important question: is it actually possible to buy a good example of the watch I refer to above for that sort of money? I would love to find one with a decorated case, but if that's out of the question, maybe a worked/engraved case but with a high quality ornate movement. Am I being realistic? If you folks were going to buy a single watch for up to AUD4K, what would you buy? Sorry, I should add that I would like the watch I buy to hold it's value and form a small part of my estate when I fall off my perch. I have a few little 'heirloom' items like that, which I plan to pass on.
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