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  1. Hello @Nigelp: your bracelet attachment ring is the 17mm spring bar variety. that's great! kindly note that mine is the 9mm spring bar variety, which is obviously far less versatile. furthermore, the only way to attach anything to my 9mm spring bars is to use the omega bracelet, as there is incredibly little clearance between the spring bar and the edges of the space where the cut out is where the spring bar goes into. as a result, leather cannot be made so very thinly and still be practically effective and not just break or fall apart, as it would have to be near paper thin. i wonder why i am unable to figure out how to attach pictures here. i have learned how to attach pictures on other fora, but can't figure it out on this particular forum. any advice would be most appreciated, so i may post some pictures to illustrate. thank you all!
  2. Dear All:i have a problem which i can't resolve. i thought maybe the experienced gentlemen here might be able to come up with a solution.i have an Omega f300 Cone (day/date model, 3 o'clock crown, pics below) and the bracelet has been refinished. as it is not the most attractive, i thought that i'd have a custom leather strap made, maybe with rally styled holes. sounded easy enough.well, the width of the spring bar is merely roughly 9mm as it is an unorthodox connector between the bracelet and the lugs. i sent the ring and bracelet to the custom strapmaker. to his surprise, there isn't enough clearance between the spring bar and the case! there is enough clearance for the metal bracelet to attach to the spring bar, as the metal is very thin and is strong, but for leather, there needs to be more clearance!there exists rings that have a more standard spring bar width, but they are hard to find - plus, i need it for the 3 o'clock crown position. i also don't have the Omega part number. what is one to do? any ideas please? thank you so much in advance. PS: i was trying to use the "insert image from URL" but was unsuccessful in my effort. i'll try tomorrow again and see if i can figure out how to do this. i even uploaded my pictures onto flickr and posted the url of my picture's page, to no avail.
  3. Newbie here to the Bulova Spaceview 50th Anniversary. May I please ask if that watch is a particularly good watch to own? They seem to be going for quite a bit of money now and I was wondering... As it is a "new movement", i.e. new parts, not old parts, in theory, it ought to provide excellent timekeeping without much issues for a good long while, right? It is also of a larger diameter, more suitable for today's aesthetic. Thank you all in advance.
  4. @kevkojak: thank you kindly for your reply. well, you wrote "...in the country". i'm located in the US, and sending watches to and from the UK is quite a bit of effort! incoming watches have to go through US Customs, of course, and would have customs import duty. plus shipping isn't inexpensive either. Wondering if there are any service folks for f300 or Beta 21 or those 1511/Marine Chronometer watches in the US? Thank you in advance.
  5. Dear All: I've been eyeing an Omega Beta 21 for a while - in particular, I like the quirkiness of the sloped top surface of the case, very 1960s-1970s. While I'm currently considering a purchase, I can't help but be concerned that this will soon turn into a paperweight as it seems like STS is the ONLY service company who would provide service to Beta 21 watches. fyi: i'm located in the USA. At least with the tuning fork types of movements, i.e. the Omega f300, or other ESA movements, folks in the US like Chris et al would be able to work on those. There appears to be options for people who are happy to service tuning fork types of watches, but for the Beta 21 movements, it seems like its STS or no one else! May I ask if my understanding that STS is the only company who would service Beta 21 movements is correct? Or am I mistaken? I've emailed STS but have not yet heard from them. Another concern is that soon, STS may not even service Beta 21 movements anymore as they themselves may run out of parts! As Omega already doesn't service Beta 21s, what would one do? Besides f300 ESA movements which other USA watchmakers are able and willing to service, even the Omega 1510 types of Marine Chronometer watches need to be sent to STS, I believe. That means that the Omega Marine Chronometer is no better than the Beta 21 in terms of being able to be fixed! May I ask if my understand of the Marine Chronometers is correct as well please? Thank you all in advance.
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