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  1. Bit a noob question, but I have to ask as I'm seriously considering the Bulova Lunar Pilot. Does the central seconds hand sweep continuously, as on a non-chrono? On my old Seiko chrono, the seconds hand would sweep for a while then stop, which is not to my liking. Is it the case that all chronos do as my Seiko did, or does it vary from watch to watch?
  2. I feel for you. I've only recently finished a 6 month period of constant low level pain with frequent brief bursts of intense pain, due to a knee injury. Like you, it also heavily impacted my sleep. The combination of constant pain and sleep loss really is debilitating. No wonder you're a bit down - definitely felt that way myself. It won't last forever, you'll get fixed. Best of luck to you, sir.
  3. Still loving the new strap. Still loving the new strap.
  4. You'd be surprised! I've tried 4 different coloured brown straps on it (chesnut, 2 shades of Dublin tan, and a dark brown) and the best they looked (IMHO) was meh.... I have seen a photo on the web of a U1 SE sporting a strap in a sort of cafe au lait colour, which looked great, but I've yet to source one that looks like it. Dark blue works well, as does dark green. And I was very pleased to find that the burgundy looks as good as I expected. Next, I'm thinking pale grey suede, or nubuck.
  5. I know. And I used to think hi-fi was an expensive hobby.....
  6. Just received these two custom made straps from HDstraps in Vietnam. They are very well made indeed. Stingray for summer, burgundy leather for autumn. It always pleases me how a well-matched strap can really lift the appearance of a watch
  7. It's a good question, but I'm afraid I don't have a good answer. I've got a quartz Yema Marine Nationale turning up next month (wanted the mechanical, but funds are seriously tight). And I'm very much fancying the Bulova Lunar Pilot. On the somewhat unrealistic side, I'd like a Tudor Pelagos and an Omega Aqua Terra. And on the wildly unrealistic side (my beloved would shoot me on sight... ) my grail watch is the Omega Grey Side of the Moon, with which I am properly in love. I can't think of a single thing I don't like about that watch, it is - to me - perfect.
  8. The Sinn strap looks great. But the sun is shining, so sky blue NATO it is. Not entirely convinced that the NATO works, but it's good enough.
  9. Thank you, folks, for all the kind remarks about the Sinn. The current strap is sailcloth. It also looks particularly good on the Sinn black leather strap with orange stitching. Might change it over after and post some snaps
  10. I'm not generally a fan of Roman numerals, but that is a beauty. Very reminiscent of the Sewills FERREIRA PRS-39. https://wornandwound.com/review/sewills-ferreira-prs-39/
  11. Thanks very much for the link, but I've sort of grown to love the Seiko in its battered state. You've got me thinking, though... The strap is from Haveston. I really like it, and it works far better than I expected on the Seiko. (It's steel BTW, not titanium). I'm half considering selling mine. I still love and admire it. It's my first high end watch (if I can call it that) so my first time appreciating serious build quality, and I still get that little burst of appreciation every time I look at it. However.... I've got a hankering for a white dial Aqua Terra with grey hands and indices, so if somewhere down the line I decide to get one, the Sinn will have to go to help fund it. Pretty big 'if', though - I'd still need at least another £2k, and I won't be finding that down the back of the settee
  12. Hello folks, I'm new here, so I thought I'd start by posting images of my modest collection. My oldest watch is the heavily battered but much loved Seiko quartz chrono, don't know the model number. I've had it about 20 years. It's been scraped on rocks, scraped on desks (I wear my watches on the inside of the wrist, a habit I picked up from my dad as a child) dropped, bashed, abused and neglected. And it just doesn't die - takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' It's one reason I've developed a great respect for Seiko. Not in the pictures, because I don't have it to hand, is another Seiko. It's a quartz titanium dress watch. Nothing special, but it's OK. The dress watch in the photos is the Seiko SDGM003, and my shoddy photography does it a complete injustice. It really is gorgeous. I think the bracelet, though very well made, is too clunky and 'engineery' in appearance for a dress watch, but the case, the dial, the hands and the indices are beautiful and, at the price, actually quite astonishing. My scariest (i.e most expensive) acquisition is the Sinn U1 SE. I visited the Sinn shop in Frankfurt, pretty much intent on buying the standard U1. Tried it on and liked it, but when I tried on the SE I was surprised to find I preferred it. Went away and mulled it over for a few months (this was a BIG purchase for me) and settled on the SE. I have to say, despite its bulk and its weight, I do love it. It's built like a tank, but the precision of the engineering is a thing of wonder to me. Downsides? It's not a strap monster. I've yet to find any shade of brown strap that doesn't look wrong on it. Black works well, as do dark NATOs. And I think it might work well on a cream coloured strap. Anyway, that will do for now
  13. Thrudge


  14. Hi folks, I'm a long time lurker, finally got round to posting I've got a modest collection of 4 watches (mostly Seiko) plus a Garmin fitness tracker, if that counts as a watch. I'll sort out some photos soon. A couple of the Seikos I have no idea of the model - had them for years, my Seiko dress watch is a beauty. The forum looks very friendly, which really appeals to me.
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