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  1. Blue for me. I actually fancy one of those...
  2. Sinn on suede, which I think suits it remarkably well.
  3. I really like GS, and the dial is gorgeous. But the lopped off hour hand looks clumsy, and the 12 marker is just a big ugly lump. I'm pretty sure this is the only GS I've seen that I don't like!
  4. New grey suede strap for the Sinn today. Have a good one, folks.
  5. If I had the cash, I'd happily be the guinea pig - I really like the look of this one (although I've got reservations about the hands). Sadly, I'm not in a position to do it.
  6. https://aera.co/products/p-1-pilot Stumbled across this while perambulating the interwebs and very much like the look of it. It's super legible (always a biggie for me) and that domed crystal is lovely.
  7. That scruffy NATO is a new leather 2-piece Re mesh, I'm really not a fan. I think they've got their place, but the watches on which they work well are few and far between, IMHO. I could go with a black bracelet, but the Sinn one is hideously expensive and adds a ton of weight to an already very hefty watch. A few weeks of that and I'd be able to scratch my ankle without bending down
  8. Was going to go for a run, hence the Garmin. But 3 pints of not at all strong ale last night is feeling like 9 this morning, so it's going to be a nap shortly. Think I'm coming down with something...
  9. I was going to say the SMP, it's a no-brainer - until I scrolled down and saw the GS. That GS would make a wonderful one watch collection, IMHO. It's toolish but elegant enough to work with a suit, build quality and finish are outstanding, and it's astonishingly good looking.
  10. Been playing with straps this morning. New cork strap on the SDGM, and a Hirsch which I've had for years and never actually worn (!) on the chrono. The rather dressy and immaculate Hirsch goes oddly well with the battered old Seiko, I think, so that's going to be today's wear - after the Garmin, because I'm off for a run first
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