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  1. Blue for me. I actually fancy one of those...
  2. Sinn on suede, which I think suits it remarkably well.
  3. I really like GS, and the dial is gorgeous. But the lopped off hour hand looks clumsy, and the 12 marker is just a big ugly lump. I'm pretty sure this is the only GS I've seen that I don't like!
  4. New grey suede strap for the Sinn today. Have a good one, folks.
  5. If I had the cash, I'd happily be the guinea pig - I really like the look of this one (although I've got reservations about the hands). Sadly, I'm not in a position to do it.
  6. https://aera.co/products/p-1-pilot Stumbled across this while perambulating the interwebs and very much like the look of it. It's super legible (always a biggie for me) and that domed crystal is lovely.
  7. That scruffy NATO is a new leather 2-piece Re mesh, I'm really not a fan. I think they've got their place, but the watches on which they work well are few and far between, IMHO. I could go with a black bracelet, but the Sinn one is hideously expensive and adds a ton of weight to an already very hefty watch. A few weeks of that and I'd be able to scratch my ankle without bending down
  8. Was going to go for a run, hence the Garmin. But 3 pints of not at all strong ale last night is feeling like 9 this morning, so it's going to be a nap shortly. Think I'm coming down with something...
  9. I was going to say the SMP, it's a no-brainer - until I scrolled down and saw the GS. That GS would make a wonderful one watch collection, IMHO. It's toolish but elegant enough to work with a suit, build quality and finish are outstanding, and it's astonishingly good looking.
  10. Been playing with straps this morning. New cork strap on the SDGM, and a Hirsch which I've had for years and never actually worn (!) on the chrono. The rather dressy and immaculate Hirsch goes oddly well with the battered old Seiko, I think, so that's going to be today's wear - after the Garmin, because I'm off for a run first
  11. Nope, just an incompetent photographer
  12. Yema on its MN strap today. Have a pleasant one, folks.
  13. That is just stunning. I want one, I want one, I want one The date is necessary for timing cricket matches Now that is beautifully done.
  14. Good point. Black lume becomes highly visible within 8 miles of a black hole. If I was a space cadet, I'd definitely want one
  15. It's not a serious attempt to analyse the market, it's just public masturbation about 'what an intelligent and insightful guy I am'. The folk who write this kind of guff are not particularly intelligent, but believe themselves to be immensely so, and believe we the peasants will be in awe of their wisdom and their benevolence in dispensing it. It may have been Socrates (my memory is hazy on this one) that likened the wise man to a man walking down a dark tunnel with a burning torch. The wiser he is, the brighter his flame and the more it illuminates. But the further he walks the wider the tunnel, and the greater the darkness he perceives. In short, the more you know, the more you realise you don't know. Or you could be like luxury watch analyst guy - sneer at what you can't afford, assume you've got it all sussed, and present your feeble opinions as fact. It's less than admirable, in my estimation....
  16. It's true what they say about men with small hands, you know - they really do have smaller gloves....
  17. First time with yesterday's new arrival, a Casioak. So far, I'm not quite sure about this one. I like the transparent case and strap, I like that's is super light, and the legibility is excellent - always a biggie for me. But the proportions are a little off, in that the hands need to be just a tad longer and wider. I think it might grow in me, though.
  18. Tudor Pelagos for me. Sufficiently well built for everyday wear and getting knocked around a bit, probably just about passable with a suit, on those very rare occasions that I need to wear one.
  19. Ah, good point. It was pretty black in that field
  20. Here's an odd one. My Sinn U1 is known for its mediocre lume. After 18 months of ownership, I can attest to this. Last night while camping, I held my hand over the embers of the fire for 10 seconds or so to feel the warmth before going to bed. This was at 2230. At 0130, I woke up and checked my watch, without much hope. Good strong lume. Hmm. I woke again at 0530 - still got good lume. Very strange.... Anyone else experienced this?
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