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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Add that one to my 'If you had more money than sense' post
  2. I've always had more money than sense. And I've got very little money... Also these:
  3. Stick. The first one is much classier.
  4. Yep, I do it, too On a side note, I was once browsing watch sites while sitting on the settee with my beloved and pretending to watch television. I popped into the kitchen for a drink and when I came back my browser was saying "Error 404, site not found". What the heck? Checked wi-fi, that was connected, checked another site, that was fine. Then I looked at the site that 404'd. Somebody had changed it to www.stoplookingatwatches.com....
  5. Brain says, "Go for a run, you lazy sod, you're supposed to be getting fit". Belly says, "But I'm soooo hungry...." 'Exquisite' is not a word I tend to bandy around - but that truly is exquisite. Thanks for posting
  6. I've had this for months, and I just keep reaching for it:
  7. Ming has to be a contender in any lovely lugs competition: Ming watch
  8. It's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I like the super-slim bezel, and I love the moon phase and the slender red hand pointing to the date track. The day and month window are fine and the seconds hand is elegant. And I very much admire the Ball logo. But those hour and minute hands... For me, they're just a little too wide. Add to that their cut-off ends and they look just a tad clumpy, which jars with the rest of the watch. I think overall it's a yes, but not a mighty hell yes.
  9. Face on, it's a real looker. From the side? "Mom, mom! The Martians have landed, they're out by the pasture, tell pa to git the shotgun!"
  10. Five beautiful pieces, and the Dornbluth is a true delight - that one really fires my rockets
  11. Understated and beautiful. Love it.
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