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  1. Hi, could anyone help me out my Cartier Santos hands do not engage when trying to set the time the watch ticks the automatic movement works but the hands do not any help would be gratefully accepted. Thanks in Advance Peter
  2. @it'salivejim @Primaxuk @it'salivejim Hi mate if you check out picture no. 10 that is the same as this one https://www.chrono24.co.uk/dealer-area/offer/offer-detail.htm?id=9075368 Kind Regards Peter
  3. @it'salivejim Hi mate thanks buts different than that there nowhere to put the bar in I will try to upload a picture of it thanks in advance
  4. @JoT Hi Mate thanks but is 1996 Rolex date 34mm watch with no holes on the outer lugs. Thanks in Advance
  5. @it'salivejim Hi Thanks no it's a Rolex date 15200 Jubilee bracelet it's really tight on the lugs Thanks in advance @JoT Hi Thanks no it's a Rolex date 15200 Jubilee bracelet it's really tight on the lugs Thanks in advance
  6. how to take a Jubilee bracelet off Help the end links are very tight how to do take it off, please
  7. @Noob101 Thanks this one of mine once I get that little problem sorted will be up for sale if you are interested in it also in very good condition still can't find the part lol.
  8. Hi thanks that the watch did you change it yourself or did you take to omega dealer thanks very much for your help so far Thanks in Advance Peter
  9. Hi guys just wondering I have a problem with my Omega Omatic Seamaster it is showing that needs a battery which I believe is rechargeable I have had on the watch winder for about 2 hours and it has now stopped then I wound it up 30 turns and it worked again then stopped isn't that why it has this rechargeable battery so when the watches power goes down the battery kicks in it has also shown the second hand skipping ever 5 seconds that the tell needs new battery if any of you know what battery and where to buy one it is and could I fit myself and best way to do it would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance Peter
  10. Hi Guys can anyone help me out where would I get a buckle or strap for a NOA Watch Please
  11. @DaveyboyzYou are a gent I bent centre bar and it made it tighter thanks a million
  12. @WRENCHyes but it doesn't snap tight pretty loose
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